Timeline: 2500-2201 BCE


2500 BCE

  • November 16. Zeus (18) tricks Cronus (1500) into consuming an emetic beverage. He disgorges his previously swallowed children Hestia (33), Hades (30), Poseidon (27), Hera (24), and Demeter (21), now all fully grown. Zeus takes his siblings away and encourages them to rebel against Cronus and the Titans.

2494 BCE

  • The Doctor, Steven Taylor (27), and Sara Kingdom (28/4000) appear at this point in Egypt. They are soon followed by Mavic Chen (124) and a troop of Daleks (all 4000), as well as the the Time Lord called the Monk (second incarnation). The Doctor and companions manage to escape, though after losing custody of a canister of turanium to Chen, which is necessary in the use of a doomsday weapon. By taking the Monk's directional drive, the TARDIS is able to return to 4000. The Monk begins traveling aimlessly.1

2486 BCE

2483 BCE

2478 BCE

  • The Great Sphinx is completed in Egypt.

2459 BCE

2430 BCE

2414 BCE

  • The centaur lad Biron (16) falls in love with the Eternal sorceress Circe (345). She is unwilling to marry a centaur, but she promises to turn him into a full human. One of Circe's enemies substitutes an important ingredient, and the spell turns Biron into a full horse. Circe is unable to reverse the spell, but gives him some special tweaks, allowing him to occasionally turn human, and giving him incredible powers and immortality. However, Circe's enemy banishes Biron to a rock in space.

2400 BCE

2383 BCE

  • July 6. Isildur is born in Númenor on Arda. His father is Elendil, High King of Gondor and Arnor.

2381 BCE

  • October 31. The goddess Hera (143) gives birth to Hephaestus. He is born with a messed-up foot, so Hera throws him off Olympus. He is found by the sea nymph Thetis, who takes him in to raise him.

2373 BCE

  • The nymph Thetis brings Hephaestus (7) to the isle of Lemnos, where he begins training as a smith.

2364 BCE

  • The hunter king Nimrod (577) orders the construction of a tower at his settlement at Babel. The Canaanite gods are angered at what they consider Nimrod's effrontery and attempts to improve the human condition, and they strike the city with an aphasia virus, resulting in the people becoming unable to communicate with each other. The project is abandoned.

2360 BCE

  • April 22. The child that will be known as Sargon is born in the town of Azupiranu in Mesopotamia near the River Euphrates. His mother, a priestess of Inanna, places him in a basket made of reeds and sets him adrift on the river. He is found by Akki, gardener at the house of Ur-Zababa, King of Kish.2

2355 BCE

2348 BCE

  • The planet Mylenya unites under a single planetary government, the Silver Millennium Matriarchy.

2334 BCE

  • Sargon (26) ascends to become ruler of the city of Akkad, and founds the Akkadian Empire.3

2302 BCE

  • May 16. Beryl is born on Mylenya.

2279 BCE

  • April 23. Sargon of Akkad (81) dies. He is succeeded as Akkadian Emperor by his son Rimush.4

2251 BCE


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