Timeline: 2331-2335



  • A Prophet of the Bajoran Wormhole possesses human Sarah Owen.
  • June 4. Joseph Sisko (20) meets the possessed Sarah Owen, and they soon marry.


  • Commander Rachel Garrett (38) of the USS Carthage is promoted to Captain and assumes command of the Ambassador-class USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-C.
  • Aboard Carthage, Lieutenant Ian Troi (29) is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and second officer.
  • June 4. The 168th Starfleet Academy class graduates. Among the new ensigns are Andreas Nikolas (22), Jiterica (13), and Tricia Cadwallader (17). Jiterica is assigned to the USS Manitou, and Cadwallader to the USS Goddard.
  • June 10. The 164th Starfleet Academy Medical School class graduates. New Lieutenant (j.g.) Carter Greyhorse (25) takes a position as chief medical officer on the USS Stargazer.
  • The USS Enterprise-C has an encounter with a belligerent species. The ship escapes, but suffers the loss of twenty-seven crewmembers.1
  • October 2-5. Sarah Sisko, possessed by a Prophet of the Bajoran Celestial Temple, gives birth to a son, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, alongside her husband, Joseph Sisko (22). With the birth accomplished, the Prophet departs, and Sarah flees her strange, unwanted situation.
  • November 7. Noonien Soong activates the android Lore.


  • March 3. The Carggite nation-states of Trezu, Sanu, and Tuatu formally unite as the Triumvirate of Cargg.
  • Lieutenant Commander Jean-Luc Picard (27) is assigned to the USS Stargazer as second officer.
  • June 17. The 169th class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the new ensigns is Cole Paris.
  • August. The USS Stargazer has an encounter with forces of the Nuyyad Alliance, and Captain Daithan Ruhalter is killed and first officer Commander Stephen Leach is incapacitated. Second officer Jean-Luc Picard (28) takes command, and not only survives a mutiny attempt, but gets the crew home safely. Picard receives a promotion to Captain, and command of Stargazer. Picard's crew is affected by the mutiny. Lieutenant Gilaad ben Zoma is promoted to Commander and first officer; Lieutenant Vigo becomes weapons officer; Lieutenant (j.g.) Gerda Asmund chief navigator; Lieutenant (j.g.) Idun Asmund chief helmsman; Lieutenant Peter Joseph security chief; and Lieutenant Martin Paxton communications chief.
  • Ensign Andreas Nikolas and Lieutenant (j.g.) Obal join Stargazer's security detail.
  • Ensigns Cole Paris and Jiterica transfer to Stargazer.
  • Phigus Simenon earns the right to breed.

Carter Greyhorse begins a secret romantic relationship with Gerda Asmund.
Cole Paris and Jiterica begin a bizarre relationship.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard meets Guinan for the first time.
Ensign Tricia Cadwallader transfers from Goddard to Stargazer.
Joseph Sisko meets Rebecca Matheson. They soon marry. She adopts Sisko’s son Benjamin as her own.
Captain Rachel Garrett divorces Ven Kaldarren. Kaldarren gets custody of their son Jason.
The android Lore is deactivated at Omicron Theta colony.
General Worf is killed at Raknal V.


  • Napea is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • Klingon Chancellor Ditagh dies. Kravokh ascends to the position of Chancellor of the High Council. Captain K'mpec replaces Kravokh as a High Councillor, and his ship, IKS Pu'Bekh, is given to the command of newly promoted Captain Mogh.


  • May 12. Julianna and Noonien Soong first activate the android Data, the fifth Soong-type android, at Omicron Theta colony.


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