Timeline: 2361-2363



Ensign Ro Laren is assigned to the USS Wellington.
Ensigns Soleta, Worf and Tania Tobias are assigned to the USS Aldrin. Soleta is assigned as a junior science officer, Worf as conn officer, and Tobias as an engineer.
Ensign Mark McHenry is assigned as conn officer on the USS Valentina.
Ensign Zak Kebron is assigned to the USS Ranger under Captain Yuri Danilov. His commanding officer is chief of security Lieutenant Commander Coleg Raka (a Trill).
Robin Lefler has her first kiss from a boy named Giancarlo Wu.
The 201st graduating class of Starfleet Academy begins. Sonya Gomez and Alyssa Ogawa are among the students.
Lieutenant William Riker is assigned to the USS Potemkin.
October 2. Solon Madrid is born to Shinaf Madrid and Yesmid Forn in New Belanis, Betazed.
October 24. On a mission to Nervala IV, Lieutenant William Riker (26) is accidentally duplicated by a transporter accident. The duplicate is left on the planet unbeknownst to the crew of Potemkin.
For his deeds at Nervala IV, Lieutenant William Riker is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and assigned to the USS Hood under Captain Robert DeSoto. He is promoted to first officer.
Lieutenant Tricia Cadwallader transfers to the USS Lexington under the command of Captain Gilaad ben Zoma. She is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and second officer.
Ensign Deanna Troi returns to Starfleet. She quickly receives a promotion to full Lieutenant.

  • Births: Icheb (April 22)


  • Selene is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.

Lieutenant (j.g.) Reginald Barclay is transferred to the USS Zhukov.
The 197th graduating class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the graduates are Ensigns Domenica Corsi, Jadzia Idaris, and Miranda Kadohata.
Ensign Jadzia Idaris is assigned as junior science officer aboard the USS Taiwan, with Ensigns Kevin Boyajian and Calvin Meyer as security officers.
Ensign Domenica Corsi is assigned to the USS Soval as a security officer.
Ensign Miranda Kadohata is assigned to the USS Firenze.
The 202nd graduating class begins attending Starfleet Academy. Thomas Paris is among the new cadets.
Lieutenant Chakotay transfers from Gage to the USS Gettysburg under the command of Captain Madolyn Gordon.
Ensign Geordi La Forge is reassigned to the USS Hood. He continues to serve as a conn officer, but also continues to show his skill in engineering. He is promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.).


  • January 19. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown arrive on the planet Varos. They work with rebels and the Governor and manage to effect the end of the influence of the Mentors of Thoros-Beta (and their representative Sil) and install a new government which does not use torture as a basis for governance.1

Ferengi entrepreneur Quark leaves his freighter and opens a bar on Cardassian space station Terok Nor.
Captain Pavel Chekov of the USS Undaunted is promoted to Admiral, and he takes a position at Starfleet Academy.
The 198th graduating class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among them is Ensign Kieran Duffy (30).
Cadets Julian Bashir and Elizabeth Lense are promoted to the rank of Ensign.
Lieutenant Commander Beverly Crusher undergoes training and is promoted to the full rank of Commander.
Morgan Primus fakes her death, leaving her husband and daughter behind.
Soleta, having left Starfleet, is captured by Thallonian officials, but escapes along with Ambassador Spock.
Bynaus is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
The 203rd graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new arrivals is Robin Lefler.
The USS Saratoga is launched under the command of Captain Saros. The crew includes Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko (from Okinawa), first officer; Lieutenant Graal, chief engineer; Dr. Miriam Laffer, chief medical officer; and Lieutenant (j.g.) Hranok Zar, tactical officer. Coming along on the voyage are Sisko’s wife, Dr. Jennifer Sisko, and their son, Jake.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard, working out of Starfleet Command, leads a series of actions against the Manraloth. This brings the Federation into direct conflict with the Carnelian Regnancy. Lieutenant Deanna Troi and Guinan help Picard release some of his anger. The Manraloth opt to evolve into non-corporeal beings.
Lieutenant Deanna Troi is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Benzar is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
Simon Tarses enlists in Starfleet as a medical technician.


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