Timeline: 2451-2490



  • The Doctor, Ian Chesterton (34), Barbara Wright (31), and Vicki Pallister (17) visit the planet Hisk, an Earth colony, where they encounter a kind of group sleep, and an entity haunting the system that murders the citizens. Ian realizes that the interrogation is an attempt by the entity to defeat him and his friends. Hisk's dreamscape is repaired.1


  • The alternate timeline Nazi Elizabeth Klein and the Doctor (seventh incarnation) arrive on a planet populated by a giant insectoid race, the Vrill, who were nearly wiped out by human settlers/privateers. Klein's ideologies begin to falter, and she works to preserve them, until she finds an opportunity to take the TARDIS key. The Doctor ensures the Vrill's survival, but Klein escapes in the TARDIS, leaving the Doctor behind. He disappears as time is altered.


  • Madman Eobard Thawne (36) becomes Zoom, the "Reverse-Flash", and travels back to 1994 to kill Barry Allen.
  • Births: Bobo (November 3)


  • The Doctor, Steven Taylor, and Dodo Chaplet () arrive on the planet Comfort and are drawn into their manufactured war, one imposed by a failed planetary computer system on the one-time penal colony. Steven and Dodo become soldiers, and Steven even runs for President. Ultimately, the Doctor finds a way to stop the computer by tricking the people into ending the war.2


Michael Jon Carter, failing to find success in his own time, leaves this time period with his sister Michelle and the robot Skeets to 1997.




  • July 27. Michael Jon Carter and his wife leave their temporal hidey-hole to have their son, whom they desire to have a birthdate. They name their son Richard Hunter.


  • A Terran colonial expedition travels to the planet Uxarieus.


  • March. The Doctor (third incarnation) and Jo Grant (22/1971), sent on a mission for the Time Lords, becomes involved with the struggling Uxariean colony's attempt to maintain their settlement in the face of a corporate threat. The colonists are eventually victorious, despite the interference of the Master (twelfth incarnation) and the ambiguous actions of the native Uxarieans.3




  • December 4 (Wednesday). The artificial intelligence Theopolis comes online for the first time.


Henry Evans is recruited into the Outer Worlds' Independence Movement.



  • May 30 (Sunday). The robot Twiki is first activated.


  • Henry Evans () agrees to infiltrate the Anglo-Sino Alliance's military. He undergoes surgery to replace one of his eyes with a robotic one. He murders another man, Derrial Book, and takes his identity in order to join the Alliance Fleet.
  • Births: Simon Tam (November 16)


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