Timeline: 2378



  • The crew of the USS Voyager splits up after their return to Earth. Voyager itself is taken under investigation by Starfleet authorities. As a reward for their long work, various promotions are handed out: Captain Kathryn Janeway (42) is promoted to Rear Admiral, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok (113) is promoted to full Commander, Lieutenants (j.g.) B'Elanna Torres () and Tom Paris () are promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and Ensigns Harry Kim (), Lyssa Campbell (), Vorik (), and Samantha Wildman () are promoted to full Lieutenant.1
  • Departing Starfleet service, Seven of Nine moves in with her aunt Irene Hansen.

Icheb enters Starfleet Academy mid-year.
The young q visits his best friend Icheb at Starfleet Academy, and gets him into trouble, but erases the events from everyone's memories.
February. The former Voyager crew manage to stop an attempt by renegade Starfleet officers to turn Earth into a new Borg Homeworld.
Icheb is forced to leave the Academy for the remainder of the semester, as he was assaulted by fellow students.
Seven of Nine and the Holographic Doctor join a Think Tank.
The Thallonian diaspora founds New Thallon.

  • Chakotay is promoted to Captain, and assigned command of the newly re-launched USS Voyager. The crew includes a changeling impersonating Commander Andrew Ellis, first officer; Lieutenant Vorik, chief engineer; Lieutenant Commander Jarem Kaz, chief medical officer; Lieutenant Harry Kim, tactical officer; Lieutenant Devi Patel, chief science officer; Lieutenant Lyssa Campbell, operations manager; Lieutenant Akolo Tare, conn; and Lieutenant Kwebabi Astall, ship’s counselor.

"Andrew Ellis" is discovered to have been replaced seven years earlier by a disgraced Changeling. The Changeling escapes, but his cohort, Dr. Crell Moset, is captured.
Coming aboard to replace “Ellis” as first officer is Lieutenant Commander Thomas Paris.
Ensign Kenth Lasren graduates from Starfleet Academy.
June 21. Braal, Titan, Tharr, and Cargg declare war on Elia, as Federation/Lesser Dominion skirmishes begin to increase.
Gaven Myran begins dating Shawna Murdoch. After they consummate their relationship, she discovers his Listening ability, and forces their breakup.
Lieutenant Taurik transfers to the USS Enterprise-E as assistant chief engineer.
Selelvia secedes from the United Federation of Planets.
Icheb returns to Starfleet Academy in the fall semester.
!a!o, Rama Mesor, Liann, Solon Madrid, Timdra Cirrine, Kevo Jor, and Silak enter Starfleet Academy.
q enrolls at Starfleet Academy under the alias "Quentin Quills".
Lieutenant Hugh Cambridge is assigned to the USS Voyager as head counselor.
September 20. Voyager helps in the rescue of B'Elanna Torres and Miral Paris from a Klingon cult. Lieutenant Lyssa Campbell (30) is killed.
Ensign Kenth Lasren is assigned to the USS Voyager as operations manager.
Wesley Crusher completes his training to become a Traveler.
Enterprise-E is assigned to the Rashanar Battle Site to recover bodies. While there they uncover the cause of the creation of the ship “graveyard", but inadvertently cause the destruction of the USS Juno.
When Enterprise-E returns to Earth, Captain Picard is put on trial for the chaos, and forced to undergo severe counseling. Data is also forced to remove his emotion chip.
Fearing the destruction of Enterprise, Wesley Crusher violates Traveler rules, and actively uses his extensive abilities to interfere with goings-on. While Enterprise-E manages to be rescued, Wesley’s new love interest, Picard’s counselor Colleen Cabot, is killed.
The Thallonian Protectorate is founded as a confederation of many of the former Thallonian worlds.
Lieutenant Robin Lefler marries Movaeq Si Cwan.
Movaeq Si Cwan is named prime minister of the Thallonian Protectorate, and leaves Excalibur-A, along with his sister Kalinda.
Lieutenant Robin Lefler is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and is reassigned as the Federation liaison to the Protectorate.
Lieutenant Tania Tobias is assigned as operations manager of the USS Excalibur-A.
Though seemingly rejected by the Travelers for his actions, Wesley Crusher passes his final test.
November 24. The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana, and K-9 arrive on Tara in search of the fourth piece of the Key to Time. Though they find it quickly, they are soon embroiled in political intrigue with the Tarans.


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