Timeline: 2356-2360



  • The war between the Talaxians and Haakonians ends when the metreon cascade is used against the moon Rinax, in orbit of Talax. Over 300,000 Talaxians are killed. Among those killed is Neelix’s sister Alixia.

The planet Talax surrenders to the Haakonian Order, and is formally annexed.
Ensign Chakotay is promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.).
Lieutenant (j.g.) Beverly Crusher is promoted to full Lieutenant.
Tropp enters Starfleet Academy Medical School.
Samaritan Bowers enters Starfleet Academy.
December 14. Rennan Konya is born on Betazed.


  • Ensign Benjamin Sisko is promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.) and assigned as chief engineer of the USS Okinawa under Captain James Leyton.

Cadets Mackenzie Calhoun and Elizabeth Shelby join a mission to Xenex to capture a genetic scientist. The mission is successful, and they bring back a sentient mugato with them. The mugato is named "Janos" (Great Strength) by Calhoun. Janos is then given over to Cadet Vincent Wexler’s parents to care for.
Commander Edward Jellico, Dean of Students at Starfleet Academy, is promoted to Captain, and assigned command of the USS Cairo.
Ensigns William Riker, Geordi La Forge, and Kathryn Janeway graduate from Starfleet Academy.
Ensign Geordi La Forge is assigned to the USS Victory under Captain Marien Zimbata.
Ensign William Riker is assigned to the USS Pegasus under Captain Erik Pressman.
Ensign Kathryn Janeway is assigned to the USS Al-Batani under Captain Owen Paris.
Zak Kebron, Mark McHenry, Katerina Mueller, Ro Laren, Nikolai Rozhenko, Soleta, Tania Tobias, and Worf enter Starfleet Academy.
September 8. Kenneth Norellis is born.
Nikolai Rozhenko resigns from the Academy.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Chakotay transfers from Vico to the USS Gage.
Ensign Klag graduates from the Klingon Defense Force Academy. He is assigned to the IKS Baruk.
Jonathan Lense dies.


  • Admiral Edward Janeway and Lieutenant Justin Tighe, Kathryn Janeway's father and fiancé, die in a shuttle accident.

March 16. Alexander Rozhenko is born to K'Ehleyr. His father is Worf, who is unaware of his existence.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Tricia Cadwallader transfers to the USS Thomas Paine, and is promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant.
The USS Pegasus, in violation of the Treaty of Algeron, suffers a mutiny. Captain Erik Pressman and Ensign Will Riker, among a handful, escape the ship, but Pegasus phases into an asteroid and is lost.
Ensign Will Riker is subsequently assigned as a security officer to the USS Fortuna. He quickly receives a promotion to Lieutenant (j.g.) and then full Lieutenant.
April 5. Zurin Dakal is born on Cardassia Prime.
Cadet Mackenzie Calhoun takes the Kobayashi Maru exam, and beats it. In the aftermath, Cadet Elizabeth Shelby leaves the Academy. Calhoun returns to Xenex and kills C’n’daz in a blood challenge. He returns to the Academy.
Ensign Mackenzie Calhoun graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Ensign Deanna Troi graduates from Starfleet Academy with a degree in psychology. She takes a private practice on Betazed.
Ensign Burgoyne 172 graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Elizabeth Shelby returns to Starfleet Academy to repeat her senior year.
Jean-Luc Picard joins an archaeological expedition. On this trip the civilians have first contact with the Mabrae. Picard helps the in the rescue of the Manraloth Giriaenn, who is amnesiac. They begin a romance.
Kevin Boyajian, Domenica Corsi, Mick Gold, Jadzia Idaris, Miranda Kadohata, Calvin Meyer, and Mor glasch Tev enter Starfleet Academy.
Bartholomew Faulwell enlists in Starfleet as a linguist aboard the USS Pisces.
The Leflers move to Starbase 212.
Prinadora divorces Rom and steals all of his assets.


  • January 16. The Maximals Chaser, Hawkeye, Nightscream, and Pumaxima, and the Predacon Buzzsaw achieve consciousness.

March 6. Aytar Gwyn is born. She is a human/Kriosian hybrid.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Benjamin Sisko is promoted to full Lieutenant.
Ensign Natasha Yar graduates from Starfleet Academy, and is assigned as a junior security officer aboard the USS Starbound.
Ensign Elizabeth Shelby graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Kathryn Janeway is promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned as second officer on the USS Mary Kingsley under Captain Onna Karapleedeez.
Lieutenant Beverly Crusher is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Kieran Duffy and Romeo Takahashi enter Starfleet Academy.
Julian Bashir, Elizabeth Lense, and Jarem Solim enter Starfleet Academy Medical School.
Lieutenant William Riker is assigned to the planet Betazed. He meets Ensign Deanna Troi, and a brief romance ensues. Due to irreconcilable differences, the relationship ends.
The clone of Captain Jean-Luc Picard is sent to the mines of Remus. He is adopted by the Reman Vkruk, and named "Shinzon".


  • Pakwa-thanh is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard returns to Starfleet, taking command of the USS Portia. He recruits Lieutenant Data to his crew. After rescuing more Manraloth, Picard learns he has been manipulated, and the Manraloth flee.
Ensign Samaritan Bowers graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Admiral Nyota Uhura enlists Lieutenants Ben Sisko, Selar, Tuvok, and Lieutenant Commander Beverly Crusher in a secret mission to Romulan space.
Lieutenant Data is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and reassigned to the USS Trieste.
M'Raq, son of K'Ton, is believed killed in a skirmish with Romulans. He is actually held captive.
Jasminder Choudhury enters Starfleet Academy.


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