Timeline: 2256-2260



  • Antos is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • March 9. The space station Babylon 5, set up as a hub for local races to attempt peaceful relations, comes online, under the command of Jeffrey Sinclair of Earthforce.
  • A deadly cloud creature kills half of the crew of the USS Farragut, including Captain Stephen Garrovick. Among the survivors is Lieutenant James Kirk. In the aftermath, Kirk transfers to the USS Constitution.
  • May 11 (Sunday). The USS Shenzhou approaches a damaged relay in order to facilitate repairs. The radiation keeps the ship or a shuttle from approaching the relay, so first officer Commander Michael Burnham (30) visits it via an EVA suit and thrusters. There, she encounters a Klingon, who attacks her. She manages to stop the Klingon, but is knocked unconscious. She's soon rescued by Shenzhou and treated for her radiation exposure. She returns to the bridge ill-advisedly, and informs Captain Philippa Georgiou (53) of the presence of Klingons, allowing them to discover a cloaked vessel. The Klingons are non-responsive. Burnham tries to convince Georgiou of the need for a preemptive strike, but Georgiou rejects this. Burnham then knocks Georgiou out with a nerve pinch, and orders the crew to attack the Klingons. Georgiou comes to and has Burnham arrested for mutiny.1
  • May 11-12 (Sunday-Monday). As a number of Klingon ships arrive at the binary star system, the encounter is joined as several Starfleet ships also arrive. Starfleet's attempts at peaceful negotiation fail, as the Klingons, led by the slow-speaking cult leader T'Kuvma, believe the only way to united the many feuding Houses of the Empire is to defeat the Federation. Many Klingon and Starfleet ships are destroyed. Captain Philippa Georgiou and Commander Michael Burnham manage to get aboard T'Kuvma's ship to try and capture him. T'Kuvma engages Georgiou in battle, and he kills her, stabbing her through the chest. Burnham shoots T'Kuvma, killing him. She is beamed away back to Shenzhou, which is promptly abandoned by the crew in escape pods. Amongst the survivors are Burnham, chief science officer Saru (), and helmsman Keyla Detmer.2
  • Various Starfleet officers are taken captive by the Klingons, including USS Yeager security officer Ash Tyler ().
  • T'Kuvma's followers, led by Voq and L'Rell, are forced to survive in the derelict ship, eventually using the abandoned Shenzhou to escape. Kol takes over control of the group, stranding Voq on Shenzhou, though he is secretly rescued by L'Rell.
  • Upon returning to Earth, Commander Michael Burnham is tried at a court martial. She is convicted on three counts, stripped of rank, and sentenced to life in prison.3
  • June 21. The 92nd graduating class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the new ensigns is Ensign Mahmud al-Khaled. Al-Khaled takes a position as an engineer on Starbase 2.


  • Mantilles is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • June 21. The 93rd graduating class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the new ensigns is Gary Mitchell.
  • September 4. The 97th graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new cadets is Nyota Uhura.
  • Births: Valeris (August 21)


Lieutenant Dr. Leonard McCoy transfers from the Koop to the USS Constitution, where he meets James Kirk.
June. Lieutenant (j.g.) Willard Decker graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned as assistant chief engineer of the USS Chesapeake.
June. Ensign Ming Xiong graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned as an archaeologist on Starbase 22.
Lieutenant (j.g.) Keenser is assigned to the USS Enterprise as a junior engineer.


Jeanne Vinueza and Diego Reyes undergo a bitter divorce.
June 21. The 94th graduating class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the new ensigns are Hikaru Sulu (22) and Arex Na Eth (162).
June. Lieutenant (j.g.) Jabilo M'Benga graduates from Starfleet Academy Medical School. He takes a position serving at the Starfleet installation on Vulcan.
Ensign Hikaru Sulu takes assignment on the USS Arjuna as a relief helmsman and physicist.
Deneva is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
September 3. David Marcus is born to Carol Marcus. His father is James Kirk.


  • June. Ensign Ilia graduates from Starfleet Academy. She is assigned to the USS Philadelphia as relief navigator.

September 4. Kevin Riley enters Starfleet Academy.
Berengaria is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


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