Timeline: 2346-2350



  • Gr’zy, father of M'k'n'zy and D'ndai, is murdered by a Danteri soldier.

The Khitomer Massacre takes place, where Romulans attack the Klingon outpost. The act is a result of the Tal Shiar believing that the Klingons are building biogenic weapons there. Ja’rod, of the House of Duras, aids the Romulans in the attack, and as a result most of the Klingons there are killed. Among those killed are Mogh and Kaasin. Several Klingons are taken away as prisoners of war.
In the aftermath of the Massacre, Councilor K’mpec challenges Klingon Chancellor Kravokh and kills him. K’mpec becomes Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.

  • The USS Intrepid-B arrives on the scene of the Khitomer Massacre. An away team, led by Lieutenant Jack Tobias, chief engineer, and including Chief Sergey Rozhenko, beams down to the site. They discover survivors Worf and Kahlest.

Sergey Rozhenko’s resignation from Starfleet, he takes Worf home with him to Gault, and raises him as a son.
Chancellor K’mpec cedes the planet Raknal V to the Cardassian Union, and attains the remains of Ch’gran by monetary means.


  • Xyrillia is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.

Crewman Miles O’Brien is promoted to tactical officer on Rutledge.
Lieutenant Gerda Asmund attempts to assassinate Ensign Morgen aboard Stargazer, but fails and is incarcerated. She is court-martialed, and dishonorably discharged from Starfleet.
Natasha and Ishara Yar’s parents are killed on Rimbor.
June. Ensign Michael Eddington graduates from Starfleet Academy.
The Battle of Setlik III takes place between Starfleet and Cardassian Central Command forces. Among the combatants is the USS Rutledge.


  • Julian Bashir begins to undergo genetic re-engineering.
  • The Tal Shiar begins construction of the android B-4.
  • Beverly Howard marries Jack Crusher. She changes her surname to Crusher. Tal Shiar agents steal DNA samples from several Starfleet captains, including Stargazer Captain Jean-Luc Picard, at the Crushers' wedding.1
  • S'ti'ach'aas is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


  • An Earth colonial expedition sets up an outpost on Akosh. They encounter the canine Farakosh species, but fail to realize they are a sapient species.
  • January 21. Tal Shiar agents bring a clone of Starfleet's prominent captain, Jean-Luc Picard of Stargazer, to term.
  • February 26. The Maximals Iguanus and Power Claw, and the Predacons Warpinator, Alligatrix, and Ramulus attain consciousness.
  • Hermat is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • On Romulus, the alternate version of Tasha Yar tries to leave the Empire, taking her toddler child Sela with her. Sela reacts negatively, drawing the attention of the Romulan guards at their home. Sela's father Volskiak, who'd held Yar as his "wife" (rape victim) for five years, gives her no mercy, and has her executed. Natasha Yar of AQR1 is executed in an escape attempt on Romulus.3
  • After over fifty years, the Vulcan Tuvok returns to Starfleet, taking the lower rank of ensign. He begins serving on the USS Wyoming, under the command of a former colleague in Starfleet, Captain L.J. Akaar.
  • September 26. T'Prynn is killed in a transporter accident on the USS T'Plana-Hath.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Peri Brown () arrive on Akosh. They encounter the Exotrons, robots controlled by a colony leader Hector Taylor's psionic network, and filled with dead bodies barely kept alive to use their brains. His ex-wife Paula Taylor helps the Doctor and Peri communicate with the native Farakosh, and the Doctor briefly connects to the psionic network, freeing the minds within, who sacrifice themselves to save the colonists and the Farakosh.
Lorina is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
June. Lieutenant (j.g.) Beverly Crusher graduates from Starfleet Academy Medical School.
Chakotay is admitted to Starfleet Academy early with the assistance of Captain Demora Sulu.
September. Chakotay, Benjamin Sisko, and T'Lana enter Starfleet Academy.
After a fishing trip, Kyle Riker abandons his son Will (15).


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