Timeline: 26-50



  • Jesus (29) encounters his cousin John the Baptizer (31). John baptizes him, and he hears the voice of Yahweh.


  • John Hart and Gray Thane bring Jack Harkness (212) (all from 2008) to this point, and Jack is buried alive.

August-September. Jesus (30) goes on a sojourn in the desert as a self-imposed test of his resolve. While there, the fallen angel Lucifer tempts him with riches and power, but Jesus stands his ground and completes his tour.


  • Rejecting Surak's reforms, S'task (74) and 80,000 followers leave Vulcan in search of a new world. This will be historically known as the Sundering.
  • April 5. Jesus (33) is executed by crucifixion at Golgotha outside Jerusalem in Judea Province of the Roman Empire.
  • April 8. Jesus rises from the grave, leaving an empty tomb behind. Mary Magdalene, another woman named Mary, and Salome arrive at the tomb near dawn. An angel opens the tomb by pushing a giant stone away. More angels are inside the tomb and the women discover the body's disappearance. Jesus appears briefly himself, confusing Mary Magdalene.1
  • April 8. Jesus appears before Peter and ten of the remaining disciples. He shares plans to have them spread his gospel.2
  • April 15. Jesus appears before the disciple Thomas. Thomas requires physical evidence of Jesus's resurrection.3
  • May 18. Jesus ascends to Yahweh's Heaven, leaving his disciples behind.4
  • May 19. Jesus's disciples randomly choose Matthias as a replacement for the dead Judas.
  • May 28. Yahweh sends an aspect of himself, the Holy Spirit, to the Feast of Weeks celebration in Jerusalem, where the Apostles (the eleven original disciples and Matthias). The Spirit infuses language skills to those gathered to help preach the Christian gospel.5
  • August 15. Mary, mother of Jesus, is bodily assumed into Yahweh's Heaven.6


  • Jesus appears in western North America and finds the descendants of Lehi.7


  • April 11. On the mysterious Island, the guardian destroys the Roman settlement and kills everyone living there. She turns Jacob (30) into an immortal being like herself. Samuel (30) kills the Guardian in a rage. Jacob and Samuel fight, with Jacob eventually killing Samuel. Samuel's body drifts into the source, and his soul transforms into a pillar of living smoke. Jacob finds Samuel's body located elsewhere, and places it alongside their mother's body in a cave.


  • December 15. Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus (later Nero) is born in Antium on the Italian Peninsula in the Roman Empire.


  • Births: Amora (September 28)


  • December 22-23. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) takes Fenella Wibbsey (71) back to Britain in this era. They are forced by one tribe to find another "wizard" and they are ordered to assassinate him. The wizard claims to be Emperor Claudius. When the one tribe attacks the other, the Doctor defuses the situation using a phone message from Mike Yates.8


  • The Romans found the settlement of Londinium on the island that will one day be called Great Britain.9


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