Timeline: 2366



  • Commander Beverly Crusher (41) returns as chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise-D, and Commander Katherine Pulaski () is forced out. Before returning to her old position on the USS Repulse, Pulaski, along with young nurse Alyssa Ogawa, heads to the Cardassian space station Terok Nor in orbit of the occupied planet Bajor to help with a plague there. She works with Cardassian Occupation head Gul Skrain Dukat () and (separately) a Bajoran resistance member, Kira Nerys (), in halting the plague.1

The dolphin who will be known as !a!o is born in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean, about 1500 km off the coast of Gabon in Africa.

  • Lieutenant Geordi La Forge is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
  • Worf is promoted to the full rank of Lieutenant.
  • As the Axalon crew travel back to their present, Megatron falls off of the Autobot shuttlecraft and lands on Cybertron.2 He reconnects with the Tripredacus Council, who have completed the virus. Though they have all treated themselves with the anti-virus to render themselves immune, Megatron surreptitiously alters the virus, leaving the new anti-virus only for himself, leaving them vulnerable.

Megatron unleashes his virus and within weeks has collected all the Sparks of the paralyzed population using his Spark-less Vehicon drones.
The Maximal Nightscream is able to fight against the virus long enough to fall into a hole, where while unconscious his body takes a bat beast form, allowing him to lengthen his resistance to the virus.
Starfleet begins developing the Defiant-class vessel, which is designed specifically to battle the Borg.
Lieutenant Elizabeth Shelby is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and is placed in charge of Borg Tactical Analysis.
Lieutenant Chakotay is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and first officer aboard Gettysburg.
March 14. Jeremy Aster’s mother Lieutenant Marla Aster is killed in the line of duty, and after an encounter with aliens pretending to be Marla, Jeremy undergoes the R’uustai ceremony, making him Worf’s sworn brother. Jeremy then leaves the ship and lives with relatives.
March 17. Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge falls in love with a holographic representation of Dr. Leah Brahms.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Domenica Corsi is assigned to Izar in order to investigate a serial killer. She meets local police detective Christine Vale. She learns that her lover, Dar Ableen, is the killer. Corsi is forced to kill him in order to save Vale's life. Vale becomes inspired to join Starfleet.
May 8. Enterprise-D has its first run-in with Romulan Commander Tomalak.
Ensign Constance Barnes graduates Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Saratoga as a junior counselor.
Ensign Thomas Paris graduates Starfleet Academy, and is assigned as conn officer of the Oberth-class USS Copernicus.
June 28. Enterprise-D visits the planet Angosia to vet them for Federation membership and discovers human rights violations regarding their veterans, one of which causes havoc on the ship.
Sonya Gomez, Mor glasch Tev, Domenica Corsi, and Carol Abramowitz (all 2376) visit Ferenginar of this time.
July 16. Q is temporarily turned into a human by the Continuum. When he performs a selfless act, he is reinstated.
Lieutenant Katerina Mueller is assigned to the USS Grissom as assistant chief engineer.
July 29. Moke is born to Rheela on Yacaba. His father is the Olympian Zeus.
August 3. Simon Tarses transfers to the USS Enterprise-D.
August 17. Enterprise-C arrives at this date in AQR1. Captain Rachel Garrett is killed here. Enterprise-C returns to 2344 with this alternate future's Natasha Yar.
August 28. Data creates a daughter android named Lal. Lal begins to evolve emotions, and suffers a cascade failure of her positronic net. She is unable to be saved, so Data deactivates her, and uploads her memories into his own databanks.
Lyssa Campbell, Sean Hawk, Devi Patel, Taurik, B’Elanna Torres, and Christine Vale enter Starfleet Academy.
September 8. Kurn, Worf’s biological brother, comes aboard Enterprise-D in an Officer Exchange Program. He informs Worf that their father Mogh is being posthumously slandered, and Worf travels to Qo'noS to clear his father's name. For the good of the Empire, Worf accepts discommendation.
September 29. Captain Jean-Luc Picard takes a holiday to Risa. There he meets the criminal archaeologist Vash, and becomes involved in a front of the Temporal Cold War when he searches for a weapon called the Tox Uthat. He destroys it rather than let the Vorgons Ajur and Boratus get it.
October 12. The Betazoid Tam Elbrun becomes bonded to the cosmozoan Gomtuu.
October 22. Lieutenant (j.g.) Reginald Barclay is promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Enterprise-D.

  • December 1-3. Ambassador Sarek (201) and his wife Perrin Landover come aboard Enterprise. As Sarek is suffering from Bendii Syndrome, his telepathic abilities flare out with his decaying emotional control. Sarek is only able to complete the treaty with the Legarans after getting help from a mind-meld with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.3

December 28. Borg incursions begin to increase in Federation space, and Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Shelby is temporarily assigned to the USS Enterprise-D. A single Borg cube begins an invasion of the Federation, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard is captured and assimilated, receiving the Borg designation “Locutus.”


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