Timeline: 21001-26500



  • September 27. In Elibe, the Ice Dragon Aenir gives birth to a pair of children: a female she names Ninian, and a male she names Nils. Their father is the human Nergal.


  • On Symqures, the humans of Elibe fight a war later called the Scouring, where most of the native dragons were slaughtered, leading to near extinction on the continent.





  • Births: Xander (October 27)5 [[/footnote]]






The evil insane dragon Anankos spawns an astral dragon offspring, and names her Lilith.13

  • Other births: Silas (November 1)14


  • February 14. In the physically askew Kingdom of Valla on the planet Symqures, a woman named Mikoto gives birth to a child she names Corrin. Corrin, a child of fates, is born with an ambiguous nature, and shifts biological sex at times, with most people's memories shifting to adjust the reality shifts. Corrin's father is the human aspect of the Divine Dragon Anankos.15


Births: Leo (June 30)16, Takumi (December 14)17




  • Nohrian King Garon encounters the dragon Anankos, who kills him. Anankos takes possession of the corpse, animating it and infusing it with his essence, though it acts as a corrupted version of Garon's personality.21
  • In an act of pettiness and cruelty, Nohrian King Garon orders the slaughter of his servant Gunter's home village and his wife and child. Gunter (47) swears revenge privately, but acts chastened.22


  • November. King Garon of Nohr, under the influence of the mad Divine Dragon Anankos, leads a raid on the capital of the Kingdom of Hoshido. Garon murders King Sumeragi, and abducts his stepchild Corrin (8). In the aftermath, Hoshidan Queen Consort Mikoto, Corrin's mother, takes over leadership of Hoshido. Garon leaves Corrin in the Northern Fortress to be raised by servants, including the soldier Gunter (48).23
  • Silas (8) meets Corrin at the Northern Fortress, and the two strike up a friendship.24


January. Lilith (11) appears in her true form at the Northern Fortress, and is rescued by Corrin (8). Lilith, secretly aware of her status as Corrin's sister, decides to never leaver the child's side.


August. Nohrian King Garon summons Corrin (19) to Castle Krakenburg in Nohr's capital, Windmire. She is accompanied by her siblings Xander (29), Camilla (27), Leo (18), and Elise (14), and her retainers, Gunter (59), Jakob (34), and Felicia (22). Garon gives Corrin the mystical sword Ganglari, which in actuality is an evil sword. The king has Corrin prove her worth in fighting a pair of captured Hoshidan warriors, the ninja Kaze (24) and the Flame chieftain's daughter Rinkah (23). Corrin manages to defeat them, and is ordered by Garon to execute the defeated foes. Corrin overtly defies Garon's orders. Leo feigns killing the two, and an angry Garon departs. Kaze and Rinkah are allowed to flee.[22]
August 29-31. Garon sends Corrin on an errand as punishment for his disobedience. Accompanied by his retainers Gunter, Jakob, and Felicia, he is also forced to accept Garon's retainer Hans, a murderer, as well. Corrin departs for the Hoshidan border, where a force-field protects the nation from invasion. Hans attacks the Hoshidans' outpost, forcing Corrin and his people into battle. Corrin is rescued by his siblings. Hoshidan reinforcements arrive in the form of Saizo (24) and Kagero (30), and Nohrians prepare to retreat. Hans then attacks Gunter, knocking him and his steed into the Bottomless Canyon, apparently to his death, though in actuality he passes into the realm Valla. An enraged Corrin begins transforming into a dragon. The sword Ganglari reacts, surging with power and tossing him into the Canyon as well. His retainer, Lilith (20), appears seemingly out of nowhere, and leaps into the Canyon in rescue. She transforms into an astral dragon, and shunts him into an astral realm.[23]
September 1. Corrin teleports to the Bottomless Canyon edge. Disoriented, she is unprepared for battle, as Rinkah knocks her unconscious.[24] She is taken to Hoshido. When she comes to, she finds himself in the care of Rinkah and Kaze. She is brought into the court at Castle Shirasagi, where she meets Crown Prince Ryoma (28) and Queen Mikoto, who reveals herself to be Corrin's mother, and Ryoma her brother, and tells her of her kidnapping as a child. An attack by Faceless monsters draws Corrin into battle, and she meets her sisters Hinoka (22) and Sakura (15) while saving a village.[25]
September 3. Corrin meets Azura (21), a princess of Nohr who lives in Hoshido, and first hears her haunting song.[26]


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