Timeline: 2379



  • April 24. Kyle Riker is killed in uprisings on the planet Delta Sigma IV, saving his son Will (44) from a disruptor.1
  • Captain Kira Nerys retires from Starfleet and becomes a vedek.
  • July 8. Pol Krinn (Time-Trapped) and Bits arrive at Starfleet Headquarters. After briefly meeting Devlin O'Ryan and his friends, they meet up with Joanna Jones, who Pol realizes is J'Onn. The displaced Rads suddenly appears, and Pol battles him, forcing a displacement of himself, Rads, and Bits to 2998.

Commander Elias Vaughn is promoted to Captain and assumes command of Deep Space 9. Lieutenant Commander Ro Laren is promoted to full Commander and takes the position of first officer.
Enterprise-E conquers and occupies the planet Tezwa in order to avoid war with the Klingon Empire.
Federation President Min Zife, Chief of Staff Koll Azernal, and Secretary of Military Intelligence Nelino Quafina are executed by Section 31 after they are forced to resign.
Lieutenant James Peart and Lieutenant Kell Perim resign from Starfleet after Enterprise-E leaves Tezwa.
Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay begin a romantic relationship.
Lieutenant Christine Vale is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Governor Nan Bacco of Cestus III is elected President of the United Federation of Planets.
Emperor Kahless leaves the service of the Empire.
Ambassador Worf resigns his position. He returns to Starfleet, and takes a temporary position on the USS Enterprise-E. Taking Worf’s ambassadorial position is his son, Alexander Rozhenko.
November 5. Most of the Romulan senate is assassinated. The crime is perpetrated by Reman insurgents and Romulan dissidents, who are led by Shinzon.
William Riker and Deanna Troi are wed.
Enterprise-E is sent to Romulan space to engage in peace talks with the Romulans and their new Praetor, Shinzon.
Data dies in the destruction of a thalaron weapon aboard Shinzon's flagship. Shinzon dies as well.
Commander Beverly Crusher once again takes her old position as head of Starfleet Medical on Earth.
Lieutenant Commander Worf takes the position of first officer on Enterprise-E, receiving a promotion to Commander.
Commander Idun Asmund is promoted to Captain, and assumes command of the USS Harriet Jones.
Commander Beverly Crusher returns to Enterprise-E, resuming her position.
The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown arrive in the TARDIS on the planet Thoros-Beta. There they become embroiled in a situation wherein the Mentor Kiv and his minion Sil are involved with weapons deals with the Kronteps. Krontep King Ycarnos allies with the Doctor and begins falling in love with Peri, who slowly begins reciprocating. Peri is abducted, and the Time Lords interfere, pulling the Doctor from this moment to stand trial in 1986. This causes Peri, who originally was to be rescued, to be killed. The Time Lords later interfere to right this injustice, and she is fractured into five temporal versions, all simultaneously coexisting. One, left behind, travels to Krontep and marries Ycarnos. Another is transported back to Earth in 1984, amnesiac.
Thallonian Prime Minister Movaeq Si Cwan is murdered by Nelkarite agents.
Commander William Riker is promoted to Captain, and takes command of the Luna-class USS Titan, NCC-80102. Joining him as part of the crew are first officer, Commander Christine Vale; senior counselor and diplomatic officer, Commander Deanna Troi; Lieutenant Commander Ranul Keru (from Enterprise–E) as tactical officer; Lieutenant Commander Shenti Yisec Eres Ree as chief medical officer; Lieutenant Commander Nidani Ledrah as chief engineer; Lieutenant Commander Jaza Najem as chief science officer; Lieutenant Sariel Rager (from Enterprise-E) as chief operations officer; and Ensign Aili Lavena as conn officer. Also coming aboard are Lieutenant Alyssa Ogawa and her son Noah Powell, Lieutenant Commander Melora Pazlar, Chief Bralik, Cadet Zurin Dakal, Crewman K'chak!op, Lieutenant Huilan Sen'kara, Cadet Torvig Bu-Kar-Nguv, and Cadet Orilly Malar.
November 30. Devlin O'Ryan (16) is temporally displaced to the year 2003 after an attack by Dominators on his Academy ship Galileo results in his friend Wesley Howard releasing a displacement wave.
Lieutenant Sara Nave is assigned to the USS Enterprise-E as tactical officer.
The Akira-class USS James T. Kirk is launched under the command of Captain Elias Vaughn. The crew includes Commander Anxo Rogeiro as first officer.
December 24. The first mission of Titan is to broker peace talks between the factions vying for control of the Romulan Star Empire. They succeed, albeit with a Klingon Protectorate founded on Remus.


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