Timeline: 2271-2280



  • The Cestus III colony is reestablished and quickly admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • The Fabrini aboard Yonada make planetfall on Daran V (Lorina).
  • Admiral James Kirk (36) marries Admiral Lori Ciana (42).
  • March 31. Dr. Mark Piper (91) is murdered while investigating a conspiracy in Starfleet.1
  • After uncovering and dismantling the conspiracy, Lieutenant Commanders Hikaru Sulu () and Nyota Uhura () and Lieutenant Pavel Chekov () take positions aboard the USS Enterprise overseeing the refit, with Sulu as chief helmsman, Uhura as communications chief, and Chekov as security chief.

June. Ensign Nick Keller graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Peleliu.

  • Janus VI, homeworld of the Horta, is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • Births: Demora Ling (September 30)


  • The Plutocracy of Ardana's government is overthrown by the rebels, ending the civil war known as the Great Disruption. The new Democracy of Ardana is established.

Capella's government is overthrown in a coup d'etat. Regent Eleen and five-year-old Crown High Teer Leonard James Akaar are forced to flee. They receive asylum in the Federation.
James Kirk and Lori Ciana divorce.
Lieutenant Commander Christine Chapel graduates from Starfleet Academy Medical School, and takes the position of chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise.
Janice Rand is promoted to Chief Petty Officer, and is assigned as transporter chief on the USS Enterprise.
Captain Clark Terrell assumes the captaincy of the USS Reliant.
The Doctor, Steven Taylor (27), and Oliver Harper (22) arrive on the planetoid Grace Alone. They encounter the Vardans and defeat them, resulting in Oliver sacrificing his life.


  • Betazed is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • Lieutenant Commander Kevin Riley enters the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps.
  • The USS Enterprise is called back into service to defend Earth from the threat of the entity V'Ger. Admiral James Kirk, seeing an opportunity to return to command, wrests control of the ship from Captain Will Decker, demoting him to commander. Lieutenant Ilia comes aboard as chief navigator. Kirk drafts Dr. Leonard McCoy as chief medical officer, forcing Dr. Christine Chapel into the assistant chief position.2
  • August 8. Chief Janice Rand () accidentally kills Vice Admiral Lori Ciana (44) and Commander Sonak with the transporter.3
  • Somehow sensing the arrival of V'Ger in Federation space, Spock prematurely ends his Kolinahr training and comes back aboard Enterprise, taking over as chief science officer.4
  • V'Ger initiates contact with Enterprise, absorbing Ilia into itself, using her body as an avatar to communicate with the crew. Spock has an encounter with V'Ger's interior, resulting in his reaching an equilibrium regarding his emotions. When V'Ger reaches Earth and begins moves to eradicate its population, Enterprise reaches its core, and finds that the artificial intelligence is an evolved form of one of the old Voyager space probes. Humans being its creator, V'Ger agrees to merge with Ilia and the volunteer Will Decker, who is finally able to be physically intimate with Ilia. The tripartite entity transmogrifies and departs normal space-time. In the aftermath, Admiral Kirk posthumously reinstates Decker's rank.5

Enterprise visits the Lorina settlement of the Fabrini. Dr. Leonard McCoy makes his peace with the high priestess Natira.


  • Vulcan holds a referendum on whether or not to secede from the United Federation of Planets. Secession is rejected.6

The Zamestaad is overthrown on Mestiko. A reactionary isolationist government takes its place. JoZamestaad Raya elMora leaves Mestiko for Kazar.
The USS Enterprise, under Admiral James Kirk, leads a wagon train of colony ships to the distant planet Belle Terre.
The Enterprise convoy has first contact with the Blood Many and All Kauld.

  • June 21. The 110th class at Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the new ensigns are Naraht and Peter Kirk, who both take assignment to the USS Enterprise.
  • Enterprise Lieutenant Alex Freeman dies stopping a Regulan bloodworm infestation from spreading. His partner, Peter Kirk, is devastated by the loss, and partially blames his uncle.7

Commander Spock rescues the girl Saavik and a few children from the planet Hellguard. He takes a leave of absence to help raise Saavik, who is taken in by Amanda Grayson and Sarek.


Audrid Dax's son Gran Talmara is killed.
The USS Peleliu, assigned to replace Enterprise at Belle Terre, is assaulted by the Kauld. Captain Roger Lake's insanity results in the deaths of first officer Commander Derek Hahn, communications chief Tim McAddis, and many others. Second officer Lieutenant Commander Nick Keller removes Lake from command. Peleliu is nearly destroyed.
Acting Captain Nick Keller, using spare parts from the wagon train remnants, organizes the construction of the "Mongrel"-class SS Challenger, a “composite frigate". The ship is crewed by Blood Many representative Shucorion as first officer, Medical Technician Savannah Ring as Chief Medical Officer, Rassua observer Zoa as tactical officer, and Starfleet Ensign Zane Bonifay as helmsman.
Zek becomes Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance.
December 1-4. The biological construct and Key to Time hunter Zara is born on the planet Erratoon. Meeting Harmonious 14 Zink, they become allies. Zink's get rich quick scheme is infiltrated by Ace McShane (2573), and she and Zara are captured by mechanical police, who wipe Ace's memories in punishment. The colony's artificial dome is destroyed, and Zara and Zink escape. Ace and the populace are rescued by the Time Lord Doctor (seventh incarnation), who hopes to restore Ace's memories.


September 4. John Harriman, Jr. enters Starfleet Academy.
The Boslic homeworld of Cort is invaded and conquered by the Romulan Star Empire.


Commander Spock is promoted to Captain.
Lieutenant Commander Leonard McCoy is promoted to Commander.


Hikaru Sulu is promoted to the rank of Commander.
Susan Ling dies. Her daughter, Demora Ling, is given to her father, Hikaru Sulu. Sulu turns down a posting as first officer of the USS Bozeman in order to take her in. Her name is legally changed to Demora Sulu.
The USS Bozeman and Captain Morgan Bateson are caught in a recursive causality loop at the edge of the Typhon expanse. They won’t escape from it until 2368.
Janice Rand completes special training at Starfleet Academy and is commissioned as an ensign.


The USS Reliant comes to the planet Halka to again try diplomatic talks with the people there. While there, an Orion attack force invades Kotha Village, and a young Halkan named Lojur is forced to use force to repel the Orions. In the aftermath, Lojur is exiled, and Commander Pavel Chekov takes Lojur with him onto Reliant.
Ensign John Harriman Jr. graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to the USS Hunley under Captain Linneus as a helm officer.
The USS Gagarin is captured by Klingon forces. Most of its crew slain, among the survivors is Commander Stephen Garrovick Jr., who is placed in a secret work prison.


Audrid Dax resigns from the Trill Symbiosis Commission. She is subsequently reunited with her daughter, Neema Cyl.
May 18. Xintal Linojj is born.
Zalda is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
September 4. Lojur enters Starfleet Academy.
Commander Mahmud al-Khaled is promoted to the position of Starfleet Corps of Engineers Command Liaison.


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