Timeline: 2156-2160



  • Starfleet launches Atlantis, NX-05.
  • Travis Mayweather (29) is promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Atlantis, NX-05.1

Challenger is destroyed in a suicide attack
Columbia is ambushed by a Romulan attack. The ship's warp core is rendered unusable, and in order to save the crew, Captain Erika Hernandez orders the ship to travel using relativistic speeds in order to reach the nearest world. Over two months they travel, emerging from time dilation in 2168.
Jonathan Archer is promoted to Commodore.
Romulan Praetor D'deridex is assassinated.
Karzan ascends to the position of Praetor.
April 2. Berengaria is recaptured by Earth forces.
The Andorian Empire and Tellarite Union withdraw from the Coalition/Romulan War.
A Romulan sneak attack results in the devastation of Draylax Minor. It is forced to withdraw from the War and the Coalition.
June 20. Atlantis is destroyed. Most of the crew survives.
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Lieutenant Travis Mayweather resumes his old duties aboard Enterprise.
Hoshi Sato is promoted to Lieutenant.


  • The Bismollian Gastric Empire is founded, despite a lack of expansionist policy.

Commander Smurf leads an expedition to the Pikmin World. He conquers it in the name of Smurftopia. The Hocatati consider this an act of war.


  • The malevolent artificial intelligence known as KOMPLEX takes control of the Toad population of the Mobian Federation. It declares the Toad Empire, and declares war on the Federation.


  • January 18 (Thursday). Shogun Pepper is born on Corneria.

February 4 (Sunday). The Central Bureaucracy is founded on Counter-Earth.

  • February 6 (Tuesday). SPACE Captain Bucky O'Hare (34) of the MFF Righteous Indignation faces a Toad force at his homeworld of Warren. The ship's chief engineer, the Betelgeusian Berserker Baboon Bruce is killed by the ship's photon accelerator. The device's activation also transports a human boy, Willy DuWitt (1991), to this time. He joins the crew as the new chief engineer.

Romulans capture the Heisenberg. Tobin Dax and Skon of Vulcan reclaim the ship with the aid of a transporter prototype.
The planet Warren is liberated from Toad Empire forces.


  • The final major battle of the Earth/Romulan War is a decisive victory for Earth, as its Coalition allies rejoin the battle at Cheron. Romulan forces are repelled, and forced to return to Romulan space.2

The Romulan War formally ends with the Treaty of Alpha Trianguli, conducted entirely by subspace radio. The Romulan Neutral Zone is established.
T'Pau steps down as First Minister of the Confederacy of Vulcan.
August 7 (Thursday). The A.I. KOMPLEX is destroyed, the Toad people liberated from its control. The Toad Air Marshall is arrested for war crimes.


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