Timeline: 2368



  • The former crew of the Maximal ship Axalon arrives on planet Cybertron, and are immediately overcome by the Stasis virus. Optimus Primal (38), Cheetor (8), Rattrap (200), and Blackarachnia (2) are able to avoid capture as they become reformatted to their original Beast-modes from Earth. Rhinox (200) and Silverbolt (1), still in their original forms, are captured by Megatron's Vehicons. Silverbolt and Rhinox’s Sparks are removed from their bodies and corrupted, and placed amnesiac into Vehicon bodies. The amnesiac Rhinox controls Megatron’s tank drones as Tankor, and Silverbolt the jet drones as Jetstorm. Waspinator’s Spark is coincidentally used for the Vehicon general Thrust.
  • January 8. Lursa and B'Etor's forces are defeated after the Romulan interference in the Klingon Civil War is uncovered. During these events, Romulan Commander Sela meets Captain Jean-Luc Picard, revealing her origin as the daughter of Tasha Yar. With Gowron's victory, Worf returns to his previous duties on the USS Enterprise-D.1
  • Elim Garak, a member of the Cardassian Obsidian Order, is exiled to space station Terok Nor.

January 18. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Tamarian Captain Dathon undergo a Tamarian diplomacy ritual. Dathon is killed in the process.
The Oracle teaches Optimus how to reformat his friends into new forms, capable of withstanding the virus indefinitely: techno-organic bodies based on the DNA held in their beast modes. They are later joined by Nightscream upon his reformatting.
January 28. Ensign Ro Laren is released from prison to help Enterprise-D in a mission to Bajor with Bajoran terrorist Orta. Ro’s help in the mission allows her to remain aboard Enterprise-D as the conn officer.
Charivretha zh’Thane is elected to position of representative of Andor to the Federation Council.
Lieutenant Sonya Gomez is reassigned to the USS Oberth. She ends her relationship with Lieutenant Kieran Duffy.

  • February 27. Enterprise runs across a spatial phenomenon, and suffers severe damage. Various persons on the ship work separately to restore the ship. At the same time, Keiko O'Brien goes into labor, and Worf is forced to act as midwife. Keiko and her husband Miles name the child Molly Miyaki Worf O'Brien.2
  • B'Elanna Torres drops out of Starfleet Academy.

February 29. P8 Blue is born on Nasat.
The former crew of Chekov, including Captain Morgan Korsmo and Commander Elizabeth Shelby, take command of the USS Excalibur. Commander Michael Argyle is named chief engineer. Also joining the crew, from the USS Livingston, is engineer Lieutenant Burgoyne 172.
Commander Mackenzie Calhoun is assigned to the USS Grissom as first officer under Captain Norman Kenyon.
March 17. Cadet Wesley Crusher visits Enterprise-D, and teams with Ensign Robin Lefler to save the ship from a renegade Ktarian takeover attempt.
The Maximals discover the Sparks that Megatron has corrupted and placed within the Vehicon generals’ bodies. Rhinox’s corrupted consciousness awakens and attempts to seize power from Megatron.
Antica and Selay are admitted to the United Federation of Planets.

  • March 26. Longtime Federation Ambassador Sarek (202) dies.3

March 30. Federation ambassador Spock is discovered to be leading a Reunification movement on Romulus.
Commander Katherine Pulaski transfers from Repulse to the USS Progress under Captain David Gold.
May 17. Worf's son Alexander Rozhenko comes to live with him on Enterprise-D.
Ensign Melora Pazlar graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Ensign Hugh Cambridge graduates from Starfleet Academy. He takes a position as a counselor at Starfleet Command.
August 12. Federation/J'naii relations are soured by Commander Will Riker pursuing a relationship with a J'naii "deviant".
August 26. Enterprise-D escapes from a time loop in which it and the USS Bozeman (2278) were trapped.
Adom Madrid enters Starfleet Academy.
Simon Tarses enters Starfleet Academy Medical School.
September 14. Cadets Wesley Crusher, Nick Locarno, Sito Jaxa, and Jean Hejar are brought before a board of inquiry into the death of Cadet Joshua Albert. Ultimately, the cadets are ruled responsible for his death, and punished by losing a year of their credits, save for Locarno, who is expelled.
October 5. The planets Krios and Valt exchange gifts (including a Kriosian sexual metamorph) in order to settle longstanding animosity between the two worlds.
November 8. Enterprise­-D discovers a crashed Borg vessel, and find a single Borg survivor, with the designation Third of Five. Third of Five is cultivated as an individual, and is given the name “Hugh". Hugh returns to the Collective to save his new friends’ lives. That cube is infected with his individuality, destroying the ship's connection to the Collective.
After outsmarting Rhinox, Megatron tries to unleash his purely technological influence on the planet’s biological core, while Optimus tries to unleash the planet’s biological core on the technological planet. All the other Maximals are converted to technological statues. Optimus remedies this, save for Megatron, who is split into a purely technological giant floating head and a purely biological morphing wolf-dragon creature. Rhinox’s Spark is freed of the Tankorr body, and purged of corruption. It joins the other captured Sparks.
December 17. Data's head is discovered beneath San Francisco. This leads Enterprise-D to Devidia II, and Data's displacement to 1893. Most of the senior crew follows him into the past, and they (with Data's headless body) return along with Samuel Clemens (1893). Clemens returns to his own time.


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