Timeline: 2336-2340



  • January 8 (Wednesday). Alonis is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • January 10-14 (Friday-Tuesday). Commander Nigel Holmes is killed. He is replaced as USS Enterprise-C first officer by Commander Samir al-Halak (from the USS Barker). Al-Halak shortly after begins a romance with Lieutenant Anisar Batra, a paleogeneticist on the ship.1
  • March 29 (Sunday). Lwaxana (33) and Ian Troi's (33) second child, Deanna Troi, is born.
  • July 12 (Sunday). The Bynars 110 and 111 are born and bonded on Bynaus.

The colony on Omicron Theta is destroyed by a crystalline entity. The deactivated android Data is left in storage in nearby caves. The only survivors are Dr. Noonien Soong and his wife Juliana O’Donnell, who dies shortly after. In his grief, Soong builds an android duplicate of her, programs it with her scanned memories, and has the android believe she is the original Juliana O’Donnell.

  • September 11 (Friday). Kestra Troi (7) dies from drowning. Her grieving mother Lwaxana goes into a severe depression and blocks out Kestra’s very existence from her memory.2

A civilian Romulan vessel lands on Cor Coroli IX and the Romulan Rajari encounters a scientist named T’Pas. He rapes her, and a child is conceived in the process.
November 12 (Thursday). Rom is born to Ishka and Keldar on Ferenginar.


  • Nizhrak’a is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


  • February 2. The android Data (1) is discovered at Omicron Theta by the USS Tripoli and reactivated. He retains none of his memories from his previous activation, and is unable to give any hints as to the fate of the Omicron Theta colony.
  • Births: Samaritan Bowers (July 16), Joseph Michael Carey (August 16)



  • Charles Lefler marries Morgan Primus.
  • September 4. The 180th graduating class of Starfleet Academy enters. Among the new cadets is Jack Crusher.


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