Timeline: 2372



  • January 1. Lieutenant Jadzia Dax (29) is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Lieutenant (j.g.) Julian Bashir (29) is promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant.
  • January 3. Deep Space 9 hosts a reunion of the surviving crew of the USS Saratoga. Captain Benjamin Sisko (39) is reunited with many of his former crewmates, including his old friend Hranok Zar (). Lieutenant Esteban Lopez attempts to hijack Defiant to sell his comrades as slaves to repay gambling debts.1
  • January 4. In the aftermath of the near collapse of the Obsidian Order, a weakened Cardassian Central Command is overthrown. The Detapa Council takes control.2

January 5. The Klingon Empire invades the Cardassian Union through the influence of a Changeling impersonating General Martok. Starfleet opts to aid the Detapa Council during the attack, with the help of Lieutenant Commander Worf. The Klingon Empire considers this an act of betrayal on the part of the Federation, and Chancellor Gowron considers the alliance between the Federation and the Empire to be nullified. Worf is considered persona non grata in the Empire. He takes the position of Strategic Operations Officer on Deep Space 9.
Captain Ben Sisko is caught in a temporal anomaly, and is sent hurdling forward through time. He is eventually returned to the present after traumatically seeing his son die.
Gul Skrain Dukat and Major Kira Nerys rescue Dukat’s illegitimate daughter Tora Ziyal. Afterward, Dukat brings Ziyal home to Cardassia with him, and he is rejected by Cardassian society. He is assigned command of the cargo ship Groumall.
March 12. Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax briefly begins a relationship with Dr. Lenara Kahn. Their symbionts had once been romantically involved.
En route to Earth, Nog, Quark, Rom, and Odo are transported to Earth in 1947 for a time.
Nog enters Starfleet Academy mid-year.
March 21. Voyager encounters the Nacene Suspiria. Kes meets members of Suspiria's Ocampa colony, and begins expanding her powers.
Worf, Jadzia Dax, and Kor discover the Sword of Kahless in the Gamma Quadrant. After a run-in with Toral, they leave the Sword behind.
March 27. Chakotay (37) is manipulated into an encounter with Irayla Seska (31), who claims to be pregnant with Chakotay's child.3
The Sovereign-class USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E is launched. Captain Morgan Bateson commands its first mission, but soon hands command over to Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The crew includes Commander William Riker, first officer; Lieutenant Commander Data, operations and second officer; Commander Beverly Crusher, Chief Medical Officer; Commander Deanna Troi, ship’s counselor; Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, chief engineer; and Lieutenant Sean Hawk (from Yorktown), conn officer. Also coming aboard are Lieutenant Commander Selar as assistant chief medical officer, Ensign Robin Lefler and Lieutenant Reginald Barclay in engineering, and Lieutenant Commander Ranul Keru in astronomy.
A changeling infiltrator is discovered aboard Enterprise-E.
June 3. Starfleet Admiral James Leyton stages a coup d'etat on Earth. He is ultimately defeated by Captain Ben Sisko.
Lieutenant Padraig Daniels joins the crew of Enterprise-E as security chief.
June 13. Captain Kathryn Janeway (37) attempts to foment peace between the Kazon sects. She is unsuccessful due to Trabe interference.
Kira Nerys begins a romantic relationship with Shakaar Edon.
Ensign Adom Madrid graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to the USS Defiant as Beta shift conn officer.
Kira Nerys brings Tora Ziyal to Bajor where she takes up residence.
Lieutenant Tuvok mind-melds with the Betazoid Lon Suder.
July 22. Former Klingon High Councillor Kurn arrives on Deep Space 9 seeking his own death. Ultimately his brother orders his mind wiped. He adopts the identity of Rodek, son of Noggra.
Rom joins the Bajoran Militia as an engineer.
When the Ferengi Alliance refuses to give the Orb of Wisdom back to the Bajorans, a brief war ensues between the two polities. Ultimately Grand Nagus Zek does sell the Orb to Bajor.
August 8. Voyager rescues the Q Quinn. Q visits the station, and ultimately Quinn commits suicide after joining the crew as a human.
August 9. Voyager's Doctor is briefly romantically involved with Vidiian Dr. Denara Pel. He augments his body to have human genitals.
August 13. Michael Jonas is discovered to be a double agent working with the Kazon-Nistrim and Irayla Seska. He is killed.
August 19. Naomi Wildman is born to Samantha Wildman aboard the starship Voyager. She is stillborn, but immediately replaced by a quantum duplicate, along with Ensign Harry Kim. Naomi's father is Ensign Greskrentregk of Deep Space 9, who is unaware of her existence.
Captain Ben Sisko and his son Jake are briefly abducted to AQR7.
Lwaxana Troi's marriage to Jeyal is nullified when she marries Odo on Deep Space 9. Their marriage is also subsequently annulled.
Geordi La Forge undergoes surgery to replace his VISOR with optical implants.
September 8. Barin Troi is born to Lwaxana Troi on Betazed. His father is Jeyal.
Sean Hawk begins a romantic relationship with Ranul Keru.
Lieutenant Commander Michael Eddington (47) reveals he is an agent of the Maquis. Xhosa Captain Kasidy Yates is arrested for helping them with covert deliveries of food.
On a small planetoid in the Gamma Quadrant, former Bajoran Kai Opaka Sulan is able to broker an end to the fighting amongst factions of prisoners consigned to the planetoid. The unified population comes to be known as the Sen Ennis. Soon afterward, a vessel piloted by Raiq from a race called the Ascendants lands on the planetoid, revealing a breach in the satellite system that aids in the confinement of the prisoners. In return for the Sen Ennis’ help in her recovery, Raiq eliminates the mechanism that restricts the prisoners to the planetoid, freeing them.
September 27. A transporter accident causes Neelix and Tuvok to be merged into one being, who calls himself Tuvix. Captain Kathryn Janeway orders his execution, and Tuvok and Neelix are restored.
October 9. Captain Kathryn Janeway and Lieutenant Commander Chakotay are briefly forced to leave Voyager and remain on a planet. They nearly begin a romantic relationship.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard is reunited with his old classmates Cortin Zweller, now an agent of Section 31, and Starfleet Intelligence director Admiral Marta Batanides. Sean Hawk is approached to join Section 31.
November 26. Defiant teams up with a Jem'Hadar vessel to stop renegade Jem'Hadar from utilizing an Iconian gateway discovered in the Gamma Quadrant. Vorta Weyoun (Fourth iteration) is murdered by his Jem'Hadar First.
Quark’s Ferengi business license is revoked after he fails to die and sell his desiccated remains.
December 18. Odo is taken to the Great Link to answer for his crime of killing another Changeling. He is locked into a human form.
The Klingon Empire begins open hostilities with the United Federation of Planets.
December 25. Sessen is born to Irayla Seska and Jal Culluh.

  • The USS Voyager is taken over by the Kazon-Nistrim, and the crew is temporarily forced to evacuate to a planet. Lon Suder dies restoring the ship to Starfleet's hands. Irayla Seska (31) is also killed. Jal Culluh escapes with the infant Sessen.4


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