Timeline: 2376



  • Lieutenant Simon Tarses (32) transfers to Deep Space 9 to serve as assistant chief medical officer.
  • Lieutenant Jasminder Choudhury transfers from the USS Timur to Starbase 103 under the command of Admiral Marien Zimbata.
  • Federation ambassador Worf accompanies the IKS Gorkon to the planet al'Hmat to quell the rebellion there. Gorkon, under the command of recently promoted Captain Klag, is on its first mission, with crew including the surly drafted engineer Kurak, the flippant pilot Leskit, the progressive-minded physician B'Oraq, the largely disinterested second officer Rodek (secretly Worf's amnesiac brother Kurn), and the arrogant first officer Drex, son of new Chancellor Martok. Worf successfully negotiates home rule for the al'Hmatti. Toq, a junior officer (and another old associate of Worf) gets himself promoted to bridge duty. Drex is dismissed from the crew by Klag.1
  • Captain Klag has his recently deceased father's arm grafted to his body after Dr. B'Oraq convinces him.

Thallonian Princess Kalinda Cwan is rescued from the planet Montos. She comes to stay on Excalibur with her brother, Movaeq Si Cwan.
Xyon, Kalinda's lover, comes aboard Excalibur and meets his father, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. He fakes his death while also setting off genocide against the Redeemers.
January 16. Xyon is born to Selar and Burgoyne 172 on the USS Excalibur.
The USS Excalibur is destroyed. All hands survive, though Captain Mackenzie Calhoun is considered missing in action.
January 19. The un-assimilated Marika Wilkarah joins the crew of Voyager.
Marika Wilkarah dies.
Alon Ghemor is named Castellan of the Cardassian Union.
Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres has a vision of her mother, and on Qo’noS, Miral has a similar vision of B’Elanna. Miral heads to Boreth to set on a survival mission.
Joining the crew of Deep Space 9 is Ensign Thirishar ch’Thane (from Tamberlaine) as chief science officer, and Lieutenant (j.g.) Nog is named chief engineer.
The Bajoran government, in gratitude for her aid, gives Ro Laren asylum, and assigns her as security chief aboard Deep Space 9 with the Bajoran Militia rank of Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Samaritan Bowers (from Budapest) is assigned to Defiant-A as tactical officer, and Ensign Prynn Tenmei (from Sentinel) is assigned as conn officer.
Commander Elizabeth Shelby is promoted to captain, and placed in command of the USS Exeter.
Soleta takes a leave of absence, and meets her biological father Rajari, who she inadvertently helps with a terrorist attack on Romulus.
Robin Lefler and Morgan Primus visit Risa, and are pulled into an adventure with Montgomery Scott, Movaeq Si Cwan, and Kalinda.
Mark McHenry and Zak Kebron meet Q.
Selar and Burgoyne 172 feud over baby Xyon's upbringing to the point of koon-ut-kal-if-fee.
Mackenzie Calhoun ends up on the planet Yacaba. He meets Rheela and her son, and after her death, adopts the boy Moke as his own.
Following the return of Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, he takes command of the Galaxy-class USS Excalibur-A. The crew reunites, with Commander Burgoyne 172 promoted to first officer. Lieutenant Craig Mitchell, a Cyberman, is assigned as chief engineer.
Mackenzie Calhoun and Elizabeth Shelby are married.
Calhoun and Shelby marry.
Captain Elizaeth Shelby takes command of the Galaxy-class USS Trident. The crew includes Commander Katerina Mueller, first officer; Lieutenant Romeo Takahashi, operations manager; Lieutenant Mick Gold, conn; Lieutenant Commander Gleau, chief science officer; Lieutenant Dunrod (a Mon Cala) as chief engineer; and Doctor Cynthia Villers as Chief Medical Officer.
Recently temporally displaced officers Lieutenant Commander Arex Na Eth and Lieutenant Shiboline M'Ress are assigned to the USS Trident as security chief, and junior science officer respectively.
Lieutenant Padraig Daniels retires from Starfleet.
Lieutenant Christine Vale is assigned to the USS Enterprise-E as tactical officer.

  • March 22. Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge () takes a temporary assignment to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers ship USS da Vinci, reuniting with his former crewmates Sonya Gomez () and Kieran Duffy (). On his first mission with the team, they encounter the derelict ship Beast. During the mission, the Bynar computer specialist 111 (39) is beheaded by the ship's defenses. Her bondmate, 110, decides to stay unbonded (a taboo in Bynar society) and formally joins Starfleet, taking the name "Soloman".2

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay of Project Pathfinder succeeds in establishing regular communication with the USS Voyager.
Ensign Nancy Conlon is assigned to the USS da Vinci as an engineer.
The USS Defiant, lost in 2268, is recovered from interphasic space by da Vinci.
April. The crew of the USS Aldebaran and Commander Tiris Jast aboard Defiant are killed in a sneak attack upon Deep Space 9 by three rogue Jem’Hadar ships. A Jem'Hadar named Kitana'klan is discovered on the station, and he claims to have been sent by Odo.
After hearing of a prophecy by Bajoran Istani Reyla, Jake Sisko enters the wormhole in search of his father.
Enterprise-E arrives at Deep Space 9 from the Badlands, bringing the lost Orb of Memory and Commander Elias Vaughn.
Kira Nerys uploads Istani's prophetic book to Bajor's communications network and is attainted by the Vedek Assembly for her actions.
Kitana'klan sabotages Deep Space 9's fusion reactor, but Kira Nerys jettisons the reactor prior to explosion. A second Jem'Hadar, Taran'atar, is revealed to be the true representative sent by Odo.
Commander Elias Vaughn leaves Starfleet Intelligence and takes over as first officer of Deep Space 9.
Jake Sisko, near dead in the Gamma Quadrant, is found by the crew of the salvage ship Even Odds.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Nog teams up with the crew of da Vinci to transfer a fusion core from Empok Nor to Deep Space 9.
Lieutenant Julian Bashir is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Voyager discovers a derelict Borg vessel for the second time, and four former Borg children are absorbed into the vessel’s crew. These include the teenaged Brunali Icheb, the Norcadian Mezoti, and Nysanti twins Azan and Rebi.
May. A people claiming to be the Iconians appear in the Alpha Quadrant, and activate all of the Iconian gateways. Chaos ensues throughout the galaxy. The crews of Enterprise-E, Deep Space 9, Voyager, Excalibur-A, and Trident, among others, resolve the crisis and close the gateways.
Afsarah Eden and Willem Batiste are divorced. Eden is still unaware that Batiste is a Groundskeeper infiltrator.
Ensign T'Ryssa Chen graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Defiant-A enters the Gamma Quadrant for a three-month-long extended exploration journey, under the command of Commander Elias Vaughn. Lieutenant Ezri Dax joins the mission as first officer.
The USS Orion is lost with all hands at gas giant Galvan VI while trying to test the secret prototype Wildfire device.
Da Vinci is sent to recover the remains of Orion, and is severely damaged. Over half the crew die in the event, including second officer Lieutenant Commander Kieran Duffy and chief engineer Lieutenant Jil Barnak.
After refit, the USS Leonardo da Vinci is relaunched. Coming aboard as second officer is Lieutenant Commander Mor glasch Tev (of Madison). Ensign Nancy Conlon is promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.) and assigned as new chief engineer.
Dr. Carol Marcus is abducted by vegetation creatures.
Lieutenant Commander Philippa Matthias joins the crew of Deep Space 9 as a counselor.
Voyager visits Brunal, and Icheb returns to his family. After his parents attempt to send him back into space to be re-assimilated, he returns to Voyager.
Shathrissia zh’Cheen, Thirishar ch'Thane’s bondmate, commits suicide.
IKS Gorkon encounters the Children of San-Tarah, and they join the Klingon Empire as equal members of the Empire.
Vedek Yevir Linjarin negotiates the return of the remaining four Orbs to Bajor.
Zurin Dakal, Orilly Malar, and Torvig Bu-Kar-Nguv enter Starfleet Academy. Dakal is the first Cardassian in Starfleet.
Bajoran First Minister Shakaar Edon is assassinated by Trill security officer Hizaki Gard in order to stop his possessing Kuril parasite from taking over the Federation.
Second Minister Asarem Wadeen is sworn in as First Minister.
Excalibur-A and Trident battle an alliance of Beings.
Lieutenant Zak Kebron undergoes Brikar puberty.
Lieutenant Commander Gleau of Trident is murdered by Excalibur-A security officer Ensign Janos, whose evolved intelligence is failing. Investigations lead to the culprit behind Janos’s predicament, but it is too late to help Janos, who has completely devolved into the mental state of a mugato.
Lieutenant Shiboline M'Ress assumes the duties of chief science officer and is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Defiant picks up Jake Sisko and former Kai Opaka Sulan in the Gamma Quadrant, and returns them to Deep Space 9.
September 26. Rebecca Jae Sisko is born to Kasidy Yates and Benjamin Sisko on Bajor. Sisko returns from his sojourn with the Prophets just in time for the birth.
September 29. Bajor officially enters the United Federation of Planets.
Colonel Kira Nerys accepts a commission to Captain in Starfleet. Likewise, Ro Laren re-enters Starfleet with the rank of Lieutenant.
After the revelation of the origin of the symbionts and Kurlan parasites, the Trill government puts a temporary ban on any new joinings, and as an act of faith to the unjoined majority, President Lirisse Maz undergoes experimental surgery to remove the Maz symbiont, and becomes Lirisse Durghan again.
Ezri Tigan and Julian Bashir end their romantic relationship.
Former General Krim Aldos is named Bajoran representative to the Federation Council.
Captain Jaza Najem of the Bajoran Militia accepts a commission of Lieutenant in Starfleet.
Major Cenn Desca takes the position of Starfleet/Bajoran Militia liaison on Deep Space 9.
Jake Sisko elopes with Azeni Korena.
An insane Kes avatar briefly returns to Voyager. She leaves and returns to Ocampa.
Ocampa's ecosystem is restored.
Doctor Lewis Zimmerman’s life is saved by his creation, the Doctor of Voyager, sent across the light years to the Alpha Quadrant.
An attempted impeachment of Grand Nagus Rom by political rivals Chek and Brunt fails.
November 21. Bena is born to Leeta and Rom on Ferenginar.
Ensign Thirishar ch’Thane, having returned to Andor, discovers a partial cure to the Andorian reproduction crisis. He then joins his two surviving bondmates, and a fourth addition, to reproduce. He takes an extended leave of absence.
Ensign Tom Paris is re-promoted to Lieutenant.
November. Keiko O'Brien travels to Cardassia as part of their reconstruction endeavors, and Chief Miles O'Brien and their children join her.
December 31. Taran’atar, suffering from the mind control of Iliana Ghemor, escapes from Deep Space 9. He nearly kills Kira Nerys and Ro Laren in the process.
After the discovery of the remains of their “god” the Progenitor, the Great Link dissolves, each grief-stricken changeling leaving for parts unknown. Only Odo and Laas are left as the Founders of the Dominion.


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