Timeline: 2269



  • January. USS Enterprise Captain James Kirk (35) faces off against insane ex-Captain Kelvan Garth.1

Enterprise officers discover that the planet Ardana has a highly segregated society. Ardana's membership in the United Federation of Planets is suspended.
Captain James Kirk and crew encounter the immortal Flint.
Captain James Kirk and Commander Spock (38) are forced into yet another arena-like event by the Excalbians.
Enterprise visits Sarpeidon and James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, and Spock are temporarily transported to earlier eras of that world, learning that the remnant population has escaped to their world's own past.
Sarpeidon's star explodes, destroying it.

  • An encounter with Betelgeusians leads the USS Enterprise to First Federation space, and a reunion with Enterprise's former navigator Lieutenant David Bailey, and eventually Fesarius captain Balok (125). The truth behind the First Federation is discovered, as its multi-species alliance, which includes the previously encountered Linnik (the child-like humanoids), among others, all dwell within a gas giant Charela in a web of enclosed worlds. Their technology ensuring they are undiscovered now on the verge of breakdown causes political stress while Enterprise is there, as does the return of the Linnik's parent species and former enslavers, the Dassik (who resemble the odd mask Balok had used to trick Enterprise three years earlier). The Dassik are aggressive as the orthodoxy of the First Federation's conservative leadership has prevented the acknowledgement that the Linnik and Dassik are even related. With the help of Enterprise's crew and Captain James Kirk's (36) diplomacy, and the changing attitudes of First Federation citizens and even a captured Dassik officer, who sees the honor of survival and caring for others, Charela is saved, and the security field is dropped, and the First Federation, undergoing regime change, agrees to help the Dassik. Balok becomes a member of the First Federation's ruling council.2

Lieutenants Shiboline M’Ress (25) and Arex Na Eth (174) (from the USS Arcadia) join the crew of the USS Enterprise, as relief communications officer and temporary chief navigator, respectively. As Arex comes aboard, current chief navigator Ensign Pavel Chekov (24) departs for Starfleet security training.
While conducting a research mission at the Guardian of Forever, Commander Spock (39) is forced to travel to 2237 in order to save his past self from a le-matya.
Enterprise has a run-in with Captain Kor and the IKS Klothos. First contact is established with the Elysian Council of the "Delta Triangle", a temporal-spatial warp.
Annie Rand dies.

  • USS Enterprise crewmembers Commander Spock (39), Lieutenant Nyota Uhura (29), and Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu (32), having recovered an ancient Slaver box, have a run-in with Kzinti forces, who unearth an ancient weapon in the box's contents. The Starfleet officers repeatedly escape and are recaptured. Ultimately, the commanders of the Kzinti are killed as the weapon's A.I. initiates an auto-destruct.3


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