Timeline: 2171-2180




  • October 31. Sarek and T’Rea are betrothed.
  • First contact is made between the Federation and the Lipuls, Gemworld’s only truly native sapient species, by way of the Lipuls’ dreamships.
  • Susan Campbell is briefly abducted to the Death Zone on Gallifrey in 6701.1


  • Arken gains its independence from Andor. It joins the United Federation of Planets as a full member.


  • Jonathan Archer becomes Earth's representative on the Federation Council.


  • Sauria is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • The planet Aurian is conquered by the Borg, with most of its population assimilated or slain. A few thousand survivors escape the planet, with several hundred more already off-planet.


  • Terra Nova, the former failed Earth colony, is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


  • Official Federation first contact takes place with the Dhei-Lta Union. The entire crew of the USS Surak goes mad as a result.
  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and the living Tracer Amy arrive aboard a Teuthodian ship, multiplied temporally and repeatedly assaulting an Atrian vessel. Thinking it's Romana aboard the Atrian ship, he tries to reach her telepathically, but soon learns she is actually Astra, surviving centuries due to her having been a segment of the Key. They find Zara there, doing further manipulations. The lot of them are transported to the planet Chaos at the end of time.2


  • The Xindi Coalition is admitted to United Federation of Planets as four member states, Federation of Treya (Xindi-Arboreals), Oppot Collectivity (Xindi-Primates), Pothro Hiveworld (Xindi-Insectoids), and Union of Sorrdy (Xindi-Aquatics).


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