Timeline: 2526-2550



  • The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Adric (), Nyssa (), and Tegan Jovanka (), arrives on Earth at the eve of a interplanetary conference on the handling of the Cybermen menace, and possible restoration of the United Federation of Planets. They discover a conspiracy by the Cybermen to hijack a freighter and have it collide with Earth, causing the destruction of much of Earth's population. The freighter shifts back in time through the work of Adric, and the TARDIS follows it back to 64,780,149 BCE.1



The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Mel Bush (1989) arrive on an asteroid where two older women want to give Mel an award: a visit to the Wishing Beast. They discover that the Beast is an entity that had subsumed their younger brother, and they were feeding travelers to it, and eventually their victims' ghostly essences. The ladies are consumed by the Beast, who is trapped alone on the asteroid, after the brother rebels within the Beast's mind.


Earth scientists discover a secondary "level" of warp subspace. The fuel necessary to allow ships to enter this new space is extremely costly to produce, and so many worlds use it only on a case-by-case basis.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) finds himself on a ship of the Drashani Empire, ferrying Sorsha Prince Kylo to a royal wedding to Gaderel Princess Aliona in order to end civil war within the Empire. Sabotage results in the ship crashing on Sharnax, where Aliona has been stranded. Kylo is unstable, partially due to his pyrokinesis. Aliona reveals herself to be a warmonger, and shoots Kylo out an airlock as the survivors try to escape. Aliona uses a remote device to slay the entire Sorsha royal family, but is killed by a similar weapon by her own uncle. The Doctor leaves as the sole survivor, not discovering that Kylo somehow survived planetfall, and begins living amongst the monstrous Igris.
Cheni, last surviving heir of the Gaderel, is named Empress of the Drashani Empire, and the two ruling clans make peace.


Vera Loduz is elected President of Earth, defeating her former lover, General John Williams.
September 25. Jody Summer is born.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Flip Jackson (2012) encounter the sapient moon Erys, and turn it good.


February 26-29. The TARDIS materializes aboard an Earth cargo vessel. The Doctor (third incarnation) and Jo Grant (1973) are soon caught up in a conspiracy by the Daleks, Ogrons, and the Master to spark interstellar war between the Earth and Draconian Empires. They manage to reveal the deception to the two nations, avoiding imminent war.
March 1-2. Escaping from the Ogron homeworld of Braaz, the TARDIS arrives on the planet Spiridon, the Doctor and Jo help a group of Thals fight off a Dalek incursion and prevent the resuscitation of 10,000 Dalek soldiers beneath the surface of the planet.
The Earth and Draconian Empires declare war on the Dalek Empire.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane, and Hex Schofield () visit the planet Tuin for holiday, and realize they are in its latter civil war days, where the Ir and Ri fight. In order to bring about peace, the Doctor declares himself the Dark Husband, and Ace later becomes the Shining Wife, and still later Hex becomes the Dark Husband in the Doctor's place. A Ri and an Ir decide to defeat their evil planet's evil by getting married themselves.


The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) is tried by the Shadow Proclamation, and convicted. Teaming up with Draconian, Ogron, and Sontaran ambassadors/political prisoners Kraden, Brarshak, and Stomm, they defeat an attempted assassination by the Krillitanes, and the Shadow Architect reveals she used the Doctor to try and uncover the conspiracy. The Doctor returns to 1926.


The Doctor and Leela (27) arrive on the planet Garos, where the Solar Knights, led by Gregor Saradon, are holding hunting expeditions. They run afoul of a plot by Zygons to capture and replicate Saradon in order to gain control of the Sol system's defense codes. The infiltrating commander of the Zygons, posing as Adjutant Mina Chalice, is moved by the Doctor to reconsider the attempted invasion of Earth, and she kills Saradon rather than let his information get into her fellows' hands, though she dies in the process.


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