Timeline: 2267



  • Commander Benjamin Finney fakes his death in a bizarre revenge plot, resulting in Captain James Kirk receiving a court martial. He is defended by supposedly competent counsel Samuel T. Cogley. The case is thrown out after Finney's ruse is discovered.1
  • Spock hijacks the USS Enterprise to deliver a severely injured Fleet Captain Christopher Pike to Talos IV, which has inexplicably been deemed punishable by death. Deposited on the planet, Pike is reunited with Vina Lemieux, and given the illusion of mobility.

The Enterprise crew meets the young Q Trelane.
Federation colonists land on Janus VI.
Gorn forces massacre the colony at Cestus III. When the USS Enterprise comes to investigate, Captain Kirk and Gorn captain S'Alath S'Slee S'Slaa are forced into a competition by an agent of the Metron Consortium. In the aftermath, the Federation and Gorn Hegemony begin peace talks.

  • The USS Enterprise is accidentally sent back in time to 1969, but it returns to this time period using slingshot maneuvers.2

Captain James Kirk and his crew take down the computer Landru that rules the planet Beta III.
The USS Lovell crew and Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott stop a hardline Betan group from restoring Landru.
Cadet Pavel Chekov is assigned to the USS Enterprise in security.
The Enterprise discovers the SS Botany Bay, and they revive 20th century despot Khan Singh and his followers. Khan attempts to take over Enterprise, but fails. Khan and his followers, along with Starfleet Lieutenant Marla McGivers (who has become Khan's lover) are exiled to the planet Ceti Alpha VI.
Annie Rand is born to Janice Rand. Her father is James T Kirk.
June 20. Enterprise comes to Janus VI, and discovers that the rock creatures that had killed several colonists are the sapient silicon-based Horta, whose eggs were being destroyed by the colonists. The Horta begin negotiations with the Federation.
One of the Horta offspring born is Dahai Iohor Naraht.
War erupts between the United Federation of Planets and Klingon Empire. Enterprise Captain James Kirk and Klingon Captain Kor face off on Organia. The native Organians force the two powers to agree to a Peace Treaty through Kirk and Kor.
Enterprise crewmembers first discover the Guardian of Forever. Leonard McCoy transports to 1930, followed by James Kirk and Spock after the timeline is altered (AQR6). They return to the present in the restored timeline.
The planet Deneva is assaulted by giant parasites. Destroyed by the crew of the USS Enterprise, among the casualties is Captain James Kirk's brother George Samuel Kirk and his wife Aurelan. Their orphaned son Peter is sent to live with distant relatives.
Lieutenant Jabilo M'Benga transfers to the USS Enterprise and serves under Dr. Leonard McCoy.
First contact is made with the group of races known as the Furies. Defeated in a war several millennia ago, they were banished from their home sectors and exiled to the other side of the galaxy. At this time, a scout vessel–precursor to an invasion–is sent through a spatial rift to determine if the area near Klingon and Federation space is in fact their home. The initial Fury incursion is turned back by a Klingon task force, aided by the Enterprise.
Lieutenant Commander Spock is promoted to Commander.
Ensign Shiboline M’Ress is transferred to the USS Hood.
Ensign Pavel Chekov graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to USS Enterprise as chief navigator.
Commander Will Decker transfers to the USS Boston and becomes its first officer.
September 4. Nick Keller enters Starfleet Academy.
Captain James Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy, and Federation official Nancy Hedford discover Zefram Cochrane and the Companion. Hedford dies, and she is merged with the Companion.

  • October-November 1. Capellan High Teer Akaar is assassinated as Klingons and Starfleet attempt to influence the frontier world. His widow Eleen is saved from usurpers by Enterprise crew members. She gives birth to a son, Leonard James Akaar, whom she names after two Starfleet officers, Leonard McCoy and James Kirk.3

The Enterprise encounters the Greek god Apollo. He impregnates Starfleet Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas. He banishes himself from the Earth dimension after he is rejected by the humans.
Spock undergoes pon farr. Returning to Vulcan, his fiance T'Pring manipulates Spock into killing Captain James Kirk (though he is later resurrected) in order to marry her lover Stonn.
Raya elMora is elected JoZamestaad.
The planet Ceti Alpha V explodes, disrupting the orbit of Ceti Alpha VI, which causes the planet to undergo vast climatic change.
The USS Enterprise makes a return trip to Mestiko. They come into conflict with Captain Kor of the Klingon Empire over who has the right to aid the Payav.
The USS Constellation encounters a Borg-destroying doomsday machine. Commodore Matt Decker has his crew abandon ship, where they are immediately killed by the machine.
Enterprise finds Decker and Constellation. Decker dies entering the doomsday machine, and Constellation is sacrificed to disable it.
The entity Redjac is launched into space upon an encounter on Argelius with Captain James Kirk and his crew.
After attempting negotiations with Halka, the Enterprise crew has an encounter with their counterparts in an alternate quantum reality (AQR7).
The USS Enterprise has a second run-in with Harcourt Fenton Mudd on a planet full of androids. The senior crew and Mudd manage to defeat the
Enterprise visits Deep Space Station K-7 in orbit of Sherman's Planet. Captain Kirk manages to foil a plot by the Klingons led by Captain Koloth to win the planet for Qo'noS, while at the same time dealing with a plague of tribbles. The USS Defiant and its crew (2373) is on hand during these events, protecting Kirk from assassination by an agent from that era.
The Babel Conference is held in preparation of Cordian's admission to the Federation, and is disrupted by Orion terrorist attacks. Sarek and Spock's estrangement ends.

  • Coridan is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


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