Timeline: 2370



  • After the rescue of Bajoran Resistance hero Li Nalas, the provisional government gives him a position aboard Deep Space 9, replacing Kira Nerys (26). The political situation on Bajor changes rapidly, and the Alliance for Global Unity (The Circle), overthrows the government. The new government, led by Minister Jaro Essa, forces the withdrawal of all non-Bajorans from the system, including Starfleet. Deep Space 9's commander, Commander Ben Sisko (37) remains behind with a small group to help engineer the exposure of the Circle and hopefully restore a democratic Bajor. Sisko and his people are able to keep the Bajoran Militia, led by General Krim Aldos (), occupied, while Kira, Jadzia Dax (28), and Vedek Bareil Antos (31) bring evidence to Bajoran Ministry that the Circle is backed by Cardassian elements hoping to weaken Bajor. Jaro is deposed and arrested. The Bajoran Militia stands down, though Krim's underling Colonel Day Kannu attempts to assassinate Sisko. Li Nalas sacrifices himself to save Sisko's life.1
  • In the aftermath of the Circle coup, the Bajoran government reestablishes its agreement with Starfleet and the Federation. Despite not being an active part of the coup, General Krim Aldos resigns as head of the Bajoran Militia.
  • March 2. The USS Hera, under Captain Silva La Forge, disappears into a spatial disturbance that sends it to a distant galaxy.2
  • March 8. Trill malcontent Verad Kalon raids Deep Space 9, forcing the removal of the Dax symbiont from Jadzia Idaris. The station skeleton crew manages to stop Verad Dax and his mercenary group, resulting in Dax being restored to its true host.3

A new treaty is signed between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets. Various border worlds are traded between the nations as concessions.
Trebus Colony, now in Cardassian space, is destroyed by Cardassian insurgents. Among the dead is Chakotay's father Kolopak.
Lieutenant Commander Chakotay resigns from Starfleet, and joins the fledgling paramilitary group called the Maquis.
March 18. Rugal Pa'Dar is returned to his biological father Kotan.
April 3. Ambassador Lwaxana Troi and a Cair'n delegation visit Enterprise-D. Deanna Troi helps reveal her mother's denial of her sister's existence.
April 15. Ensign Melora Pazlar takes a temporary assignment to Deep Space 9. She shortly transfers to the USS Aegrippos.
Quark travels to the Gamma Quadrant, and successfully negotiates a trade agreement between the Ferengi Alliance and the Dosi Furor. He is assisted by Pel, a female Ferengi posing as a male. She moves to the Gamma Quadrant in exile after Grand Nagus Zek discovers her true gender.
May 30. Lieutenant Commander Data meets Juliana Tainer, who he learns is his "mother," as well as a fellow android. He allows her to continue without this knowledge.
Maquis cell leader Chakotay meets former Starfleet cadet B’Elanna Torres, and recruits her into his cell.
June 16. Admiral Erik Pressman is revealed to have violated the Treaty of Algernon by developing a phasing cloak on the USS Pegasus in 2357. Pressman is arrested, and the device is turned over to the Romulans.
Starfleet Intelligence operative Mackenzie Calhoun destroys the phasing cloak.
June 23. Odo is reunited with his "father," Dr. Mora Pol.
June 24. Nikolai Rozhenko saves a small group of Boraalans from planetary destruction, and opts to live with them.
Ensign Sean Hawk graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Yorktown.
Ensign Taurik graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as a junior engineer.
Ensign Sito Jaxa graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as a security officer.
Ensign Lyssa Campbell graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Ensign Devi Patel graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Enterprise-D becomes involved in a conflict between Q and his son Trelane.
July 26. Ensign Sito Jaxa is apparently lost on a secret mission to Cardassia.
Krios and Valt formally sign a peace treaty.
August 9. Kira Nerys and Bareil Antos begin a romantic relationship.
August 12. Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi is promoted to full Commander.
Arjin Lanir visits Deep Space 9 to be mentored by Lieutenant Jadzia Dax.
Quark is briefly reunited with his former lover Natima Lang.
Thirishar ch’Thane, Dina Elfiki, Jim Peart, Ezri Tegan, and Prynn Tenmei enter Starfleet Academy.
October 2. Wesley Crusher drops out of Starfleet Academy to pursue evolution into a “Traveler.”
October 5. Kes is born to Martis and Benaren on the Ocampa.
Chakotay recruits former Starfleet Ensign Tom Paris.
October 8-10. Jadzia Dax joins ancient Klingons Kor, Kang (148), and Koloth (149) on a raid against Qagh the Albino in order to fulfill the Blood Oath. Kang and Koloth are slain, along with Qagh.
October 12. Alexander Rozhenko from 2410 in AQR3 attempts to kill his younger self. He is stopped by Worf.
October 27. Dr. Lewis Zimmerman first brings his prototype Emergency Medical Holographic Program online.
The Maquis declare open hostilities with the Cardassian Union and United Federation of Planets. Cal Hudson defects to the Maquis.
Lieutenant Tuvok takes a mission for Starfleet Intelligence infiltrating the Maquis. He joins Chakotay's cell.
December 10. Lieutenant Ro Laren returns to the USS Enterprise-D. She is sent on a mission to infiltrate the Maquis. She defects to the Maquis.
December 17. Kira Nerys and Julian Bashir briefly cross over into AQR7.
Vedek Bareil Antos drops out of the running for Kai.
Winn Adami is elected Kai of Bajor.
The USS Odyssey, with all hands, is destroyed in the Federation's first contact with the Dominion.
Delta Sigma IV is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
The Nova-class USS Equinox, NCC-72381, is launched under the command of Captain Rudolph Ransome. Among the crew is Marla Gilmore, an engineer.


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