Timeline: 2369



  • The Savage/Noble creature is revealed to house Megatron’s () Spark, with the Spark eventually escaping and residing in various other technological vessels.
  • February 15-17. The USS Enterprise-D encounters a Dyson Sphere. The crew also discovers the crashed remnants of the USS Jenolen. They manage to recreate long-lost Captain Montgomery Scott (72) from its transporter. Scotty finds himself a man out of time, but he teams up with Enterprise's chief engineer Geordi La Forge to rescue the ship when it is drawn into the Dyson Sphere. Scotty departs the ship in a warp shuttle to retire again, but changes his mind, and sets course for Earth.1

Amanda Rogers, visiting Enterprise-D, discovers she is a Q, and moves to the Continuum.
A Predacon from the returning ship Biolorgue, Analytica, joins the Maximals under the reformatted name of Botanica, possessing an unusual link with the planet’s biological core.
Blackarachnia uses a prototype device on Jetstorm, reverting him in body and mind to Silverbolt. She and Silverbolt are estranged.
Megatron takes the Sparks of Obsidian and Strika and makes them his generals. Giving himself the body of “Optimal Optimus,” he tries to recapture the Sparks from the Techno-organics, who themselves become victims of Spark-extraction. Eventually Optimus defeats Megatron by luring him into the planet’s biological core as he reformats it, sacrificing them both.
Cybertron, now a techno-organic planet, is repopulated as the Sparks enter new bodies. The bodies of Airazor and Tigatron are among those restored to life. Cheetor becomes Cybertron’s acting leader. Blackarachnia and Silverbolt reconcile.
Gemworld is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
May 11. Captain Edward Jellico, formerly of the USS Cairo, temporarily assumes command of the USS Enterprise-D.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard is tortured by the Cardassian Gul Kerag Madred.
When the USS Grissom Captain Norman Kenyon commits suicide, Commander Mackenzie Calhoun retires from active Starfleet duty, and becomes an operative for Admiral Alynna Nechayev. Lieutenant Thanacrayas th'Jozhir is arrested for attempted murder.
The Cardassian Union withdraws forces from the planet Bajor. The Bajoran people call on the Federation for help in rebuilding their planet.
Terok Nor is abandoned, and Cardassian Prefect Skrain Dukat is forced to leave the Bajoran system. Cardassian exile remains on the station.
Major Kira Nerys is assigned to derelict space station Terok Nor, which the Federation’s Starfleet has re-christened Deep Space 9. She has the shape-shifting alien Odo remain as her security chief.
May 19. Commander Benjamin Sisko is assigned to Deep Space 9 as station commander and Federation/Bajoran liaison. Kira Nerys is assigned as his first officer, as well as his liaison with the Bajoran provisional government. The new crew includes Lieutenant Jadzia Dax, as chief science officer; Chief Petty Officer Miles O’Brien, transferred from Enterprise-D, chief engineer; and Lieutenant (j.g.) Julian Bashir, chief medical officer. Sisko’s son Jake also comes to live on the station, as does O’Brien’s family. The Ferengi entrepreneur Quark accepts an invitation to remain on the station so as to be liaison with Promenade businesses.
Commander Sisko and Lieutenant Dax discover a stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant in the Bajoran system’s Denorios Belt. Station Deep Space 9 is moved to orbit the wormhole.
The discovery of the wormhole, which is believed to be the Celestial Temple of their Prophet gods, leads the Bajoran people to name Benjamin Sisko as a religious figure, the Emissary to the Prophets.
Kalem Apren is elected First Minister of the Republic of Bajor.
June 3. Keiko O'Brien opens a school on Deep Space 9. Among the students are Jake Sisko and Nog.
June 4. Enterprise-D is threatened by the returned James Moriarty hologram.
The USS Valkyrie is lost with Ruriko Tenmei aboard. She is assimilated by the Borg.
Lieutenant Commander Elias Vaughn is promoted to Commander.
Ensign Christine Vale graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to security on the USS Al-Batani.
Ensign Kwebabi Astall graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Lieutenant Mor glasch Tev is assigned to the USS Madison.
July 13. Q and Vash visit Deep Space 9. Vash leaves Q's company.
Dr. Selar is transported to 2373 to help in the birth of q.
July 31. The USS Enterprise-D visits Deep Space 9 again, and Dr. Julian Bashir helps Lieutenant Commander Data uncover his dream program.
August 1. Lieutenant Worf visits the Carraya system, and helps a group of young Klingons (including Toq) travel to the Klingon Empire.
Toq is adopted into the House of Lorgh.
Federation first contact with the Wadi takes place on Deep Space 9.
Jaresh-Inyo of Grazer is elected President of the United Federation of Planets.
Kell Perim and Akolo Tare enter Starfleet Academy.
Grand Nagus Zek visits Deep Space 9 for the first time. Quark is briefly named Grand Nagus himself.
October 1. Kai Opaka Sulan is forced to remain on the moon Qurap in the Gamma Quadrant, where she works to unite the Ennis and Nol-Ennis.
October 30. Klingon engineer Kurak is one of several scientists who visit the USS Enterprise-D. She is accused of murder and exonerated.
November 8. A clone of the immortal Kahless appears at Borath. He is subsequently named Emperor of the Klingon Empire, an honorary position, once his true identity is discovered.
December 1. Enterprise-D discovers the duplicate William Riker on the planet Nervala IV. The second Riker, taking the name “Tom", is assigned to the USS Gandhi as tactical officer.
December 4. Odo meets Ambassador Lwaxana Troi on Deep Space 9.
Healer Apprentice Sarjenka meets Captain David Gold and Dr. Katherine Pulaski of the USS Progress, and decides to enroll in Starfleet Academy. She is admitted mid-year.
Ensign Ro Laren enters Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training. She is re-promoted to full Lieutenant.
December 25. Data is taken control of by Lore. The Enterprise-D crew rescues him and is reunited with Hugh, as Lore has taken control of Hugh's Borg cube. Lore is disabled and deactivated.
Vedek Winn Adami has one of her minions, Private Neela Elalu, attempt to assassinate her rival for the position of Kai, Vedek Bareil Antos.


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