Timeline: 2221-2230



  • September 4 (Tuesday). The 61st graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new cadets is Philip Boyce (17).
  • The citizens of the planet Mestiko form the Zamestaad, a planetary council with representatives of each of the world's sovereign nation-states.


  • June 21 (Friday). Starfleet Academy Medical School's 55th class graduates, including Lieutenant (j.g.) Ezekiel Fisher ().
  • Falco Lombardi () quits the Star Fox team.
  • September 4 (Wednesday). The 62nd graduating class enters Starfleet Academy. Among the new cadets are Winona Davis (17) and George Kirk ().


  • The Dhei-Lta Union (Delta) is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • Sarek marries T’Rea.


  • March 14-21. Team Star Fox (Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare) is drawn into a conflict on the Dinosaur Planet, where SharpClaw General Scales is attempting to rip the world apart. Fox travels the worlds, using the staff of the entrapped young Krystal, to restore the planet's energies and the Krazoa spirits. With the help of Prince Tricky, an EarthWalker (triceratops), he rescues Krystal and restores Dinosaur Planet, but the psychotic Remy Andross (61) is reborn. Team Star Fox is forced to destroy him again. Falco Lombardi rejoins just in time. Krystal also subsequently joins the team.1
  • Emony Dax wins several gold medals for gymnastics in the Olympic Games held on Aldebaran.



  • May 19 (Friday). Sarek divorces T’Rea, citing her refusal to keep with Vulcan society.



January 15 (Tuesday). Liviana Charvanek is born on Romulus.
Willa McKinnies marries Heston Prescott. He adopts her son, whose surname is changed to Prescott.
The Prescott family movies to the colony world Elysium.
November 25 (Tuesday). Heezbah glasch Xav is born.


  • Amanda Grayson marries Sarek.
  • June 21. the 61st graduating class of Starfleet Academy Medical School graduates. Amongst the graduates is Lieutenant (j.g.) Philip Boyce.


  • February 20 (Sunday). The USS Kelvin makes first contact with the planet Royla. The native Keenser (20) leaves the planet with the ship after meeting Lieutenant Commander George Kirk (26) and Lieutenant Anschloss K'Bentayr.3
  • Argelius is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.

Dr. Mark Piper takes a commission in Starfleet with the rank of Commander.
August 12. George Samuel Kirk, Jr. is born to Winona and George Kirk in Riverside, Iowa, North America, Earth.
Human colonists settle the Uva Beta Uva star system.


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