Timeline: 2367



  • January 1. The Borg cube carrying Locutus enters Sector 001, and destroys a fleet of 39 Starfleet ships. The devastating battle, later known as the Battle of Wolf 359, takes the lives of thousands of Starfleet officers1, among them Dr. Jennifer Sisko (33) of the USS Saratoga. Lieutenant Commander Ben Sisko, his son Jake, and Lieutenant Hranok Zar are among those who survive Saratoga's destruction.2
  • The USS Enterprise-D crew, under acting Captain William Riker, recaptures Locutus. They work to remove Picard from the Collective consciousness. Picard reaches out to his comrades and helps them to destroy the Borg cube in orbit of Earth.3
  • In the aftermath of the Borg crisis, Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Shelby receives a promotion to Commander, and takes an assignment as first officer of the USS Chekov under Captain Morgan Korsmo.
  • February 1. Dr. Noonien Soong sends a recall signal out, causing his creation Data, aboard Enterprise, to mindlessly hijack the ship. Data arrives at Soong's location alongside his brother Lore, and regains his wits. Soong, claiming to be dying, offers Data an emotion chip. Lore steals the chip, appears to murder Soong, and flees.4
  • Ensign Tom Paris admits responsibility for the deaths of his fellow cadets. He is subsequently booted out of Starfleet.5

February 22. Enterprise-D rescues the human Jeremiah Rossa from a Talarian ship. Rossa, now called Jono, is the adopted son of Talarian Captain Endar. After Jono stabs Captain Picard, he is returned to Endar's care.
Excalibur Captain Morgen is forced to take the throne of the Daa’Vit Confederacy, and ends his career in Starfleet. While awaiting the coronation ceremonies on Enterprise-D, resulting in a reunion of Stargazer's crew, he is a target of assassination by his former colleague Commander Carter Greyhorse. Greyhorse is caught and arrested, and the coronation proceeds as planned.
February 28. Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher is reunited with the Traveler, and they together rescue Dr. Beverly Crusher.
March 2. Curzon dies. The Dax symbiont is transferred to Jadzia Idaris.
March 20. Enterprise-D travels to Rimbor and briefly become involved in the feuds on the planet by way of Ishara Yar.
Kira Nerys is reunited with her brother Kira Reon. Reon redeems himself in her eyes helping her escape Cardassians at the brothel he works in by dying in the process.

  • March 31. Klingon chancellor K'mpec (71) dies. Duras and Gowron vie for the leadership of the Klingon Empire. Jean-Luc Picard is named Arbiter of Succession. Ambassador K'Ehleyr (33) comes aboard Enterprise, bringing her son Alexander along. Worf learns he is the boy's father. K'Ehleyr discovers that Duras is responsible for K'mpec's poisoning, and confronts him. The man murders her, and upon her death, Worf challenges Duras and kills him. Worf accepts Alexander as his son, but sends him home to Gault to his own adoptive parents.6

Captain Gilaad ben Zoma transfers from command of the USS Lexington to serve as a member of a delegation observing the planet Illarh. He is replaced by Captain Mwene Eberling.
April 15. Commander William Riker meets the young alien Barash.
April 22. Wesley Crusher leaves Enterprise-D to enter Starfleet Academy.
May 23. Chief Petty Officer Miles O’Brien marries botanist Keiko Ishikawa aboard Enterprise-D.
The Starfleet vessels Enterprise-D, Chekov, and Repulse confront a second Borg attempt at invasion of the Federation. The Borg are defeated by the intervention of the Shgin Delcara using a planet-killer Doomsday machine. Delcara is forced into a recurrent temporal loop of a few seconds while attempting to reach infinite speed to reach the Borg homeworld.
The United Federation of Planets and Cardassian Union sign a peace treaty.
Krios regains its independence from the Klingon Empire.
June 6. Gul Akellen Macet and the CCV Trager rendezvous with Enterprise-D. Starfleet Captain Benjamin Maxwell of the USS Phoenix, distrustful of the peace treaty with the Cardassian Union, goes rogue and destroys a number of Cardassian vessels before his capture.
Ensign Robin Lefler graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as an engineer.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Elizabeth Lense graduates from Starfleet Academy Medical School as valedictorian, and is assigned as Chief Medical Officer of the USS Lexington under Captain Mwene Eberling.
Lieutenants (j.g.) Julian Bashir and Jarem Solim graduate from Starfleet Academy Medical School.
Lieutenant Katerina Mueller is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as the nightshift commander of Grissom after Commander Christine Parsons is promoted to the captain of the USS Tolstoy and former nightwatch officer Paullina Simons is promoted to first officer. Concurrently there is a battle with Romulan forces, in which Commander Todd Kogutt is killed and Lieutenant Rachel McLauren is assigned as chief engineer.
Dr. Mirasta Yale leaves Malcor after a disastrous attempt at first contact with her homeworld and the Federation.
August 13. Dr. Leah Brahms comes aboard Enterprise-D, and she has an awkward interaction with Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge. Together they help a cosmozoan baby return to its species after Enterprise inadvertently kills its mother.
Wesley Crusher, Harry Kim, and Vorik enter Starfleet Academy.
The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) investigates a strange ark arriving in the Sol system alongside recent TARDIS stowaway Nefertiti (1334 BCE). Thinking he needs a gang, he picks up John Riddell from 1902 and Amy Pond and Rory Rory Williams from 2015, accidentally bringing along Rory's father Brian. They discover the ark is an old Silurian vessel with live dinosaurs aboard. An evil businessman trapped on the ark, after having killed the Silurian crew, gets the Doctor to fix his legs, and tries to abscond with Nefertiti. He fails, and is killed.
September 28. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is reunited with Vash, and he and the senior crew of Enterprise-D are placed in a false Robin Hood scenario by Q. Afterward, Q and Vash travel through space and time together.
October 27. When Federation Ambassador Solevor Odan is critically injured, the Trill symbiont Odan is forced to be temporarily transplanted into a human host, Commander Will Riker. As a result, the Trill’s symbiotic nature becomes known to the galaxy. Odan is transplanted into Kareel Meloyla.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Jadzia Dax is promoted to full Lieutenant.
December 30. Gowron is officially coronated Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. Toral, Duras's illegitimate son, challenges him, but is thrown out. Supported by his aunts Lursa and B'Etor, as well as secret Romulan backing, this results in a split in the Klingon Defense Force, and a civil war ensues.
Worf resigns from Starfleet to join the Klingon Defense Corps after Gowron restores his honor.


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