Timeline: 2401-2450



  • The Earth colonial ship Pertwee crashes on the planet Metebelis III. The humans found a colony which begins to devolve technologically. Some spiders accidentally brought along begin to be mutated by the radioactive energies of the blue Metebelis crystals.


  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation), in the black TARDIS, visits what appears to be 1560 Earth, meeting Nostradamus, but soon discovers that he is on a planet composed of biomimetic matter that has been constructed to resemble that world in that era. The planet is used as a staging ground for invasions by the clients. During the attack of the Phalanx of the Kro, the Doctor, Nostradamus, and the aliens Garilund and Kren liberate the matter, with Nostradamus joining the biomass, which becomes a living world.1


Krontep Queen Gilliam (Perpugilliam Brown) (50) finds the tomb of the planet's first queen Petruska, and uses a time tunnel she discovers to escape, arriving in 1958 England.


  • Cybermen forces invade the planet Telos. They wipe out most of the native Cryon population.

The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (), and Zoe Heriot (19) visit a planet where the Larian Jack is conducting immoral mining operations using slave labor. In defiance of his capitalistic madness, they save him from his slaves and drop him off where he has to, unfortunately, retire to a content existence without further profit.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (22) arrive in what appears to be a medieval village, but soon discover they are on a 22nd-century era sleeper ship of the Leviathan class. They end the process of repeatedly killing and re-cloning of the residents by the ship's computer and robot servants, and save them from privateers.


The two city-states Garrak and Stronghaven on the frontier human world of Draxine end their war when Stronghaven's leader destroys Garrak in a bomb in order to get bones for a bone monster body he plans for himself. He also arranges his own assassination.
The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Mary Shelley (18/1816) arrive on Draxine, and defeat the mad bone monster dead president of Stronghaven.


  • A brief war flares up between Cargg and Bgztl over rights to mine the asteroids of the Tegglzl system. There are less than 30 casualties before peace is brokered.


Births: Eobard Thawne (January 9)


The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (17/1746), and Victoria Waterfield (14/1866) arrive in Sumatra on Earth, and board a geosynchronous space elevator that takes them to a space station. They face electrical monsters and defeat them.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Sharon Davies (13/1980), and K-9 (Mark II) arrive on a space truck while a colony system is under attack by werewolves, the servants of the Daleks. The Doctor is briefly turned into a werewolf. With the help of Brill the werewolf, the Doctor traps the Daleks and other werewolves in a time lock.


November 5. Michael Jon Carter is born in Gotham City, New York, North America, Earth.


December 30. Michelle Ann Carter is born in Gotham City, New York, North America, Earth.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and C'rizz briefly visit the planet Endarra, and encounter a human colony dying from a plague left by a passing malevolent race. C'rizz tries to give them an antidote, but it fails to save the colony.
The Doctor and C'rizz jump forward three months and find the colony wiped out. They find the inert form of a little girl who has been absorbed into the planet's elemental force.




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