Timeline: 2341-2345



  • Damiano is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • September 4. The 181st graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new cadets is Data.



  • Hercules meets the Wilameani Layana Sweetwater and impregnates her.
  • June 19. Starfleet officers Lieutenant Commanders Elias Vaughn (68) and Ian Troi (40) are caught in the collapse of a building on the disputed planet Raknal V. Vaughn manages to escape, but his good friend Ian dies, leaving Ian's wife Lwaxana (40) a widow and his surviving daughter Deanna (7) fatherless.2
  • August 12. Miles O'Brien () enlists in Starfleet.
  • September 4. The 183rd graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new cadets is Michael Eddington (18).


  • Romulan forces attack Klingon outpost Narenda III. The USS Enterprise-C comes to the Klingons’ aid, and after a brief temporal displacement, it is destroyed, with loss of almost all hands, including Captain Rachel Garrett (). One of the few survivors is the alternate future version of Lieutenant Natasha Yar, who is taken by Admiral Volskiar, and marries him to save the lives of the other survivors. Volskiar kills another survivor, Yar's lover, Richard Castillo (31).3

The attack is the last act of Praetor Dralath, who is deposed in the Romulan Empire, and replaced by Praetor Narviat.


  • Stargazer Captain Jean-Luc Picard visits the Gorn homeworld Gornar and negotiates a peace settlement that is to last twenty-five years.4
  • June 1. The Cardassian vessel Kevalu, under Dalin Malyn Ocett, finds a strange protoplasmic life-form in the Denorios Belt of Bajor's star system.5

June. Ensign Data graduates from Starfleet Academy.

  • September 12. The alternative Natasha Yar gives birth to a half-Romulan daughter, who is named Sela.


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