Timeline: 2151-2155



  • The city-state of Excelis on Artaris becomes a police state due to the machinations of the non-corporeal Grayvorn.
  • April. After a Klingon, Klaang, ends up in Broken Bow, Oklahoma after being chased by augmented Suliban agents of the Cabal, he is shot by a human farmer. The Vulcans attempt to mitigate the response of the Klingon Empire, as the United Earth government has yet to establish first contact with the polity. Ambassador Soval's (137) meeting with several Starfleet admirals, including Maxwell Forrest (50), is interrupted by the arrival of Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer (38), who is set to command the prototype Warp 5 starship Enterprise, NX-01. Archer defies Soval's will and offers to shuttle Klaang to the Empire if he is given the opportunity to launch Enterprise early. Forrest agrees. Archer proceeds to finish gathering his crew. Soval and the Vulcans agree to help the mission using star charts, as long as they can install their own operative as an advisor.1
  • April 12. Enterprise launches from Earth orbit. The senior crew includes Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III (30), chief engineer; Lieutenant Malcolm Reed (28), weapons officer; Ensign Hoshi Sato (21), communications chief; and Ensign Travis Mayweather (24), chief helmsman. The Vulcans' agent, Subcommander T'Pol (63), serves as acting first officer and chief science officer. The role of chief medical officer is filled with the Denobulan Dr. Phlox (58), who joins the crew through the Interspecies Medical Exchange program.2
  • Enterprise travels the route to Qo'noS, and are boarded by Cabal agents, who take Klaang. Enterprise follows clues to Rigel X, where Captain Archer learns of the massive "Temporal Cold War" conspiracy. Learning Klaang's DNA holds evidence of attempts to destabilize the Klingon High Council, Archer is successful in rescuing him. During the encounter, he faces off against the Cabal's leader Silik (), and learns of the "Temporal Cold War". Enterprise officers bring Klaang to the High Council chambers on Qo'noS, but are not given a warm welcome by Chancellor M'Rek.3

May 2. Enterprise hosts Terran first contact with the Axanar after a derelict Axanar ship is discovered.
Terran first contact with Xyrillia ensues. This results in the accidental temporary impregnation of Charles Tucker III.
Contact is reestablished with the lost Terra Nova colony.
June 16. Enterprise makes a stop at the Vulcan monastery of P'Jem. However, the monastery has been captured by Andorians, led by Commander Thy'lek Shran, who accuse the Vulcans of using it as a base for spying on Andor. Captain Jonathan Archer and Commander Trip Tucker make efforts to fight the Andorians but ultimately discover that the Vulcans are indeed spying in violation of treaty. The Andorians take the information to Andor and Enterprise leaves P'Jem. This is Terran first contact with the Andorians.
Jonathan Archer and T'Pol are abducted while attempting Terran first contact with Coridan.
T'Pol contracts Pa'nar Syndrome through a forced mind-melding.
Enterprise has a run-in with Ferengi pirates. By the sheer luck of never learning the species' name, it is not considered Earth's first contact with the Ferengi.


  • Enterprise brings about Terran first contact with Tandar. This results in strained relations for many years, as the Starfleet officers aid a rebellion of Suliban detainees.[2]

Enterprise hosts a disastrous first contact with Kreetassa.
February 18-20. Enterprise crew members spend some shore leave time on Risa, which is that world's first contact with Earth.
Enterprise runs across a cloaked minefield, resulting in Terran first contact with the Romulan Star Empire. The Romulans are never actually seen.
September 12. Enterprise chief engineer Charles Tucker III has a brief romance with Kriosian First Monarch Kaitaama. A friendly relationship between Earth and Krios ensues.
In a battle with agents of the “Temporal Cold War", Terran first contact with the Tholian Assembly occurs.


  • January 10 (Wednesday). Travis Mayweather’s (26) father dies. His son Paul Jr. succeeds him as captain of Horizon.[3]

February 12 (Monday). Sil is born on Thoros Beta.
March 1 (Thursday). A research team at the Arctic Circle discovers debris from a Borg craft. The inert Borg are reactivated, and assimilate the researchers. Enterprise heads to the rescue, and manage to destroy the ship, but not before it sends out a signal to the Borg Collective in the Delta Quadrant. The menace is never identified.
Lieutenant Commander Charles Tucker III is promoted to full Commander.
April 24 (Tuesday). A Xindi super-weapon attacks Earth, devastating a strip of land from Florida to Venezuela. Among the nine million fatalities is Elizabeth Tucker, Trip’s little sister.
In response to the attacks, Enterprise is ordered back to Earth. The ship is assigned a contingent of MACO agents, led by Major Joss Hayes (35), and sent to discover the Xindi homeworld, by entering the Delphic Expanse.
Enterprise encounters the VCV Seleya and finds the crew have gone insane due to exposure to the substance trellium.
T'Pol becomes addicted to trellium. She and Trip Tucker are intimate.

  • Births: Sil (February 12)


  • The Enterprise crew encounters a version of Enterprise that had diverged by time displacement 117 years earlier. This ship, crewed by their descendants, is apparently lost in helping the native Enterprise escape a deadly encounter.[4]

February 12 (Tuesday). After months in the Expanse, Jonathan Archer forms an alliance with Xindi Councillor Degra (50), and a peace initiative begins, but then Degra is murdered by Reptilian Councillor Guruk Dolim (44). The Xindi-Reptilians and Insectoids withdraw from the Council and proceed to launch the weapon.
February 14 (Thursday). The weapon is destroyed, and Earth is spared. Guruk Dolim (44) dies in the final confrontation. The Xindi Council is reformed, as the Insectoids claim to have been misled, and the Reptilians return begrudgingly.
Enterprise returns to Earth.
T’Pol marries Koss in order to help her mother's career.
T’Pol takes a commission as a commander in Starfleet.
May 17. Enterprise becomes embroiled in a conspiracy with Dr. Arik Soong and a group of Augments.

  • June 6-10. Admiral Maxwell Forrest (53) is killed in a faked terrorist attack on Vulcan. Enterprise travels to Vulcan, and Captain Archer and Commander T’Pol attempt to investigate the attack, which has been blamed on a radical Vulcan group, the Syrannites. During the investigation, they discover the Syrannites' headquarters, and that T'Pau and T'Les are members. Captain Archer is joined with the katra of Surak. T'Les is killed in a bombardment by Vulcan forces. T'Pau cures T'Pol's Pa'nar Syndrome. Archer, T’Pol, and T’Pau manage to reach the capital in time to stop Administrator V'Las, the current head of the Vulcan High Command (who had been responsible for the terrorist attack) from instigating a war with Andor. The true lessons of Surak are revealed to the public by the Kir’Shara and sweeping reform begins on Vulcan, allowing Vulcans to embrace their telepathic abilities, and their desires for exploration.

V'Las is forced out of office. The Vulcan High Command is dissolved. T'Pau is named Vulcan's new First Minister.
November 12. Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer begins negotiations with the Tellarite Union in moving toward the foundation of the Coalition of Planets. The negotiations are interrupted by a Romulan attack. Commander Shran's ship, the IGV Kumari, is destroyed.
Enterprise becomes embroiled in a Klingon plot to imbue themselves with Augment DNA. This results in a portion of their population mutating into the QuchHa' breed of Klingons with no cranial ridges. Normal Klingons became known as HemQuch.
The SS Columbia, NX-02, is launched under the command of Captain Erika Hernandez. Among her crew is Commander Veronica Fletcher, first officer; Commander Charles Tucker III (recently transferred from Enterprise) as chief engineer; Lieutenant Commander Khalil al-Rashad as chief science officer; Lieutenant Johanna Metzger, chief medical officer; Lieutenant Kiona Thayer, tactical officer; and Ensign Sidra Valerian, communications chief.
The position of Enterprise chief engineer is filled by Lieutenant Commander Marvin Kelby.


  • Commander Charles Tucker III (33) returns to his old position aboard Enterprise. Lieutenant Commander Marvin Kelby (31) is demoted to assistant chief engineer.

Lieutenant Karl Graylock replaces Tucker as Columbia chief engineer.
January 22. Charles Tucker and T’Pol’s DNA is used to create a clone by the terrorist human isolationist group Terra Prime. Though she is rescued by her "parents", she dies from her unstable DNA matrix breaking down. They posthumously name her Elizabeth T'Les Tucker.
The Coalition of Planets is formed by the United Earth Republic, Confederacy of Vulcan, Andorian Empire, Tellarite Union, and People's Republic of Coridan.
Charles Tucker III fakes his death to go undercover in the Romulan Empire.
Thy'lek Shran leads a strike against the Romulans in order to save the life of a group of abducted Aenar. He subsequently joins Thirijhamel zh'Dhaven's shelthreth group.
A Romulan suicide attack results in the devastation of half of Coridan. The decimated world withdraws from the Coalition.
An accident sends the former Vanguard colony 210,000 light years away, into the Lesser Magellanic Cloud.
Alpha Centauri joins the Coalition as an independent state.
Draylax Minor joins the Coalition of Planets.
The ECS Horizon is lost with all hands near Sigma Iotia II.
The freighter Kobayashi Maru is ambushed by Romulan ships who use a special weapon to disable it. Rather than risk his ship's destruction, Captain Archer withdraws Enterprise.
The Coalition of Planets declares war on the Romulan Star Empire.
Soval is named Vulcan Foreign Minister.
The Confederacy of Vulcan withdraws from the Coalition/Romulan War.
Travis Mayweather transfers off of Enterprise. He is assigned to Discovery, NX-04.
August. Challenger, NX-03, is launched under the command of Captain Paul Dunsel.
Discovery, NX-04, is launched.
Discovery is destroyed over Berengaria, which is conquered by the Romulans. Most of the crew survive.
Ensign Travis Mayweather is transferred to the Yorktown.
First contact occurs between Earth and Cygnet XIV.

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