Timeline: 2491-2500



  • The derelict Earth ship Ranger 3, launched in 1987, is discovered by a Draconian ship. Princess Ardala, a human member of the Draconian royal family, orders the thawing of pilot Buck Rogers (30). A disoriented Rogers is then released into space, and he heads toward Earth. MACO Colonel Wilma Deering (29) is reluctant to accept Rogers is not a Draconian agent until he helps foil a Draconian plot using staged space pirate attacks. Buck begins to become accustomed to the modern era, largely with the help of oddball robot Twiki (3) and the A.I. Dr. Theopolis (10).1


  • Vicki Pallister's mother dies. She and her father Newton join a colonial expedition to the planet Astra.
  • The escaped convict Kaspola Bennett comes aboard the colonial ship UK-201, sabotaging its engines to force it to crash on the planet Dido. During these events, Vicki Pallister's future self and her companion Steven Taylor ensure that history runs its original course.2
  • Kaspola Bennett uses a bomb to kill the colonists and Dido natives, including Newton Pallister. Bennett dresses up as a monster to keep the only survivor, Vicki, under his control.3


  • The Doctor, Ian Chesterton (), and Barbara Wright () arrive on the planet Dido. The Doctor uncovers Kaspola Bennett's treachery, and a pair of Dido natives force Bennett to fall from a cliff. Vicki Pallister joins the Doctor on the TARDIS, though she initially has negative feelings toward Barbara, who kills Vicki's sand creature friend Sandy, not realizing it was not dangerous.4


The Anglo-Sino Alliance begins trying to suppress an uprising by androids. The so-called Orion War begins, as the androids take over the Orion Minor system.
The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (23) arrive on Cray so that he can meet one of his heroes, diplomat Darzil Carlisle, and see him perform his final peace treaty. Learning the planet's civil war is framed in the form of Naxy, a deadly team sport, the Doctor inadvertently becomes a star player. Carlisle reveals he has been helped by the Doctor (in the Doctor's subjective future) in all his previous work, and dies ashamed of disappointing the Doctor. When investors decide to wipe out one of the "teams", the entire populace rises up against the manipulators, ending the game forever.


  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (27) arrive on a starship, the Moray Rose, with a disintegrated crew. Leela is taken over by the Master (thirteenth incarnation) and convinced by he and his alien allies into believing that she is the deadly assassin known as The Evil One. She nearly kills the Doctor, but with the Doctor's help eventually is able to overcome the influence. The Master escapes, and the Doctor is able to stop the aliens.5


  • February 10. Mike Nelson (32), Gypsy (8), Tom Servo (8), and Cambot (8) reconstitute aboard the Satellite of Love in orbit of the Planet of the Apes. Crow T. Robot (508) reunites with them while suffering from some amnesia. The crew are soon forced to watch a bad movie upon the orders of the Apes' Professor Bobo (39), and their Lawgiver Pearl Forrester (94).6
  • March 3. A nuclear explosion rocks the Planet of the Apes, as the Satellite of Love departs from the planet's orbit. Pearl Forrester, now with a surviving Professor Bobo as a minion, pursues the ship/station in a rocket-powered Volkswagen microbus the Widowmaker.7
  • March 10. The Satellite of Love is captured by the planet of the Observers, who are also keeping Pearl Forrester and Professor Bobo captive.8
  • March 31. The nanites aboard the Satellite of Love cause a massive explosion to aid the station's escape, causing devastation to the Observers' world. Pearl Forrester and Professor Bobo escape with the Observer "Brain Guy" aboard Widowmaker.9


  • Lieutenant Commander Derrial Book () is discharged from the IAV Cortez.


  • July 15. Pol Krinn, Time Trapped, with Bits, briefly materializes in this time during the Great Rebellion of Artificial Intelligence. He meets Booster Gold and Skeets, and they all temporally displace.
  • August 7. Christian Teng (27) is captured and Cyber-converted, becoming Kroton.


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