Timeline: 2351-2355



  • January 22. A pair of Q dissidents, living on Earth as humans, welcome their child, whom they name Amanda Rogers, to the universe. While apparently human, Amanda's true nature is as a Q.1
  • Cadet Ben Sisko challenges Vulcan Cadet Solok to a wrestling match. Icheb (2378) and q are on hand to see Sisko get injured.
  • Sergey and Helena Rozhenko move from planet Gault to Minsk on Earth. They bring their sons Worf and Nikolai Simon.
  • September 4. The 191st graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new cadets is William Ross.
  • Dr. Beverly Crusher begins interning at Delos IV under Dr. Dalen Quaice.
  • Ensign Tuvok leaves the starship Wyoming after a falling out with Captain L.J. Akaar. He begins teaching at Starfleet Academy.
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown attend the 2351 Galaxy Fair. Peri is caught in a telepathic Jane Austen simulation, and becomes amnesiac. The Doctor saves her, defeating a malevolent psionic entity trapped in the program, hoping to take control of a humanoid host.2


  • Natasha Yar is rescued from her homeworld of Rimbor by Darryl Adin, security chief aboard the USS Cochrane. Her very young sister Ishara refuses to join her.


  • M'k'n'zy successfully leads the planet Xenex to liberation from the Danteri. Just before liberation, he is scarred on his face.
  • Rom marries Prinadora.
  • Dr. Mora Pol discovers that the "odo'ital" Changeling is sapient.
  • August 8. Lieutenant Commander Jack Crusher (30), chief science officer on the USS Stargazer, is killed during a space walk mission to repair the ship.3
  • Stargazer captain Jean-Luc Picard brings Jack Crusher's body back to Earth where his widow, Beverly Crusher, and son Wesley Crusher, learn of his demise.
  • September 4. The 193rd graduating class of Starfleet Academy enters. Among the new cadets are Kathryn Janeway, Geordi La Forge, and William Riker.
  • Kira Meru is killed by agents of Gul Skrain Dukat after she asks to be returned to her family.


The Maximal Optimus Maximus changes his designation to Megatron after the Decepticon war general and changes his activation code to a Predacon one, thus changing his allegiance to the Predacons. He gathers a small army to help him “reclaim” Predacon glory, but his true agenda is simply personal power. Amongst his followers are Predacons Dracobot, Terrorswoop, Strafenok, Warpinator, and Tormentulus. He and his allies in the Tripredacus Council begin development of a virus capable of subduing the planet’s population via paralysis.

  • The Predacon science vessel Biolorgue, under the command of Analytica, departs for Planet Zebe for botanical study.

Morgan, Charles, and Robin Lefler move from Starbase 42 to Tantalus.
Ensign T'Lana graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Ensign Benjamin Sisko graduates from Starfleet Academy, as does his friend Calvin Hudson. Shortly after graduation, he meets Jennifer Devitt on Gilgo Beach on Earth.
Ensign Ben Sisko is assigned as an engineer aboard the USS Livingston.
Ensign Chakotay graduates Starfleet Academy, and is assigned to the USS Vico.
Burgoyne 172, M'k'n'zy, Elizabeth Shelby, Deanna Troi, and Vincent Wexler enter Starfleet Academy.
M'k'n'zy adopts the name Mackenzie Calhoun.
The Leflers move to Rimbor Station at the edge of the Rimbor system.

  • The SS Raven is attacked by the Borg, and its occupants, Magnus, Erin, and Annika Hansen are assimilated.4


  • May 21. At Maxia Zeta, the USS Stargazer is damaged beyond repair in an encounter with the as-yet-unknown to the Federation Ferengi. The crew survives by Captain Jean-Luc Picard's (49) innovative strategy. Lieutenant Vigo (48) is among those killed in the incident.

Klag enrolls in the Klingon Defense Force Academy.

  • June 12. Jennifer and Ben Sisko's son, Jacob Isaac Sisko, is born.5
  • June 21. The 191st graduating class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the new ensigns is William Ross.
  • July. Stargazer Captain Jean-Luc Picard (50) is court martialed for the loss of the ship in the standard manner. His prosecutor is his former lover Philippa Louvois, who gets very aggressive in the prosecution, but Picard is exonerated.6 In the aftermath, Stargazer's crew splits up: Commander Gilaad ben Zoma is promoted to Captain and assumes command of the USS Lexington; Lieutenant Peter "Pug" Joseph along as his tactical officer; Lieutenant Tricia Cadwallader transfers to the USS Victory; Dr. Carter Greyhorse takes a position at Starfleet Medical; Lieutenant Commander Phigus Simenon becomes an instructor at Starfleet Academy; Lieutenant Commander Idun Asmund is promoted to Commander and first officer of the USS Charleston.7

Natasha Yar enters Starfleet Academy.
Kira Nerys joins the Bajoran Resistance.
Quark begins serving on a Ferengi freighter.
Jean-Luc Picard takes a leave of absence from Starfleet, and begins pursuing a doctorate in archaeology at the University of Alpha Centauri.


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