Timeline: 2281-2290



  • The USS Hunley, in attempting to bring aid to the damaged freighter SS Dakota, is attacked by the Romulan vessel Daami. Most of the senior staff is killed in the attack, but helm officer Lieutenant John Harriman (22) is able to occupy the enemy ship and capture the commanding officer, Admiral Vonak. Vonak is subsequently demoted to sub-lieutenant.1
  • September 4. The 121st graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new class is Saavik (20).
  • Demora Sulu (10) visits Starfleet Academy and meets Admiral James Kirk (48) and cadets Saavik and Peter Preston.2


  • December. The planet Mestiko holds new elections, and the Zamestaad is restored to power, with former JoZamestaad Raya elMora () returning to her old position.
  • Pacifica is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


  • Conner McCoy is born to Joanna McCoy.

The USS Enterprise’s third five-year mission under James Kirk ends. The senior crew take positions teaching at Starfleet Academy.
Captain Spock is assigned command of Enterprise, which replaces the decrepit USS Republic as a cadet training ship.
Lieutenant Commander Nyota Uhura is promoted to Commander.
Tandar is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


  • USS Excelsior, NX-2000, is commissioned. It is an experimental transwarp ship. It is tested under the command of Captain Lawrence Styles.
  • June 2. Retired Starfleet officer Winona Kirk (79) dies.
  • June 5. Audrid Simod (63) dies. The Dax symbiont is transferred to Torias Kashen.

June. Ensign Lojur graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Lieutenant Commander Pavel Chekov is promoted to full Commander.
Torias Dax marries Nilani Kahn.
Cadet Saavik is promoted to Lieutenant.


  • January 12. Torias is killed in an attempt to breach the Warp 10 limit in a small ship. The Dax symbiont manages to be saved, and is transplanted into Joran Belar.

Enterprise heads out on another training cruise, but this time it is manned by the former crew in addition to cadets. Cadet-Lieutenant Saavik takes the Kobayashi Maru test.
Captain Clark Terrell and Commander Pavel Chekov of the USS Reliant, thinking they are on Ceti Alpha V, are taken control of by Khan Singh and his followers. Reliant is captured by the supermen, and the crew is abandoned on the planet. Khan takes Reliant to the Regula space station, where Dr. Carol Marcus and her son, Dr. David Marcus, are developing the Genesis Device. Khan attempts to take the Genesis, but is defeated by Kirk and Enterprise. Reliant is destroyed, with Khan and his followers. Other losses include Starfleet Cadet Peter Preston (Commander Scott’s nephew), Reliant captain Clark Terrell, and Enterprise Captain Spock. The Genesis device ignites the Mutara Nebula, creating the unstable Genesis planet.
Lieutenant Saavik graduates from Starfleet Academy. She takes a position as chief science officer on the USS Grissom under Captain Jonathan Esteban, and is joined by her friend, civilian David Marcus. They begin a romantic relationship.
July 13. After musician Joran Dax murders several people on the planet Trill, Joran is killed by police officer Gard, who is investigating the murders. The Dax symbiont is transferred to Curzon Antrani, and the memories of Joran are suppressed.
July 25. Jo Stern is born.
September 4. Leonard James Akaar enters Starfleet Academy.
Enterprise returns home. The ship is scheduled to undergo decommissioning.
Admiral James Kirk discovers that Spock’s katra has been placed within Dr. Leonard McCoy. Kirk and his remaining former senior staff steal Enterprise in order to recover Spock’s body from the Genesis Planet.
Seeking the secrets of Genesis, a Klingon vessel visits the Genesis planet. The USS Grissom is destroyed by the Klingons, with only Lieutenant Saavik and David Marcus surviving on the planet's surface, where they have discovered a rejuvenated Spock. The temporarily teenaged Spock goes into pon farr and Saavik mates with him to alleviate his distress.
When Enterprise reaches Genesis, they run afoul of a Klingon ship. Klingon Captain Kruge orders the murder of David Marcus. The Klingon crew is killed aboard Enterprise (save for the warrior Maltz) when the starship self-destructs. The Enterprise crew takes the commandeered Klingon vessel, which they dub HMS Bounty, and travel with Spock and Saavik to Vulcan.
Spock's katra is restored to his body.


  • January 2-3. An alien probe seeking sapient cetacean life on Earth begins to destroy it in its search. The Bounty crew travels back in time and brings two humpback whales back to the present, which causes the probe to cease its attack.

Lieutenant Saavik takes a position on the USS Chaffee under Captain Galina Mironova.
The "Enterprise Seven" is completely acquitted of the theft of the Enterprise, save for Admiral James Kirk, who is demoted to Captain, and assigned command of the new USS Enterprise-A.
Also coming aboard Enterprise-A are Lieutenant Shiboline M’Ress, as junior science officer, and Lieutenant Arex Na Eth, as junior tactical officer/navigator.
September 4. Valeris enters Starfleet Academy.


The Vulcan Sybok takes over the Nimbus III colony.
The Blessed Union of Elas and Troyius is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
The USS Enterprise-A is stolen by Sybok. It is taken to the site of an entity claiming to be God commonly known as The One. The One slays Sybok.
Federation/Klingon peace talks take place on Starbase 49. The survivors of the USS Gagarin are rescued from the work prison at Pao'la. The Klingons destroy it to try and attempt to cover it up. Kesh resigns from the Chancellorship in the aftermath, and Councillor Gorkon replaces him.
Lieutenant Saavik transfers to the USS Enterprise-A.


  • Lieutenant Commander Janice Rand is assigned to the USS Excelsior as communications chief.

Lieutenant Lojur is assigned to the USS Excelsior as chief navigator.
Federation President Hiram Roth dies in office.
Mes Ra-ghoratreii is elected President of the United Federation of Planets.
Megara is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


  • June. Ensign Leonard James Akaar graduates from Starfleet Academy. He takes a position in security on the USS Enterprise-A.

July 30. Gaven Myran is born to Syla Biyav and Van Ranad aboard the Lakul in interstellar space.
September 4. Demora Sulu and Tuvok enter Starfleet Academy.
Commander Hikaru Sulu is assigned as first officer of the USS Excelsior under Captain Lawrence Styles.
Excelsior takes part in renewed peace talks between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The talks are disrupted by a terrorist strike by the criminal Qagh (the Albino). Captain Lawrence Styles is killed.


  • Commander Hikaru Sulu is given a field promotion to Captain, and immediately begins investigating the terrorist strike. Teaming up with Klingon Captains Kor, Kang, and Koloth, as well as young Trill ambassador Curzon Dax results in a stalemate with the criminal Qagh.

Commander Pavel Chekov comes aboard Excelsior as first officer. After his initial mission, he returns to the position of tactical officer on Enterprise-A.
June. Ensign Valeris graduates from Starfleet Academy. She is assigned to the USS Bonhomme Richard.
Klingon scientist Hurghom unleashes a disease that restores the forehead ridges to all of the QuchHa'.
August 30. The TARDIS, carrying the Time Lords Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana (second incarnation), arrives on the planet Argolis. The two quickly become involved in a power struggle between the lone clone Argolin Pangol attempting to usurp control over the planet's government while manipulating its tachyon technology, and an attempt by renegade Foamasi to undercut the planet's value by causing murders and accidents to occur. In the end, the planet's crises seem to be on their way to ending.


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