Timeline: 2268



  • The USS Enterprise visits the pre-warp planet Neural, and find one of its tribes armed by Klingons. Enterprise Captain James Kirk (34) and his crew are drawn into the conflict, with Kirk arming the natives himself in an attempt to "balance" the power.1

Captain James Kirk helps liberate the planet Triskelion from its disembodied brain overseers. The former slaves begin to form their own government.
Enterprise reestablishes contact with Sigma Iotia II.
Enterprise is taken over briefly by extra-galactic Kelvan agents. After their defeat, the Federation helps them establish a small colony.
The last Arretians, including Sargon, briefly possess Enterprise crew members, then allow themselves to die.
Enterprise hosts the debut of the M5 Computer and its creator Richard Daystrom. The results are disastrous.
April. Enterprise takes a time trip to 1968.
Enterprise ferries Elaan of the planet Troyius to Elas in hopes of ending centuries-long conflict between the two worlds.
Commander Spock and Captain Kirk are successful in stealing a cloaking device from a Romulan ship using an elaborate and impossibly complicated ruse. The Commander of the vessel, Liviana Charvanek, is disgraced.
Enterprise has a run-in with children controlled by the ancient youth-manipulating entity the Gorgon.
When Enterprise ferries Medusan ambassador Kollos, visiting former Enterprise chief engineer Lawrence Marvick goes insane after seeing Kollos's unshielded form, and dies.
The USS Defiant disappears into interphasic space, and Enterprise is sent to investigate. A tense encounter with Tholian forces ensues.
Enterprise comes across the Yonada, a giant generational ship housing the survivors of the planet Fabrina. Captain James Kirk helps disable the computer ruler of the people, the Oracle. Leonard McCoy has a romance with the Fabrini high priestess Natira.
The ancient entity (*) forces Enterprise and a Klingon vessel under the command of Captain Kang into conflict.
President Kenneth Wescott loses his reelection bid to Lorne McLaren.

  • Commander Clark Terrell is promoted to Captain and assumes command of Sagittarius after the death of Captain Adelard Nassir.


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