Timeline: 2364



  • Ace McShane poses as the captain of the starship Vancouver, and she and the Doctor (seventh incarnation) investigate an apparently derelict grain freighter Lilliput. The Doctor finds Raine Creevy inside a safe, having been abducted and placed there back in 2001, and transported forward. They discover the aliens called the Grub are the ones who have captured the crew of Lilliput as well as a squad of Metatraxi, Raine's abductors. Getting to the planet the grain is headed for, Safenesthome, it's discovered the Earth Aid mission was a conspiracy by the Metatraxi and a greedy human to lure the Doctor there and destroy him through taunting. The Grub turn out to be one of the sapient planet's native species, along with the Metatraxi, and it forces the two species to live in harmony.1
  • Lieutenant Ro Laren of the USS Wellington disobeys orders on an away mission, which leads to the deaths of several crewmen. She is court martialed, convicted, and sent to the Galon II prison.
  • February 26. The Galaxy-class USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D, is launched from Utopia Planitia under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Among his crew are second officer and operations manager Lieutenant Commander Data (from Trieste); security chief Natasha Yar (from Victory); chief engineer Lieutenant Commander Sarah MacDougal; ship’s counselor, Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi; miscellaneous bridge officer Lieutenant (j.g.) Worf (from Aldrin); miscellaneous crewman, Miles O'Brien, Lieutenant Selar, as assistant chief medical officer, and Lieutenant (j.g.) Miranda Kadohata as relief operations manager.2
  • Enterprise-D's first mission to Farpoint Station is interrupted by first contact with the nigh omnipotent being Q. Q places Captain Picard and humanity on trial, and he gives Picard the chance to prove humans have evolved, releasing the ship. Upon arrival at Farpoint, the rest of the senior crew comes aboard: first officer Commander William Riker (from Hood); chief medical officer Commander Beverly Crusher (from Starfleet Command), with her son Wesley in tow; and conn officer Lieutenant (j.g.) Geordi La Forge (also from Hood). Picard and the crew discover a cosmozoan life-form being manipulated by the local inhabitants, and they liberate the creature.3
  • Megatron's group (including Dracobot, Tormentulus, Warpinator, Terrorswoop, and Strafenok) steals the Golden Disk from the Voyager II space probe. They escape in a ship, and flee the planet, searching for a source of Energon. The Maximal research vessel Axalon, piloted by Captain Optimus Primal, is alerted to their escape, and pursues. Axalon's crew includes Rodox, Retro, and Chaser, as well as a number of Protoforms. The two ships accidentally travel back to the past.

March 17. Data and Tasha Yar have sexual intercourse when both are intoxicated.
March 27. Enterprise-D has a run-in with the Ligonian sovereign while attempting to procure a vaccine.
April 17. After Lwaxana Troi comes aboard Enterprise-D, Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi breaks with Betazoid tradition and declines marrying her betrothed.
April 23. The USS Enterprise-D has first contact with the Ferengi Alliance while discovering clues to the fate of the Tkon Empire.
Lieutenant Commander Sarah MacDougal leaves Enterprise-D, and Lieutenant Commander Michael Argyle is assigned as Chief Engineer.
April 26. Wesley Crusher meets a being known as the Traveler. After saving Enterprise-D, Wesley Crusher is given the rank of “Acting Ensign” and given limited bridge duty as pilot of the Federation’s flagship.
Van Ranad and Gaven Myran move to the Jackie's Eyes freighter.
May 1. The USS Enterprise-D hosts Selay and Antican representatives hoping to join the Federation.
May 3. Enterprise-D visits the planet Rubicun and has first contact with the Edo. A Prime Directive scenario occurs when the Edo attempt to execute Wesley Crusher.
The 199th graduating class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among them is Ensign Jasminder Choudhury.
July 21. Starfleet recovers the USS Stargazer as Captain Jean-Luc Picard faces the threat of DaiMon Bok.
August 4. Q returns to Enterprise-D, and entices Commander Will Riker with godlike power.
August 23. Admiral Mark Jameson dies.

  • August 29. Enterprise discovers Data's predecessor, Lore, on planet Omicron Theta. Coming aboard the ship as Data's "brother", he attempts to feed Enterprise to a Crystalline entity, but ends up transported into space.4

Lieutenant Commander Michael Argyle transfers to the USS Repulse, and is replaced by Lieutenant Jasper Logan.
Hugh Cambridge and Melora Pazlar enter Starfleet Academy.
Lieutenant Klag begins serving as second officer on the IKS Pagh under Captain Kargan.
September 13. Enterprise-D is briefly hijacked by Bynars.
October 5. Enterprise-D conducts first contact with Aldea when some of the ship's children are abducted.
Lieutenant Jasper Logan transfers, and he is replaced by Lieutenant Commander Leland T. Lynch.
Lieutenant Kieran Duffy transfers to Enterprise-D's engineering section.

  • November 8. After a shuttle carrying Enterprise crew members crashes on the planet of planet Vagra II, the ship goes on a routine rescue mission. On the planet, the oil creature Armus, alone for millennia, uses its vast powers to torment the survivors. It murders Lieutenant Tasha Yar (26), and absorbs Will Riker. Ultimately, Riker and the survivors are rescued by manipulating Armus's uncontrollable rage.5
  • In the aftermath of Yar's death, Lieutenant Worf is name acting chief of security, and several crewmembers attend a memorial service on the holodeck containing a prerecorded message by Yar herself.6

November 12. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is reunited with an old lover, and Enterprise suffers its first temporal incursion due to Dr. Paul Manheim's symbiotic link with a temporal organism.
December 10. The Enterprise-D crew discovers that Starfleet Command has been taken over by parasitic aliens. They manage to kill the queen of the arthropod-like parasites, freeing the Admirals and Captains under their control.
December 26. Enterprise-D discovers the cryogenically frozen remains of Ralph Offenhouse, Claire Raymond, and Sonny Clemonds, and revives them. They then encounter forces of the Romulan Empire, ending that people’s era of isolationism.


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