Timeline: 2377



  • The Romulan Star Empire and Watraii Hegemony have a brief war.1
  • Cybertron initiates peaceful first contact with the United Federation of Planets.
  • February 17. Former Borg Azan and Rebi are reunited with their people, and Mezoti joins them on Wysant, departing from the USS Voyager. This affects Seven of Nine, Icheb (), and Naomi Wildman () most.2
  • February 22. B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris wed aboard Voyager.3

An energy wave, later referred to as the “Genesis Wave", passes through the Alpha Quadrant, transforming planets and wiping out billions of people. The Wave is stopped by Starfleet forces. Among the casualties are Dr. Leah Brahms’s husband, Dr. Carol Marcus, and the Klingon Maltz.
Lieutenant Soleta takes a mission to the Romulan Empire for Starfleet Intelligence.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Sarjenka gradautes from Starfleet Academy Medical School and is assigned as assistant chief medical officer aboard the USS da Vinci.
July 9. Commander Elizabeth Lense transfers to Earth, and takes a position at Starfleet Forensic Medical Division in Washington, DC, North America, Earth.
August. Sarjenka's memories are restored.
Citizens of the "lesser" Dominion of Elia coordinate a terrorist attack on Earth, killing hundreds. Devlin O'Ryan is orphaned in the attack.
The Federation declares war on Elia, but a state of "phony war" ensues. However, Federation President Min Zife enlists the aid of Section 31, who begin a secret war against Elia.
Aytar Gwyn, Devlin O'Ryan and his best friend Marley O'Hanley enter Starfleet Academy.
September 15. Q’s son q arrives on Voyager, where his powers are removed, and he is forced to deal with the crew. He befriends Icheb, and a close friendship develops. After q nearly kills Icheb in an incident, q is allowed to leave Voyager, but he pledges to return.
September 25. Voyager’s Doctor publishes a holo-novel, Photons Be Free, in the Alpha Quadrant. He fights over long distance to give himself the proper ownership rights to the story, and succeeds.
October 11. Lieutenant Joseph Carey (39) is killed in action.
Lieutenant Commander Ranul Keru returns to active Starfleet service, taking a position in security aboard Enterprise-E.
November 14. Voyager encounters New Talax, a Talaxian colony over 40,000 light years from Talaxian space. Crewmember Neelix remains behind on the colony, marrying Dexa and adopting her son Brax.
December 20. The USS Voyager discovers a Borg transwarp hub inside a nebula. Concurrently, the ship is visited by Admiral Kathryn Janeway of 2403 of AQR4 with advanced technology designed to counter the Borg. Captain Kathryn Janeway orders an attack the Borg that involves the insertion of a computer virus into the Collective, destroys the Borg central nexus and the Queen. Voyager destroys the transwarp hub and connected conduit systems, using advanced transphasic torpedoes. Voyager itself is able to use a conduit (and a Borg sphere) to return to Earth before that conduit is destroyed, returning home after almost seven years in the Delta Quadrant.
December 28. Miral Paris is born to B’Elanna Torres and Thomas Paris aboard Voyager.


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