Timeline: 2266



  • Commander J.M. Colt () is promoted to Captain, and assumes command of the USS Exeter, a cadet training vessel.
  • The USS Enterprise conducts first contact with the First Federation, through their representative the mysterious Balok (120), who performs a bizarre trick to ascertain the Federation's limitations. Enterprise navigator Ensign David Bailey leaves the ship to become the informal Federation ambassador to the First Federation after having suffered a breakdown during the encounter.1

Captain James Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise have their first meeting with the conman Harcourt Mudd.
Lt. (j.g.) Christine Chapel joins the crew of the Enterprise as head nurse.
A colony expedition comprised of fantasy enthusiasts makes landfall on the planet Roon. They proceed to use the planet's mystical energies to create hybrid creatures, such as owlbears, kobolds, and centaurs, and create "dire" versions of normal animals.
The USS Enterprise encounters a Romulan vessel that ends with the destruction of the latter under the command of Commander Keras. The Federation at large discovers that the Romulans are related to the Vulcans.
Ensign Shiboline M’Ress graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the scout ship USS Benelux.
Fleet Captain Christopher Pike is tragically injured saving the lives of cadets on the USS Exeter. He winds up a quadriplegic with severe brain damage.
Human colonists settle Cestus III.
Enterprise visits Exo III, where they encounter a robot duplicate of Christine Chapel's fiance, Roger Korby, and the ancient Arretian android Ruk. They are destroyed.
The Earth from an alternate quantum reality bubble transplants into this reality. Enterprise encounters the child survivors of a plague, and brings these "Onlies" aboard, curing them of the illness.
Captain James Kirk and Lieutenant Kevin Riley are caught up in an incident in which escaped mass murderer Hans Kodos's daughter Lenore Karidian sought to kill all survivors of Tarsus IV who could identify him in person despite his face being famous and it being the 23rd century where recordings and photos are easy to get.
Janice Rand discovers she is pregnant, and resigns from Starfleet.


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