Timeline: 2200-2101 BCE


2193 BCE

  • The Silver Millennium Matriarchy fights a brief war with the Vok Ascendancy.1

2176 BCE

  • While enjoying time with her mother Demeter, Persephone is suddenly abducted by her uncle Hades. A devastated Demeter reacts with a wave of cold and death. Zeus compels Hades to give up Demeter, but due to strange minutia, Persephone is hereafter forced to spend half her year in the Underworld.

2160 BCE

  • Births: Job (November 2)

2151 BCE

  • The final battle with Sauron's forces and the Alliance of Men and Elves takes place. High King Elendil is slain by Sauron. His son Isildur (232) destroys Sauron, cutting the finger carrying the One Ring from his hand. Sauron's forces collapse with his destruction, and the war is won. Isildur begins to be corrupted by the Ring, refusing to destroy it.

2149 BCE

  • August 24. Isildur (234) is slain. The One Ring is lost in the Gladden River.

2147 BCE

  • The pieces of Elendil's sword Narsil are brought to Rivendell.

2146 BCE

2133 BCE

  • The spider Kwaku Anansi approaches the father god Nyame and asks to receive a prominent role. Nyame sets Anansi on three tasks, upon completion of which, he will become the god of storytelling.

2129 BCE

2117 BCE

2115 BCE

  • The god Yahweh makes a wager with one of his angels, the adversarial Lucifer, that one of his servants, Job (44), will not break his faith no matter what happens. Lucifer tortures Job with the deaths of his ten children, the loss of all his possessions, and eventually physical ailments. After Job receives much ridicule, Yahweh eventually stops the torture, and restores Job's wealth and health, and gives him a new family, though he does not resurrect his earlier family.2

2106 BCE

  • Births: Abram (February 8)


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