Timeline: 2301-2310



  • May 26. Commander Demora Sulu (29) takes the position of first officer of the USS Enterprise-B.1
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) once again returns to Artaris, discovering Excelis has become a police state in perpetual war. Uncovering Grayvorn (now occupying a new body he reshaped) has been manipulating Excelis, the Doctor fails to save Artaris, as Grayvorn sets off nuclear armageddon on the planet.2




  • Tuvok (40) leaves Kolinahr training to marry T’Pel.
  • The Dolphin Rights League is formed, led by Yihwiio!chyu!siiyii.
  • Births: Alynna Nechayev (October 1)


  • Lieutenant Arex Na Eth (109), aboard a shuttle, is sucked through a wormhole and reemerges in the year 2376.4
  • August 15. The dread wizard Mordru (332) creates his Emerald Eyes on the planet Ekron in order to enforce his will while he is off-planet. They slowly begin to develop sapience.


  • The United Earth government formally recognizes the Dolphin species as a fellow Earth race.


  • Xintal Linojj joins the crew of the USS Enterprise-B.


  • Ramatis is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • The robot Bender (3007) time-travels to this date on Counter-Earth, and steals a Nobel Prize. This causes the Swedish Empire to declare war on the United States. The resulting nuclear Armageddon causes the collapse of civilization, and a reversion to medieval-style society.



Enterprise-B Captain John Harriman Jr. and first officer Commander Demora Sulu and Agamemnon first officer Commander Mike Paris, among others, are sent on a secret mission to Davron II. Paris is killed in action.
Vestios is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


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