Timeline: 2365



  • The Klingon warrior M'Raq escapes Romulan captivity. His silence about his ordeal leads his son Klag to believe him a coward. Klag and his brother Dorrek are estranged over the situation with their father.
  • Guinan comes aboard the USS Enterprise-D to serve as bartender at the request of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
  • Beverly Crusher is offered the position of head of Starfleet Medical Command and accepts. Her teenage son Wesley opts to stay on Enterprise, taking the regular position of flight controller. Replacing her is veteran Commander Katherine Pulaski, of the USS Repulse.
  • During a round of promotions, Geordi La Forge earns the rank of full lieutenant, and takes the position of Enterprise’s chief engineer, closing the revolving door of chief engineers that had plagued the ship during its first year in service. In addition, enlisted Petty Officer Miles O'Brien is promoted to Chief Petty Officer, and assigned as Transporter Chief.
  • January 27. A non-corporeal entity steals gametes from a male crewmember, and proceeds to impregnate Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi, who very shortly after, gives birth to a son, Ian Andrew Troi Jr. Ian rapidly ages and dies at the physical age of 12. During this time, Dr. Pulaski comes aboard Enterprise, and immediately begins clashing with Captain Picard and Data.1
  • April 15. The Enterprise holodeck surprisingly creates a fully sapient hologram of the 19th century criminal mastermind James Moriarty. The hologram takes over the ship, but allows a reprieve with the promise of eventually achieving the ability to escape the holodeck.2
  • Odo replaces Thrax Sa'kat as chief of security on Terok Nor after aiding Gul Skrain Dukat in a criminal investigation. He meets Bajoran freedom fighter Kira Nerys and Ferengi entrepreneur Quark during these events, and suspects Kira of a murder.3

June 24. Enterprise-D hosts Federation Ambassador Riva, a Ramatisian deaf-mute. His chorus of telepaths are slain in one shot by a terrorist, and he is forced to learn sign language.
The 200th graduating class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among them is Ensign Sonya Gomez.
June 30. Enterprise-D comes across a secret genetic engineering station, and saves the staff and Dr. Katherine Pulaski from the station's genetically-engineered children's ridiculously aggressive immune systems.
July 4. Enterprise-D first officer William Riker briefly transfers to the IKS Pagh as part of an officer exchange program. There he meets Lieutenant Klag and befriends him. Klag takes the first officer position upon the departure of Riker.
The USS Harriman, under the command of Captain Norman Kenyon, is lost in an encounter with a Klingon and a Romulan ship. Among the casualties is chief science officer Marsha Kenyon, the captain's wife.
July 11. Lieutenant Commander Data is placed on trial for his sapience. The outcome is in his favor.
A young Klingon woman named B’Oraq enters Starfleet Academy Medical School in a special exchange program. While there she is mentored by Starfleet Medical head Commander Beverly Crusher.
August 11. The USS Yamato-E is destroyed by an Iconian computer artifact, but Enterprise-D survives. The crew discovers the Iconian gateways.
Lieutenant Commander Kathryn Janeway is promoted to Commander, and assigned to USS Billings as first officer. Also coming aboard is Lieutenant Tuvok from Starfleet Academy.
Lieutenant Elizabeth Shelby is assigned to the USS Yosemite as chief engineer under Captain Patricia Blackswan.
Amitra of Pandril is elected President of the United Federation of Planets.
Kwebabi Astall enters Starfleet Academy.
September 5. Enterprise-D encounters a duplicate Jean-Luc Picard, created as part of a time loop by a malevolent temporal entity connected to Dr. Paul Manheim.
September 8. Will Riker is reunited with his father Kyle. They begin a process of reconciliation.
September 11. After Data begins communicating with a Dreman girl named Sarjenka, the Enterprise-D crew begin working to save the planet Drema from exploding. Dr. Katherine Pulaski wipes Sarjenka's memories of the event.
Ensign Sonya Gomez is assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as an engineer.
October 5. Q sends Enterprise-D into first contact with the Borg.
October 12. First contact between the Federation and the Pakled Bossdom occurs when a Pakled captain tries to abduct Lieutenant Geordi La Forge.
November 25. Ambassador K’Ehleyr comes aboard Enterprise-D and briefly rekindles her relationship with Lieutenant (j.g.) Worf.
Brikar is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
The USS Pisces ends its seven-year exploratory mission, and Linguist Bart Faulwell re-enlists afterwards.
Ensign Jadzia Idaris is promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.).
Depth Charge, seeking out Protoform X, is drawn in by a Transwarp wave and sent into the past to ancient Earth.
Dr. Carol Abramowitz enlists in Starfleet.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Domenica Corsi transfers to the USS Roosevelt and is promoted to assistant security chief.


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