Timeline: 2270



  • May. The USS Enterprise ferries Commodore Robert April (75) and Dr. Sarah April (76) to the planet Babel as part of April's retirement. The ship is caught up in an incident connected to an Orkan outpost, wherein bizarre space-time energies flow. The crew begins de-aging and is temporarily turned into children, and April is forced to take command. All are returned to their proper ages.1

July 22. Ruanek is born in Ki Baratan, Romulus.
Sturka is forced to abdicate the Klingon Chancellorship. Kesh ascends to his position.
Valeris survives a hostage situation by Klingon operatives.
Krios is annexed by the Klingon Empire.
September 2. The Horta Naraht enters Starfleet Academy.
November. After a mission to the planet Pelos, USS Enterprise Captain James Kirk is brought before a board of inquiry. Kirk is exonerated and promoted to Rear Admiral.
The USS Enterprise begins a refit. Its old engines are procured by the Department of Temporal Investigations.
Commander Will Decker is placed in command of Enterprise's refit, soon promoted to Captain. Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott joins him, getting a promotion to Commander.
Commander Spock resigns from Starfleet and begins Kolinahr training.
Hikaru Sulu has a whirlwind adventure with a mysterious woman, Ling Sui (real name Susan Ling) outside the city of Demora. Their romance results in her getting pregnant without his knowledge.
Ensign Pavel Chekov is promoted to Lieutenant, and enters Starfleet Advanced Tactical School.
Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and takes up a position as a Starfleet experimental pilot.
Lieutenant Nyota Uhura is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and takes up numerous small Starfleet jobs.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Christine Chapel returns to Starfleet Academy Medical School to finish her degree.
Lieutenant Arex Na Eth transfers to the USS Bayamon as chief navigator.
Lieutenant Shiboline M’Ress transfers to the USS Athena as communications chief.
Lieutenant Winston Kyle is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and communications chief aboard the USS Reliant.
Lieutenant Keenser transfers to the USS Saratoga under Captain Margaret Sinclair-Alexander.
Lieutenant Kevin Riley is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and joins Admiral James Kirk at Starfleet Command as his chief of staff.
Janice Rand returns to Starfleet.


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