Timeline: 22000-20001 BCE


21951 BCE

  • July 31. The djinn "Genie" comes into existence.

21886 BCE

November. Yuga and Heggra depart Genesis seeking domination of other life-forms. They arrive on the planet Apokolips, and enslave the native Lowlies. They begin the genetic engineering of the humanoid parademon monsters.

21865 BCE

The Inhumans settle on the island they call Attilan in the North Atlantic Ocean.

21506 BCE

The Eternals expand to a second city, fouding Polaria in northern Asia.

21473 BCE

Pol Krinn (16/3003), utilizing powers from his potential future, visits Genesis by time-traveling. Meeting Drax (2494) and Uxas (1349), he speaks with their Elder Council. They allow him to take the boy Uxas with him, thus creating a temporal disruption that will lead to Genesis's eventual destruction.
When the SW1 Legionnaires Bullet and Discipline arrive in Genesis, they encounter Drax. At the same time, a maddened Uxas arrives, seeking the fruit of a Tree of Knowledge. Discipline snaps Uxas's neck, but he rises again anyway, and departs knowing he needs no Tree to figure out the anti-life equation. The SW1 jump through a vortex.
Drax departs Genesis himself in search of his brother.

20789 BCE

  • The planet New Genesis is colonized by Urgrund emigrants seeking a challenge, who depart from Genesis.

20788 BCE

20508 BCE

The planet Genesis (Urgrund), only partially in the normal space-time realm, is destroyed. Its destruction sets off a massive mystical wave, headed for the planet of universal destiny and the most powerful nexus of realities: Earth.

20499 BCE

  • February 15. The demon Zarathos spawns in Mephisto's hell-realm. It travels to Earth.

20001 BCE


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