Timeline: 2161-2170



  • August 12. The United Federation of Planets is founded by the United Earth Republic, Confederacy of Vulcan, Andorian Empire, Tellarite Union, and Alpha Centauri. The organization is an interstellar alliance of sovereign planets, joined together for mutual economic, scientific and defensive purposes. The member states retain a high degree of independence.
  • Starfleet is named as the main military body of the United Federation of Planets. Starfleet Academy is established in San Francisco, and all Federation citizens are invited to enroll or enlist. The Vulcan Command and Andorian Imperial Guard are re-focused to homeworld security. Starfleet ships begin using the prefix "U.S.S." for United (Federation of Planets) Star Ship.
  • The starship Enterprise is decommissioned. Commodore Jonathan Archer receives a promotion to Rear Admiral.
  • Commander T'Pol is promoted to the rank of Captain. She takes command of the USS Endeavour. Lieutenant Commander Malcolm Reed receives a promotion to Commander and joins her as first officer, and promoted Lieutenant Commander Hoshi Sato joins her as communications chief.


  • The Klingons establish a presence on the planet al'Hmat and begin to mine topaline. The natives are given jeghpu'wI' ("conquered people") status. The Klingons call the planet taD.1
  • Mediocre inventor Berlinghoff Rasmussen meets a time-traveler, and after his death due to Rasmussen's withholding medication, ends up taking it in order to steal ideas from the future, traveling to 2368.2
  • September. Commander Malcolm Reed is promoted to Captain and command of the USS Pioneer. Lieutenant Commander Travis Mayweather joins him as first officer.
  • The United Martian Colonies is admitted to the United Federation of Planets as the sixth member.

November 9. Remy Andross is born on Corneria.


  • A plague besets the people of Marzal colony. Only those with a strong presence of melanin in their skin are able to survive the catastrophe.
  • December 25 (Sunday). Dalek forces invade Earth. The still fledgling United Federation of Planets is unable to stop the attack, and the planet is occupied.3


  • March 20 (Tuesday). The Doctor and Susan Foreman, along with Ian Chesterton (33) and Barbara Wright (30), arrive in London in this era. They help liberate Earth from its Dalek occupiers. The Doctor forces Susan remain behind, as she has fallen in love with a British freedom fighter, David Campbell.4
  • March 21 (Wednesday). The Time Lord formerly known as the Doctor ("War" incarnation) arrives in an area called Null Space as part of a mission by the Time Lords. He returns to Keska, and prevents its destruction at the hands of the Daleks, as they attempt to turn it into a war engine (along with other worlds) to destroy Gallifrey. His old friend Rejoice is killed. A number of Time Lords, including the peace negotiator Seratrix, are killed by the Daleks.5
  • October. Vega Colony (on Conus) is admitted to the United Federation of Planets as a full member.
  • Susan Foreman and David Campbell marry.


  • The United Rigel Colonies are admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • April 13 (Saturday). Arbazan is admitted to United Federation of Planets.
  • Births: Sarek (October 15)


  • Denobula Triaxa is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
  • September 15. The Autobots Rodox and Renegade attain consciousness.


  • Craynos is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


  • The starship Columbia emerges from relativistic travel at the planet Erigol. Meeting the advanced race the Caeliar, the crew's attempts to get help are rebuffed. Several members of Columbia's crew participate in a mutiny in order to send them back to 2156, which ends with disastrous results. Erigol is destroyed in a supernova, and vortexes appear, sending two of the Caeliar city ships through time, both of which carry some of the humans. Axion (on which Captain Erika Hernandez [43] is stranded) ends up in 1519. Mantilis is sent to 4527 BCE. Columbia itself is transported to the Gamma Quadrant, but the transition kills the entire crew aboard.6


  • Admiral Jonathan Archer (56) retires from Starfleet and takes the position of Earth ambassador to Andor.

December 13 (Wednesday). T'Mir is born to T'Pol and Charles Tucker III on Vulcan.


  • Bajoran poet Akorem Laan enters the Bajoran Wormhole and is transported for a time to 2372.7

September 17 (Monday). Peppy Hare is born on Corneria.


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