Timeline: 2373



  • Captain Ben Sisko (40), Lieutenant Commander Worf (31), Odo (), and Chief Miles O'Brien () go on a secret mission to Qo'noS to expose Klingon Chancellor Gowron () as a changeling infiltrator. They successfully reach Gowron, whom Worf challenges, and the two battle. During these events, Odo realizes that General Martok is the actual changeling. When Martok attacks Odo, the Klingons react to the changeling and kill it. While Gowron does not agree to reestablished friendly Federation/Klingon relations, hostilities are for the most part suspended.1

January 18. Starfleet procures a derelict Jem'Hadar ship. Several Deep Space 9 crew are killed, including Enrique Muñiz.
Worf and Jadzia Dax begin a romantic relationship.
The Cardassians return the Orb of Time to Bajor.
The USS Defiant is temporarily pulled into the year 2268 by the use of the Orb of Time.
April 25. Voyager is pulled into the year 1996 by an attack by the Timeship Aeon. They eventually return to the present, with the Doctor having procured a 29th-century mobile holographic emitter.
Min Zife is elected President of the United Federation of Planets, defeating incumbent President Jaresh-Inyo.
Cadet Nog returns to Deep Space 9 for sophomore field studies.

  • May 21. Due to the influence of Federation Starfleet captain Kathryn Janeway, Q and a Lady Q, mate and have a child called q as a means of ending a civil war between members of the Q Continuum.2 The child’s delivery is aided by a time-displaced Dr. Selar (2369).

May 24. A Borg cube invades Federation space, entering Sector 001. Save Enterprise-E, all Starfleet vessels, including Defiant (sans most of its senior crew) and Excalibur, are recalled to Earth. Captain Jean-Luc Picard disobeys orders and aids in destroying the Borg ship. Enterprise-E is briefly sent back in time to 2063 to stop the Borg from assimilating Earth. Among the casualties of the battles with the Borg are Lieutenant Sean Hawk of Enterprise-E, and Captain Morgan Korsmo and Lieutenant Commander Michael Argyle of Excalibur.
En route to a medical conference, Lieutenant Julian Bashir is abducted by Dominion agents and sent to Internment Camp 371.
Fabian Stevens resigns from Starfleet.

Odo attempts to raise one of the Hundred changelings. It dies from radiation sickness, but before succumbing, it merges with Odo, restoring his natural changeling ability to shape-shift.
Ensign Kell Perim graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Enterprise-E as conn officer.
Ensign Akolo Tare graduates from Starfleet Academy.
June 27. Maquis leader and former Starfleet officer Michael Eddington (48) is captured by Starfleet.
July 16. Voyager Ensign Vorik begins pon farr and attempts to mate with B'Elanna Torres.
Worf and Elim Garak are captured by the Dominion and placed in Internment Camp 371.
July 25. The Cardassian Union is absorbed into the Dominion as Gul Skrain Dukat betrays his Federation allies. Dominion forces invade Cardassia, driving the Klingon forces completely out of Cardassian territory. Most members of the Maquis are also slaughtered. Amongst the few survivors is former Starfleet officer Ro Laren.
The Dominion names Skrain Dukat as Cardassian supreme ruler, though he retains the humble title of Gul.
As a result of the Dominion's declaration of war against the Klingon Empire, Toq joins the Klingon Defense Force, serving aboard the IKS K'Lan.
Klingon Chancellor Gowron re-signs the Khitomer Accords, restoring the Federation/Klingon Alliance.
A Changeling posing as Deep Space 9's Dr. Julian Bashir is revealed as an impostor just before it can blow up the Bajoran sun B'hava'el. The real Bashir returns to the station, along with Worf, Elim Garak, and General Martok, who is assigned as Klingon liaison on the station.
Dr. Jarem Solim is joined to the Kaz symbiont in an effort to save its life, as its host Gradak dies. Solim is the only Trill aboard the USS Kenneth Wescott, and the joining becomes permanent.
Kes ends her relationship with Neelix.
The Thallonian Empire suffers a coup d'etat, and Emperor Showi Tae Cwan and Empress Falermy Cwan are killed. Princess Kalinda Cwan is abducted by radical Imperialists. Prince Movaeq Si Cwan travels to the Federation as a refugee.
Julian Bashir’s status as a genetically engineered is discovered.
Rom and Leeta begin a romance after she breaks up with Dr. Lewis Zimmerman.
Quark briefly works in gun sales with his cousin Gaila. He destroys Gaila's business due to his conscience.
Weyoun (fifth iteration) is assigned by the Dominion as Skrain Dukat's overseer.
September 4. Kenth Lasren enters Starfleet Academy.
September 18. Tekeny Ghemor dies.
Quark’s business license is reinstated after he helps Grand Nagus Zek and his mother Ishka in their romance. Brunt is forced from the FCA for his attempts to oust Zek.
General Martok is given command of the IKS Rotarran. Amongst the crew are Commander Korden and Lieutenant Leskit.
Quark ends his relationship with Grilka.
Voyager encounters the Voth.
November 7 (Wednesday). During a mission to rescue Maquis survivors of the Dominion invasion of Cardassian space, Maquis prisoner Michael Eddington (48) dies.
December 3. The USS Excalibur is assigned to patrol the space of the former Thallonian Empire under the command of Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. Among the crew are Commander Elizabeth Shelby, first officer (remaining aboard); Lieutenant Commander Burgoyne 172, chief engineer (remaining aboard); Lieutenant Commander Selar, Chief Medical Officer (from Enterprise-E); Lieutenant Zak Kebron, Tactical Officer; Lieutenant Soleta, science officer (from Starfleet Academy); Lieutenant Robin Lefler, Operations officer (newly promoted, from Enterprise-E); and Lieutenant Mark McHenry, flight controller. Also among the crew is the Mugato Ensign Janos. Former Thallonian prince Movaeq Si Cwan stows away on the ship. He is allowed to stay on board as an ambassador to the former Thallonian worlds.
Lieutenant Commander Domenica Corsi comes aboard the USS da Vinci as security chief.
December 5. The planet Thallon explodes from the birth of a “Great Bird of the Galaxy.”
Selar and Burgoyne 172 mate.
The planet Mirada signs a non-aggression pact with the Dominion.
The Tholian Assembly signs a non-aggression pact with the Dominion.
The Romulan Star Empire signs a non-aggression pact with the Dominion.
Starfleet mines the entrance to the wormhole.
Tora Ziyal moves to Bajor.
The Republic of Bajor signs a non-aggression pact with the Dominion.
Rom and Leeta are married.
The Dominion declares war on the United Federation of Planets, and Starfleet abandons Deep Space 9. Jake Sisko remains behind on the station.
The Dominion takes over operations at Deep Space 9, which is renamed Terok Nor. Gul Skrain Dukat sets up residence.
Lieutenant Taurik transfers to the USS Ilan Roman.
Captain Saavik assumes command of the USS Alliance.
December 26. Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway arranges a dubious alliance with the Borg against the Groundskeepers (Species 8472). The Borg assign Drone Seven of Nine (once the human Annika Hansen) as their liaison.


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