Timeline: 2576-2600



  • The TARDIS arrives on Telos, carrying the Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (), and Victoria Waterfield (). They run across an archaeological expedition to a Cybermen structure. Eventually a plot by the geniocratic-minded Brotherhood of Logicians is revealed, but both they and the reawakened Cybermen are defeated.1


May-July. Trying to make amends with Evelyn Smythe (), the Doctor (sixth incarnation) takes her to the planet Világ in hopes of giving her time to think. Unfortunately, in giving advice to two young people in love, he sets in motion events which nearly cause the planet to be overrun by aliens. Evelyn, while considering things with the Doctor, falls in love with high-ranking official Justice Rossiter. After the war is settled, and the Doctor and Evelyn's young friends Krista and Marcus are killed, the Doctor, distraught, tries to change history to save them, but Evelyn keeps him from doing so, and the two reconcile.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane () attempt to meet up with Bernice Summerfield, and get pulled into the machinations of an ancient cult, and its ancient dead leader. Benny is briefly taken over.
The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe arrive on Világ. Evelyn is reunited with Rossiter, and Evelyn stays behind.


Evelyn Smythe marries Justice Rossiter.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) brings Mel Bush () to Világ to meet Evelyn Rossiter. Evelyn is involved with the politics of the post-war planet. Remembering parting with the Doctor on bad terms, she is ecstatic to see him again and meet Mel, but then she and Mel are abducted, and she suffers an attack from Killoran DNA in her body. A crazed Killoran-hating doctor is defeated and kills himself after his murders and torture are revealed. While recovering, Evelyn gets a visit from the seventh Doctor, learning that Cassie Schofield's son Tommy is now traveling with the Doctor. She and the sixth Doctor part on good terms this time, with him giving her away at the renewal of her vows.


  • In lieu of execution, murderous criminal Abslom Daak agrees to serve as a "Dalek Killer". Traveling to the planet Mazan, he slaughters a number of Daleks, and falling in love with the local princess Taiyin. After Daak falls in love with her, Taiyin is slain by a Dalek, and Daak declares his eternal vengeance.2


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Tamsin Drew (2010) visit the museum planetoid Deimos, which soon comes under fire by renegade Ice Warriors. The Doctor faces moral dilemmas, which are complicated by the arrival and discovery of Lucie Miller (2010), who'd been abandoned by the Monk (fourth incarnation). The Ice Warriors blow up a ship full of people, but the Doctor manages to save the Martian colonies with the destruction of Deimos and the Ice Warriors. Tamsin decides to leave the Doctor and join the Monk, who has wooed her to his interventionist views, while Lucie is left with the Doctor, and goes with him to celebrate Christmas.



The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Charley Pollard (21), and C'rizz arrive in The Cube, a prison for telepathic soldiers, on the Earth colony world of Ybke. They face a creature called the Brainworm, which kills those which threaten it and its goal of escape. They end up trapping it in the Cube after it kills everyone else.
The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (19/2006) visit an extreme sports haven, the Martian moon of Phobos, and come across a Scooby Doo-type scheme where an old man is trying to scare off the kids by actually killing them with robots, all to prevent a creature that feeds on superficial fear from conquering the universe. The Doctor defeats it by showing it real fear.


Sheridan Moorkurk is elected President of the Earth Alliance, an event that surprises many politicos.
The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana arrive in the Sahara Desert to investigate time distortion, and Romana makes contact with the Laan, a cosmozoan species that lives in the Vortex but gives birth on a planet. They have mistaken Earth for their birthing ground, unconcerned that their birth throes will wipe out life on the planet. K-9 is severely damaged by a Laan. Newly-elected Earth President Sheridan Moorkurk is faced with a dilemma, as the very influential CEO Cuthbert of the Conglomerate has one of the Laan dissected. In the end, Romana and the President are able to convince the Laan to leave and spare the Earth by not waging war on the Laan.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana, and K-9 (Mark II) arrive in the Proxima system, and find it being terrorized by the Daleks, who are working for the Conglomerate's head, Cuthbert. They end up siding with Proxima Major's natives, whose planet's orbit was knocked out of alignment. The Daleks turn on Cuthbert when he refuses to hand over access to a temporal gateway, but the Doctor and friends defeat them. Cuthbert enters the gateway to start the cycle of his life. Romana decides she wants to stay traveling with the Doctor.


May 8. [[[|Bernice Summerfield]]] (38) accepts a position as an archaeology Professor at St. Oscar's University on Dellah. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) drops her off, and she seduces him, screwing him.4
Fitz Kreiner (28/1996) is vomited out from The Cold on the planet Ordifica. He reluctantly takes up residence there.

  • The Time Lords drop Chris Cwej off in the Adethe system. The Jithi capture him and place him in suspended animation.


  • Jason Kane (35) visits Bernice Summerfield (39) at St. Oscar's, and gets information from her, while picking up her young student Emile Mars-Smith. Jason and Emile go to the Adethe system, and find Chris Cwej (28) in suspended animation. They rescue Chris, and stop a conspiracy by the Jithi. Returning to St. Oscar's, Benny is happily reunited with Chris, and Jason announces his engagement.5


  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Elizabeth Klein, and Will Arrowsmith (29/1990) arrive on the planet Azimuth in search of the Nazi scientist Kurt Schalk. Klein takes the TARDIS back to 1945 Earth, and it returns carrying her "mother", Nazi scientist Elizabeth Volkenrath, who ends up using the Persuasion machine, killing herself, the Daleks, Schalk, and Davros's clone. The Doctor and Will drop Davros off with mad justice ghosts and head back to rescue Klein.6


The surviving population of the colony world Ordifica transport through time to 1799 on Anathema to serve as the Remote agents of the Faction Paradox. Among them are Laura Tobin and the reluctant Fitz Kreiner (31).


  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush (29) arrive in a space warehouse above the failed colony world of Tikrawrh. There they unravel the machinations of an evil mold on the cargo cult-type people on the surface and the clone slaves to the mold aboard the station. Ultimately, the mold is destroyed, with the help of space rats. the Mutroids.7
  • October 14. Bernice Summerfield (45) crashes on the planet Deribhile and ends up in its Glass Prison of the Fifth Axis. During her adventure there, she gives birth to a boy.8
  • In a naming ceremony, Benny and Adrian Wall's son is named Peter Guy Summerfield. The ceremony is attended by many of Benny's friends, including Braxiatel, Chris Cwej, Jason Kane, and Benny's dad Isaac Summerfield.9


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