Timeline: 2551-2575




  • A human colony is founded on Androzani Major to help with the mining of Spectrox on Androzani Minor.


  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (31), and Hex Schofield (24) materialize on the planet Bliss, currently under siege by the Daleks. The Doctor discovers the creation by a rogue scientist, Professior Toshio Shimura, of a life form which will prey on the Daleks, but will end up a greater threat to the universe than the Daleks. The species, the Kiseibya, is wiped out by a human soldier.1


  • The Anglo-Sino Alliance is dissolved, and absorbed into the Earth Empire.


  • November 21. The F-Zero Grand Prix racing competition is held. Among the contestants are Captain Douglas Falcon (35), Dr. Robert Stewart, Samurai Goroh (36), and Pico.2
  • December 1. The DNA of Douglas Falcon is harvested to create the clone Blood Falcon.


  • July 18. The F-Zero Grand Prix racing competition is held. Among the contestants are Captain Douglas Falcon, Dr. Robert Stewart, Samurai Goroh, Pico, Jody Summer, Black Shadow, and the clone Blood Falcon.


July 25. The F-Zero Grand Prix racing competition is held. Among the contestants are Captain Douglas Falcon (37), Dr. Robert Stewart, Samurai Goroh (38), Pico, Jody Summer, Black Shadow, and Blood Falcon.


A squad of Sontarans led by Strang conquers the planet Dowcra, which holds a small Terran research station. After the subjugation of the crew with the help of mercenaries, Strang slaughters his squad save for Vilhol, a soldier who begs for his life.
The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela arrive on the planet Dowcra, forced there by the Time Lords. There they face the deadly threat of Strang, who hopes to create a new race of Sontarans and conquer the universe, wiping out all in their path, including the rest of the Sontarans. Leela befriends Vilhol, who she helps to regain his honor. Vilhol is killed by a scientist who wants to preserve the universal transportation device Strang plans on using. The scientist realizes his error, and sacrifices himself to destroy Strang, the both of them eradicated by the transporter. The transporter is destroyed, but Leela disappoints the Doctor by detonating the clone vats, as she fears the Doctor will be unable to prevent the Strang-Sontarans from deadly conquest.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) returns to the Drashani Empire, arriving on its subject world Cawdor. There he is reunited with Kylo, now calling himself Tenebris, and leader of the deadly Wrath (formerly the Igris). Drashani Empress Cheni is transformed into a mindless Wrath, but her mind, trapped in the Undervoid realm, saves the Doctor from Kylo's vengeance. After reprogramming the Wrath as a force for peace, the Doctor takes Tenebris to a strange realm to hopefully live out his life in peace.
The Wrath forge a new Empire, based on principles of justice, and overwhelm and eventually cause the collapse of the Drashani Empire.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (20) arrive via TARDIS on the planet Heaven. There they battle the Hoothi, and meet "Professor" Bernice "Benny" Summerfield (30). Ace falls in love with a man named Jan Flydd, who dies, and Ace has a falling out with the Doctor over his machinations. She leaves him behind. The Doctor invites Benny to join him on his travels, and she agrees.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (1975) check out an exhibit on excavated Egyptian relics, which leads them to be hunted by a crime boss's agents. After the Doctor hands a scarab to the boss, he is killed, and the Doctor and Sarah Jane escape.


  • The nightshirt and nightcap once again go out of style for men's fashions on Earth.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane () liberate the planet Azimuth from the Daleks.


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