Timeline: 2261-2265



  • June 21. The 97th class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the new ensigns is Nyota Uhura (21), who is assigned to the USS Ahriman.


  • September 4. The 102nd graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new cadets is Shiboline M'Ress.
  • Captain Christopher Pike and the USS Enterprise establish first contact with the serpentine Kan'ess. Pike spends weeks as one of their pets.1


  • The Plutocracy of Ardana is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.

September 4. Pavel Chekov enters Starfleet Academy.
Lieutenant Commander James Kirk is promoted to Commander, and transfers to the USS Lydia Sutherland, taking the position of first officer. Dr. Leonard McCoy and Lieutenant Gary Mitchell join him, taking positions as chief medical officer and chief helmsman on Sutherland.
Raya elMora begins representing her province in the Larendan Convocation.
The USS Lovell is refurbished to serve as a dedicated ship assigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. It is commanded by Captain Daniel Okagawa. Among the crew are Commander Araev zh'Rhun, first officer; Lieutenant Mahmud al-Khaled, second officer and head of the SCE contingent; Lieutenant Commander Moves-with-Burning-Grace as chief engineer; Lieutenant Jessica Diamond as tactical officer; Lieutenant Heezbah glasch Xav, chief science officer; and Ensign Folanir Pzial as communications chief.


  • Klingon Chancellor Chel'kaj is killed by his wife. Sturka ascends to the Chancellorship.
  • June 28. The 100th graduating class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Amongst the new ensigns is Kevin Riley.
  • David McCoy, suffering from pyrrhoneuritis, dies when his son Leonard allows him to die through euthanasia.

Captain Diego Reyes is promoted to Commodore, and is assigned command of Starbase 47 and the Taurus Meta-Genome Project.
Lieutenant Ming Xiong is assigned to Starbase 47 as part of the Taurus Meta-Genome Project. He is promoted to full Lieutenant.
Commander Clark Terrell is assigned as first officer of the USS Sagittarius.


Commander James Kirk is promoted to Captain.
Captain Christopher Pike is promoted to Fleet Captain, and the Enterprise, after refit, is assigned to Captain James Kirk. The senior crew includes Lieutenant Commander Spock, chief science officer and first officer; Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell (from Lydia Sutherland), chief helmsman; Lieutenant Lee Kelso (from Potemkin), navigator; Dr. Mark Piper (from Starbase 92), chief medical officer; Lieutenant Daniel Alden, communications chief; Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott, chief engineer; Yeoman Barbara Smith; transporter chief, Lieutenant Winston Kyle (from the Hokkaido); and also on board are physicist Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu and Lieutenant (j.g.) Kevin Riley.
Commander Mia Colt transfers to the USS Bozeman as chief science officer and first officer.
Lieutenant Jose Tyler is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and takes a position as second officer, USS Yamato-C. Lieutenant Commander Will Decker is promoted to Commander and first officer.
While investigating an unusual genetic link to the Trill symbionts, Audrid Dax, Jayvin Vod, and Fleet Captain Christopher Pike encounter the Kurlan parasites. Both Jayvin and the Vod symbiont are killed.
Lieutenant Commander Leonard McCoy is briefly assigned to Capella IV.
Starbase 47: Vanguard is completed.
Commander Ezekiel Fisher transfers to Starbase 47 and assumes the position of Chief Medical Officer.
Lieutenant Jabilo M'Benga transfers to Starbase 47, serving under Dr. Ezekiel Fisher.
The Borg assimilate the planet Aurian. There are less than 1000 survivors.
June 1. Curzon Antrani is born on Trill.
The planet Mestiko is devastated by the effects of a nearby rogue pulsar. The planet, recently warp-capable, is assisted by the Federation's Starfleet and Captain Kirk's Enterprise in particular.
Raya elMora is chosen to represent Larenda in the remnant Zamestaad.
Dr. Elizabeth Dehner comes aboard the USS Enterprise as head of psychiatric medicine.
Enterprise crew members James Kirk, Spock, Gary Mitchell, Elizabeth Dehner, and Lee Kelso are briefly transported to the year 2045.

  • October 20-21. The USS Enterprise passes momentarily through the “Galactic Barrier” and Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell () is imbued with god-like powers and is driven insane. Mitchell murders fellow officer Lee Kelso (), and attempts to destroy Captain James Kirk, his longtime friend, and Enterprise. Dr. Elizabeth Dehner (28), who is also evolving from the same encounter with the barrier, maintains her own sanity long enough to battle Mitchell to the death, with them both dying in the process.2

In the aftermath of the Mitchell incident, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu transfers to the helm, replacing Mitchell, and Ensign David Bailey replaces Kelso. In addition to the casualties, Dr. Mark Piper retires, and Barbara Smith and Daniel Alden transfer off the ship. They are replaced by Lieutenant Commander Leonard McCoy, Yeoman Janice Rand, and Lieutenant Nyota Uhura (from the USS Ahriman), respectively.


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