Timeline: 2601-2625



  • Bernice Summerfield (46) crashes on the planet Artaris. There she meets the Time Lady Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and they encounter the city of Excelis's devolved society. They help defeat an insectoid conspirator.1


  • The HMS Aquitaine enters orbit of a black hole. The onboard computer, Hargreaves, receives a communication from its future self to prevent the crew from getting caught in a temporal trap. Hargreaves places the crew in suspended animation.2


  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (55) end up at the Clutch, the home territory of the Galyari species. The Doctor resumes his role as the Sandman, a creature terrifying to the Galyari. He eventually reveals his true nature as a heroic figure, helping the Galyari reclaim their birthright in a recreated Shushkubra, and make peace with another species.3

The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (57) meet and team-up with Bernice Summerfield (48) and the Doctor's brother Irving Braxiatel (???th incarnation).


The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane, and Hex Schofield arrive at Uluru City, a slab of Earth separated from the planet by the powers of the Dreamtime. Encountering a pair of Galyari, the Doctor manages to stop the petrification of the populace.


February 20. Bill Rizer is born in the Earth Empire.
Professor Bernice Summerfield takes an assignment on Epsilon Minima to find a TARDIS key. The Time Lord Doctor (eighth incarnation) appears, and the two have a short adventure, traveling to that planet's ancient past.


The Doctor, Steven Taylor, and Dodo Chaplet () arrive at this point on the planet Lajoch. After discovering the way in which an elite caste of people steals the life force of "savages", they help topple the system. Steven remains behind as a negotiator between the two sides.
Steven Taylor is named King of Lajoch.


  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) finds himself the target of bounty hunter Vienna Salvatori as part of a scheme of a returned Kylo to take control of the Wrath. Kylo is successful, but the Doctor convinces him to let himself and the Wrath die in order to protect the woman he loves, a clone of Aliona. Salvatori is taken into custody by Earth Empire agents.4


  • Professor Bernice Summerfield leads an expedition to Sisyphus IX. There they discover an ancient ship, that turns out to be that of the Gomagog. The captain of her own ship, after murdering her students, tries to help the Gomagog to destroy Earth, but changes his mind after learning they would destroy the whole universe by unraveling reality. He stops them, and transports Benny across space to Mars before blowing himself and the Gomagog up.5
  • Vienna Salvatori takes a job on Mars to recover a book, and the woman who stole it. She hunts down her target, learning that her employer wants to use the book, a volume of The History of the Earth, to help the alien Gomagog destroy the universe. Vienna ends up killing him and recovering the book. Bernice Summerfield arrives via wormhole, and they are fast friends. They take the book to the Archive.6


The sisters Abby and Zara arrive at the Archive, seeking answers, learning they are 1000 years late. While there, they discover one of the archivists, an insane young man named Lucian Theta-Singh, has murdered his fellows as part of an attempt to bring the Gomagog to destroy all reality. After overloading Theta-Singh's mind with info, the sisters travel back to 1843 to drop off the book that was key to his plans, a volume of The History of Earth.


December 25. Upon arriving on Legion, Benny Summerfield (63) and Ruth Leonidas (22) find, in Legion City, a tavern, the White Rabbit, with Irving Braxiatel, Jack (22), and Peter Summerfield (17) working as the owner and staff.


  • On the planet Legion, after the dissolution of the alternate events created by the universal unraveling of the Ancients' Glamour, the Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation), Bernice (64) and Peter Summerfield (18), Jack McSpringheel (23), and Ruth Leonidas (23) appear at the White Rabbit tavern, the only ones with any memory of the catastrophic events.7


The Vok Ascendancy makes a series of strikes against the Union of Cybertron. Cybertron declares war on the Ascendancy, and soon the Earth Empire also declares war on the Vok.


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