Timeline: 2291-2300



  • The Democracy of Ardana is readmitted to the United Federation of Planets.


  • September 4. The 130th graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new cadets is Elias Vaughn.


  • The Klingon moon Praxis explodes, sending the Klingon Empire into chaos. Klingon Chancellor Gorkon, seeing the dire situation the Empire will now be in with the homeworld on the verge of ruin, sues for peace with the Federation. Militaristic forces from both the Empire and the Federation conspire to prevent such rapprochement from taking place.1
  • June 12. The 128th Starfleet Academy class graduates. Among the newly-minted ensigns are Demora Sulu (21) and Tuvok (28). Tuvok is assigned to the USS Excelsior.
  • Lieutenant Valeris (35) comes aboard the USS Enterprise-A as new chief helmsman.2
  • June 30-July 1. The USS Enterprise-A is ordered to meet with a Klingon delegation led by Chancellor Gorkon (). After Enterprise meets up with Gorkon's ship, a cloaked Klingon vessel fires a photon torpedo on Gorkon's ship, disabling its gravity and defenses. Two assassins transport over and kill a number of Klingons, and mortally wound Gorkon. Enterprise Captain James Kirk and Dr. Leonard McCoy transport over to the chancellor's vessel, and McCoy tries to save Gorkon, but is unsuccessful, and Gorkon dies. Klingon General Chang arrests Kirk and McCoy for Gorkon's murder.3
  • Captain Spock assumes command of Enterprise. He and senior officers Montgomery Scott, Nyota Uhura, and Pavel Chekov work to investigate the apparent Enterprise's attack on Gorkon's ship.4
  • James Kirk and Leonard McCoy are tried on Qo'noS. Colonel Worf acts as defense for the humans, while General Chang acts as prosecutor. Ultimately, Kirk and McCoy are convicted, and sentenced to death, but Worf has their sentence commuted to a life sentence at Rura Penthe. Kirk and McCoy become targets of assassination, but are rescued by Enterprise.5
  • A sting uncovers that Valeris is one of the conspirators, and Spock forces a mind meld to get the identities of the conspirators, who include Starfleet Admiral Lance Cartwright and Klingon General Chang. Enterprise speeds to the secret Khitomer Conference to prevent the assassination of Federation President Mes Ra-ghoratreii (). They are intercepted by Chang's cloaked bird of prey. Enterprise is joined by the USS Excelsior under Captain Hikaru Sulu (). Enterprise and Excelsior are triumphant, as Chang and his ship are destroyed. Both ships reach Khitomer just in time to stop the assassin, Colonel Patrick West, disguised as a Klingon, who is killed. Cartwright, Valeris, and others are arrested.6
  • October 8. Amanda Grayson (93) dies.
  • Huan is admitted to United Federation of Planets.

The USS Enterprise-A is decommissioned. It is given to the planet Chal, where it is destroyed.
The Lakul and Magem briefly enter the Nexus, and the El-Aurians aboard, including Guinan, Tolian Soran, and Gaven Myran and his family, are exposed to its paradise.
The Excelsior-class USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B, is launched from Earth under the command of Captain John Harriman Jr. Among the crew are Commander Tracy Dane, first officer; Lieutenant Maggie Thompson, science officer; and Ensign Demora Sulu, chief helmsman. The ship is immediately tested as the ship comes to the rescue of Magem and Lakul. Though Captain James Kirk is apparently lost as a result, forty-seven El-Aurians survive from Lakul, including Tolian Soran, Yuriel Tyvan, Guinan, Syla Biyav, Van Ranad, and Gaven Myran. Magem is destroyed.

  • Payav JoZamestaad Raya elMora recommends Mestiko's accession to the United Federation of Planets, which is approved by the Zamestaad.


  • Montgomery Scott retires from Starfleet.

The USS Jenolen comes across a Dyson Sphere. The ship crashes into the surface of the structure, killing the entire crew save for Ensign Matt Franklin and retired Captain Montgomery Scott (en route to a retirement colony). Scott has Franklin and himself suspended in the transporter's pattern buffer. Franklin's pattern eventually degrades, but Scott remains suspended for seventy-five years.
March 11. Rachel Garrett is born in Madison, Indiana, North America, Earth.
On a landing party mission, Einstein Lieutenant Shiboline M’Ress and several other crew members are sucked into an artificial space-time gateway, and emerge in the year 2376.
The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard (1930) visit Venice and the mystical barrier around it is broken.
September 4. Tanger enters Starfleet Academy.


Commander Pavel Chekov takes the position of first officer of the USS Excelsior.
Lieutenant Leonard James Akaar is assigned to the USS Excelsior as tactical officer, under the command of Captain Hikaru Sulu.
Commander Christine Chapel transfers to the USS Excelsior as chief medical officer.
Syla Biyav commits suicide.
The firstborn of Kor (Rynar), Kang (DaqS), and Koloth die from genetic viruses created by the Albino as part of his revenge. Lieutenant Demora Sulu manages to survive her assault. The three Klingons and Curzon Dax take a blood oath to avenge themselves upon the Albino.
August 11. K'mpec, son of Korrd, is born on Mempa IV.


Captain Spock takes command of the USS Intrepid-A. Commander Nyota Uhura comes aboard as first officer, and Commander Leonard McCoy as chief medical officer.
Captain Spock retires from Starfleet and joins the Federation Diplomatic Corps. Commander Nyota Uhura is promoted to Captain, and takes command of Intrepid-A.
June. Ensign Elias Vaughn graduates from Starfleet Academy.


  • Mestiko is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.

Ensign Tuvok is promoted to Lt. (j.g.) and chief science officer aboard Excelsior.
Lieutenant Saavik is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and chief science officer aboard the USS Intrepid-A under Captain Nyota Uhura.


  • July 6. Lance Cartwright dies in prison.

The USS Excelsior, in attempting diplomatic talks with the Tholians, encounters the Neyel, the descendants of the O’Neal colony’s survivors. During this incident, Lieutenant Shandra Docksey is killed. After the mission, Lieutenant (j.g.) Tuvok and Lieutenant Commander Lojur (Docksey's fiance) resign from Starfleet to pursue the Kolinahr training.
September 4. Xintal Linojj enters Starfleet Academy.


  • Lojur returns to Starfleet.
  • The dread wizard Mordru conquers the world of Ekron.


  • Lieutenant (j.g.) Elias Vaughn teams up with former Lieutenant Valeris in order to stop Kriosian separatists from terrorist attacks. She is given a pardon and changes her identity afterward.
  • Births: Phigus Simenon (October 23)


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