Timeline: 2501-2525



  • October 10. On the planet Puranetjutsu, Uzumaki Kushina gives birth to a boy she and her husband Namikaze Minato (the Fourth Hokage) name Uzumaki Naruto. The newborn is immediately abducted, leading to Kushina getting kidnapped in exchange, and the release of a massive nine-tailed demon fox on the village Konohagakure. In order to stop the fox, Kushina and Minato sacrifice their lives to seal the essence of the monster inside Naruto's body. During the rampage, Umino Iruka's (10) parents Kohari and Ikkaku are slain.1


  • The Cybermen invade the human colony Mondaran, and a single Cyberman, Junior Cyberleader Kroton, rebels against his programming and spares human lives. Developing emotions and a conscience, he helps them escape captivity, and departs the planet, going into suspended animation.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard () end up on a derelict ship, and come afoul of some scavengers from a privateer ship. They encounter the Cybermen from a group hoping to restore their numbers and revive their people on Telos. They also get involved in the ongoing war between androids and humans through the infiltration android captain of the ship.


Derrial Book becomes a shepherd in the Christian church.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) arrives on the planet Tasak, recovering from its war-torn past, and discovers they are using Cyber-technology to enhance their society. The Doctor is helped by undercover androids Temeter and Sara (agents working during the Orion War), and helps stop a coup d'etat by a disgruntled man, who redeems himself after turning himself into a Cyberman. The Magus Riga of Tasak also sacrifices himself to stop the Cybermen. The Doctor invites Temeter and Sara to join him on his travels, but they decline.


The planet Miranda is colonized. Agents of the Anglo-Sino Alliance use the colonists as guinea pigs in their use of a pacification virus. The vast majority of the population is killed, but a tiny percentage is driven insane, resulting in the Reavers. The Alliance begins a cover-up.
The Anglo-Sino Alliance attempts to suppress the rights of the Border Worlds, and the Border Independence Movement declares the Border Republic independent. This is the onset of the Unification War.


Unknown to its people, the government of the Anglo-Sino Alliance makes contact with the United Federation of Planets. They begin surreptitiously influencing the Earth government in their aim of dissolving the Federation and causing the descent of the Earth to an Empire.


Uchiha Itachi (13), in an effort to save his brother Sasuke (8) from dying in a massacre on the Uchiha clan, who are planning a coup d'etat against the government of Konohagakure, carries out half the murders in the massacre. His parents submit to death to ease Itachi's conscience. Upon Sasuke discovering the massacre and finding Itachi, Itachi acts unrepentant and evil to convince Sasuke to seek revenge against him.


May. The Battle of Serenity Valley takes place between Alliance and Independence forces on the planet Hera. The Independents are eventually defeated. Sergeant Mal Reynolds and Corporal Zoe Alleyne are the only survivors of their platoon.
May 29. The Independents officially surrender. The Anglo-Sino Alliance officially renames itself the Union of Allied Planets. This day is declared Unification Day.
Zoe Alleyne briefly joins the Dust Devils paramilitary group which refuses to accept the surrender of the Independents.


Mal Reynolds purchases a Firefly-class ship that he names Serenity. He brings Zoe Alleyne on as his partner, and hires Dexter Bester as ship's engineer.
Hoban "Wash" Washburne is hired as Serenity's pilot.
Zoe Alleyne and Hoban Washburne begin a romantic relationship. Wash shaves off his creepy mustache.


Darkseid attempts another invasion of Earth. Mendi Harris receives powers from the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl at the price of her sight, and becomes the first Nightwind. She aids in the final battle against Darkseid, whose forces flee back to Apokolips.
Zoe Alleyne and Hoban Washburne are married.
November. Criminal Jayne Cobb betrays one of his cohorts and abandons money on the planet Canton. He unknowingly becomes a local hero.


  • June 2. At the Shinobi Academy in Konohagakure, the students take a final exam in order to graduate to genin rookies, including Haruno Sakura (13), Uchiha Sasuke (12), and Uzumaki Naruto (12). Naruto fails, and is told he won't graduate. An instructor, Mizuki, tricks Naruto into stealing a Sacred Scroll for him. Naruto's sensei, Umino Iruka (23), tells Naruto not to give him the Scroll. Mizuki tries to kill Naruto, but Iruka intercepts the giant shuriken, getting severely wounded. Naruto confronts Mizuki, and showing his mastery of the Shadow Clone technique, defeats Mizuki. Iruka decides that this display qualifies Naruto for graduation.2

Simon Tam (23) graduates from Medical Academy.
Dexter Bester brings Kaylee Frye (17) onto Serenity for a sexual rendezvous. When she meets Captain Mal Reynolds, he is so impressed with her skills, he fires Bester and hires her on.


The Federation Council holds a vote, and the United Federation of Planets is dissolved with unanimous consent through the machinations of a collection of villains, including agents of the Anglo-Sino Alliance.
With the fall of the Federation, chaos erupts on Earth, and the Prime Minister is assassinated. Starfleet organizes a military coup, and the office of President is elevated to the level of head of government. The Earth Empire is declared.
River Tam begins attending an exclusive Academy on Osiris. They subsequently begin physically augmenting her brain.
A penal colony is established on Luna.


December. Inara Serra begins renting a shuttle from Mal Reynolds's Serenity, thus "joining" his crew.


Simon Tam rescues his sister River from the Academy. They escape Osiris.
May 16. Derrial Book, and Simon and River Tam join the crew of Serenity.


Derrial Book and Inara Serra leave Serenity behind.
August. In attempting to protect River Tam from the Alliance's Operative, Serenity and its crew reveal the secret of the Alliance's crimes on Miranda. In the course of the events, Derrial Book and Hoban Washburne are killed.


In an effort to soothe the growing unrest calling for less expansionist priorities, the Earth Empire formally announces its name change to the Terran Federation of Worlds.


War breaks out between the Earth and Draconian Empires. Over 500 million deaths take place over the span of the three day war. Many cite Lieutenant John Williams as the cause of hostilities.


The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane, arrives on a starship, and the embryos on board, along with the Doctor, begin mutating into Daleks. The Doctor uses his partial transformation to manipulate the embryonic Dalek/human hybrids into destroying the Daleks' ship.



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