Timeline: 2241-2250



  • The Sarpeidon political activist Zarabeth (28) is exiled to her planet's distant past.1
  • June 21. The 77th class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the graduates are Ensigns Daniel Okagawa (22), Chris Pike (21), and Una (22). Okagawa is assigned to the USS Helios, Pike to the USS Olympus, and Una to the USS Fortune.


  • September 4. The 82nd graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among them is José Tyler (18).


  • Newly promoted Captain Robert April takes command of the construction of the Constitution-class USS Enterprise, a ship set to be worthy of the legendary name.
  • September 4 (Monday). The 83rd graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new cadets is Rana Desai.
  • A clockwork panda cyborg from 3005 lands on the planet Mechanus due to a time warp. Already low on its alcohol fuel reserves, it soon goes into a passive sleep mode, where it is aware of its surroundings but unable to interact.2


  • June 21 (Friday). The 80th graduating class of Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the new ensigns are Keenser (34) and Montgomery Scott (22). Scotty is assigned to the USS Neptune.
  • Births: Shiboline M'Ress (July 23)


  • July 4 (Friday). The first Federation starship to bear the name, the Constitution-class USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, is launched under the command of Captain Robert April (50). Among the crew are Commander Lorna Simon (66), first officer; Dr. Sarah Poole April (), chief medical officer; Lieutenant Carlos Florida, helmsman; Lieutenant Spirit Claw Sanaway, communications chief; Dr. Lawrence Marvick (31), chief warp engineer; Lieutenant Michelle Roberts, chief impulse engineer; and Ensign Isaac Soulian, navigator. Also assigned to the ship are Ensigns Una and Ensign José Tyler ().
  • July 5 (Saturday). Jonathan Archer (132), former Federation President, explorer, diplomat, and Starfleet legend, dies.

The Doctor, Ian Chesterton (), Barbara Wright (), and Vicki Pallister () go for a holiday at a platform in the atmosphere of the gas giant Jobis. They are enjoying themselves until the space pirates the Rocket Men assault the platforms and take hostages. The Doctor leads the defense, while Ian infiltrates the Rocket Man after replacing one of them and stealing his pack. When the leader of the Rocket Men throws Barbara from the platform, Ian dives after her and saves her. He then fights the leader, until a giant ray-like native of the planet kills him. The Rocket Men are defeated with the Doctor's help.
Leonard McCoy, freshman at the University of Mississippi, meets Emony Dax and loses his virginity to her. She points him in the direction of being a doctor.


  • February 10. The Doctor, Steven Taylor (28), and Dodo Chaplet (20) visit Earth colony Ulysses 519 on what turns out to be Steven's birthday. They arrive as it is under siege by the Rocket Men, leading Steven to realize he is there at a crucial point in his own life. Steven infiltrates the Rocket Men, and battles their leader, Van Cleef, saving his own younger self's (21) life. The younger Steven, crippled by Van Cleef, goes on to recover.

Christopher Pike is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He is assigned as first officer aboard the USS Aldrin under Captain Tomas Kamnach.
Lieutenant Commander Christopher Pike removes Captain Tomas Kamnach his command following an unprovoked attack on Vestian vessels. Pike subsequently faces a mutiny. In the aftermath, Pike is court martialed and exonerated, promoted to Commander, and assigned as first officer aboard the USS York.
June 1. The civilian freighter Dreadnought is attacked by Cybermen. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) arrives in his TARDIS, rescuing crewmember Stacy Townsend (26), and helping to destroy the Cybermen and the ship. Stacy, having lost her fiance, joins the Doctor on his travels.

  • June 21. The 82nd graduating class at Starfleet Academy graduates. Among the newly minted ensigns is José Tyler (21). He takes an assignment to the USS Enterprise.

Steven Taylor enlists in Starfleet.
October 10. When the colony on Tarsus IV suffers a food crisis, Governor Hans Kodos has half the population executed to sustain the colony. Relief arrives very shortly by way of the USS Enterprise. Somehow, Kodos escapes justice. Among the survivors are young boys James Kirk and Kevin Riley.
Leonard McCoy marries Jocelyn Honey.
Aulac is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


  • Joanna McCoy is born to Jocelyn and Leonard McCoy.

Spock meets David Rabin, a human teenager, and the two bond while pursuing a Vulcan criminal. David and Spock decide to enter Starfleet together.
June. Ensign Rana Desai graduates from Starfleet Academy. She takes a position in the Starfleet Judge Advocate General's office.
Sarek disowns Spock for choosing to enter the military. Amanda Grayson separates from Sarek as a result.
September 4. David Rabin and Spock enter Starfleet Academy.


  • Aurelia is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • February 18. Emony Odaren (48) dies. The Dax symbiont is transferred to Audrid Simod (23), a member of the Trill Symbiosis Commission.
  • Commander Christopher Pike is assigned command of the USS Yorktown.

September 4. Winston Kyle enters Starfleet Academy.


  • Risa is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.3
  • Steven Taylor crashes his ship into the planet Mechanus. The Mechanoids take him captive and keep him in a zoo-like enclosure. Steven soon finds a stuffed panda bear toy and names it "HiFi".4
  • Janice Rand enlists in Starfleet.
  • October 2. The USS Enterprise visits the Libros star system. An away team, led by Lieutenant Una, lands on the planet Usilde, and discovers that the native Usildans have been enslaved by the extra-dimensional Jatohr. The Jotahr capture the away team, and demand the surrender of Enterprise to them so they may use it to conquer the universe with their dimensional translocation machine. The Jotahr dislocate several Enterprise crew members, as well as the entire away team save for Una, including Una's good friend Tim Shimizu. Enterprise captain Robert April comes down to the planet. He and Una ally themselves with the dislocator's creator, who has turned against its own people in seeing the Jatohr's cruel actions. All the Jotahr are dislocated as well, and the creator dies from wounds received. April and Una return to the ship with the key to the dislocator placed within the structure of Enterprise.5


  • Nasat is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.

September 4. Mia Colt and James Kirk enter Starfleet Academy.
Leonard McCoy divorces Jocelyn Honey, and she gains custody of Joanna. McCoy then transfers to Starfleet Academy Medical School to finish out his medical degree.
Jocelyn Honey McCoy marries her lover Clayton Treadway.
Argolis's ruler Theron declares war on Foamas. A very brief conflict ensues, with both planets nearly annihilated. Most of the surface of Argolis is irradiated, and the population is rendered sterile.


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